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Your first and foremost important task to selling as an affiliate is choosing a niche to focus on. To put simply, the definition of a niche is described as:

A group of people interested in a common interest or are looking for a solution to a specific problem.

As an affiliate marketer, there are thousands, if not millions of niches, you could focus your efforts upon. The best type of niches, for affiliates who are just starting out, revolve around ones that have a solution to a situation or problem. You know how sometimes you may usually hear people talk about the power of Google, and its ability, to answer just about any question! That is because Google allows any simple blogger, marketer, or large corporation to place all kinds of information on the web. Google has provided any person around the globe to find the answers to almost any possible question.

Google is the portal for every online facet: research for students, utilization of media, trending news, and more! As an affiliate marketer, the posting of unique relevant content concerning a highly-defined niche is thus, essential to marketing success.

Think of yourself, and how many times you’ve used Google as a way to find the best restaurant in town.

Or, how many times you’ve searched for people’s reviews on a specific product, before going out and buying it!

Hence, when you find yourself stumbling across a website with a bunch of non-relevant information, you’re more likely than not to simply exit the site, and go to the next.

The other significance of your highly-defined niche, is the ability to get your website ranked 1st versus on the 100th page, where no one will ever click on or find! (Why do you think whenever searching for a local business, you can find it right on the fly! Because Google’s highly technical and specific algorithms allow you to do so.) Now let’s think a bit more into this, from an affiliate-marketing perspective..

You may be wondering, how exactly one goes about making sales as an affiliate..

Here is the process put into layman terms:

#1) The niche content creator starts blogging about niche-specific content, giving readers highly-relevant information, thus luring them into the website.

#2) The niche content creator, in his or her website, has implanted somewhere within his or content or website, links & banners.

#3) The reader then clicks on that link or banner (associated with his/her linked affiliate account), potentially making commission on a sale of a product or service.

Any one person can easily start into this venture by blogging about content on a specific niche; maybe one your passionate about, or a niche where you think your information will easily blow your readers/visitors out of the water..

Imagine having 1,000’s of visitors to a single niche site, that you made, in just a week, even a day (depending on your skills ;), and the number of affiliate sales you would make. However, let us not forget, how extremely difficult of a process, we can make this out to be, as a mere result, of all the crazily involved shenanigans!

It is absolutely vital, to be taught thoroughly, of the involved processes, or else you’ll be thrown in the pool of the 99% who fail!

This happens as a result of:

-> Not taking action.

-> Spending too much time focusing on one area, and forgetting the rest.

-> Not doing things in the correct order, necessary to be making sales as an affiliate.

Some also feel that proper mentorship and coaching, is just not for them, despite having all the necessary knowledge, and thus, still finding himself having more trouble than ever getting just a few visitors to a lonely, content-less site.

So why don’t the 99.5% statistic ever decline?! I ask myself the very same thing, everyday I wake up. And here is the reason..

There is scam, after scam! How is one person to tell, which opportunity is legit?

The majority of this 99.5% pool who aren’t living up to their expectations, still tend to have all the intelligence, dedication, and determination to make more profits than ever, and even more.. finding all the freedom, time, and control over their life!

This opportunity then becomes crushed because they couldn’t find the proper help to a specific problem, regarding anything internet-related. Luckily, I have my very own scam to offer you today, tomorrow, and the day after that…

In-fact I’m not sure why or how I could ever place that label on a community so incredibly helpful, amazing, wonderful, and every other awesome word in the dictionary! Because that’s what this is, a family.. in a way. And a very wealthy one.

And, here is why I’d love for you to join (despite the whole fact it’s free, and all that.. that’s not a reason!! If you’re somewhat serious about affiliate-marketing, there is no other way to go. It’s as simple as that. They also give you two free websites upon joining. Unfortunately, you’ll be the one having to actually design them, and placing content on!



The purpose of this post is not to bombard you with my recent finding, for affiliate marketers, newbie or professional, but to help give you a direction:

Take me and take someone else out there who is struggling harder than ever, even though his or her content, blows my own out of the water…

Well, what’s the problem?

The problem is that person, who is most-definitely smarter, and more intelligent than myself, even more hard-working, is lacking proper mentorship

As a proper affiliate, you and your website, must receive traffic daily, as this gives you a much higher competitive advantage than all the other sites that may be similar to yours. Many affiliate marketers who know the process of creating “niche-specific” websites, with unique quality content, having traffic sent to their site, tend to make great income using the same thoroughly processed framework, over and over!

Technically, it’s a win-win situation, for both the affiliate marketer, the buyer, and the merchant. The affiliate gets the referral commission, while the buyer gets a loyal product or service recommendation, while the merchant makes the final sale!

This is the reason to as of why affiliate-marketing is gaining more, and more, popularity and leverage. One thing to know is to never allow the thought or fear of a niche becoming over-saturated.

There is a unique process involved, that is so immensely overlooked to online affiliates, many give-up not due to the lack of knowledge, but as a result of not understanding how to correctly approach the process. Much of which deals with understanding the powerful strategy involved in finding, and utilizing untapped keywords: your own secret tunnel into gaining the necessary traffic and visitors to your website!

Even if you’re a local business owner, or know someone who is, help them out! Help yourself out! Building an online presence, in essence, is like building an online business, which you can decide to take to any new height that you wish.


Aim for perfection, listen to my approval, be of one mind, live in peace.

My Secret Affiliate Gem

May this page help you get going in the right direction, while adding, additional purpose to your life, as it did mine.


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