New WordPress 3.9.2 Update & Features

By | August 7, 2014
Wordpress Upgrades 3.9

According to this chart, an astonishing 18.8% of WordPress Users, still utilize version 3.5!

New WordPress 3.9.2 Security Update


I was very happy today to be able to wake-up to a new version of WordPress, especially after viewing the many new features involved. Main reason being, a lot of those features, have been specifically geared towards the problems I have been facing when creating content in the wordpress browser (I know it’s not the greatest habit!).

However, even when I use other systems, such as OpenOffice, and try copying and pasting my content, the format was all over the place! Hence, it being chaotic nonetheless. Another thing was, even if it had something to do with my theme, and an error within the .php files, I couldn’t make that sacrifice of switching. Thanks to the earlier version WP 3.9.1, that wasn’t necessary! Nevertheless, WordPress 4.0 is to be released somewhere around mid-August, with a whole bundle load of new features. After all, once a man, or woman, finds his or her optimal theme, it’s as opening up the most unexpected greatest new christmas present! OK, maybe not that great, but close enough, to be honest. The moment you find that theme, is almost unexplainable. Hence, I went through hurdle, after hurdle, trying to find that definable moment in my life, where I knew the final choice of my theme, meant my V8 engines were oiled up and ready run!!

I think we now take our technology for granted everyday, and to overlook, even the smallest technical aspects or improvements, is something I feel we should be happy, and even a bit enthusiastic about! We never had this in the good old 90’s! It’s the new millennia and technology is on the rise to changing the world of business in a whole new drastic measure. Furthermore, simply being apart of this change, and contributing to it daily, is an amazing feat. It took me a long while until I got a hold of the affiliate marketing world, but I soon learned more than I would have ever thought existed. Now I know, that the information out there is never-ending, for us marketers! Hence many of us take the risk of quitting our jobs at first sight (well maybe just me!), and venture into a world of so many unknown features, tools, and capabilities out there! Moreover, despite the amazing 3.9 WordPress update, I have a present for all my online marketers out there, and trust me, as it is a great one. And I know you’re going to love it so much, that your old beliefs of “love at first sight,” may just change for the better. Even if you’re not an online marketer, no worries, this present goes for you as well!

What is this present? Open It! (a present of opportunity as I’d like to call it)..

Now, getting back to the technical stuff.. WordPress 3.9.2, what’s new? Nothing too much out of the ordinary, but an essential upgrade to be made nonetheless for every WordPress user out there. Obviously, we can’t let hacks get into all the hard-work we put into our websites, so make sure you do so, before even reading this blog!

  • Let’s first give our thanks to Nir Goldshlager (wow, wish I had that last name!) – and the security team. Apparently they are the one’s who found this vulnerable service issue in WordPress PHP’s XML Processors.

Additionally there have been 4 other, less major, security issues and fixes, WordPress has thankfully solved for us.

Latest & Newest WordPress 3.9.2 Features

Improved Visual Editing: Worpress has included a new and improved visual editor feature that allows you to paste into your visual editor from your word processor minimizing the tedious work of having to re-format all your pages! Phew.Wordpress 3.9.2 Features And Updates

Easier To Edit Images: Word has allowed access to crop and rotation tools for images, allowing for the ability to scale your images right within the wordpress editor itself.  

Ability to Drag and Drop Images into the editor, without the fuss of having to update a media file each and every time.

Wordpress New Features 3.9.2Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 6.04.18 PM

Gallery Preview Display within the wordpress editor itself! Helping publishers see first-handedly, before even publishing, exactly what their posting will look like (with both .doc texts and images), without any change in the style or format. Basically whatever you now copy and paste, should appear ‘as is.’

A New Addition of Audio and Video Playlists!

Wordpress 3.9.2 Features And Updates

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