Offer Nations GPT Site – Is It Worth Your While?

By | June 2, 2016

Introduction To Offer Nations GPT Site

Offer Nation is a ‘Get Paid To‘ website that pays yOffer Nation "GPT" Siteou upon the completion of surveys and online tasks.

The site currently holds over 50,000 members worldwide and have paid out nearly $34,000 in cash thus far.

I believe the site has only begun its operations recently. But nevertheless, the included tasks and surveys aren’t something that is unique of its kind. It’s almost ordinary in a way and probably isn’t something we haven’t seen before.


The type of offers you can expect on Offer Nation include the following:

So there isn’t a whole lot of ways you can earn in comparison to other websites. Hence, if I were to try and make money online via a “get paid to” method, I’d probably go with something more similar to Swagbucks or My Points and the reason being that there is a much larger variation of the things you can do to earn money.

For example, Offer Nation really only allows you to earn through three methods: surveys, videos, and offers. Whereas with Swagbucks or My Points, you can earn by shopping, referring friends, searching online, playing games, taking surveys, taking polls, and much more.

On the other hand, I like this idea of being able to earn some extra pocket money and how Offer Nation makes payouts with only a $1 minimum threshold in your account. If anything, I think that’s what would allow Offer Nation to stand out from the rest.

But basically, earning pocket money is all that is really allowed by a site like Offer Nation and most other “Get Paid To” sites. They certainly aren’t there to help you earn a full-time income unless your intention was to refer as many people to these websites as possible.


Quick Look at Offer Nations Earnings

To get a better idea of the kind of money you can earn with Offer Nation, we can take a look at the most recent payouts made by this service. The highest amount I have seen earned within the past 2 hours is $1.62. The rest of the payouts ranged between $.10 and $.70 cents. So relatively speaking, these earnings are very small.

Offer Nation Recent Payouts

Now if we were to take a look at the earnings from the past couple of days, the earnings are almost the same. The highest payouts I found was $16, which is pretty good, but not the best. The remainder of the earnings ranged between $1 and $10. The payment proof therefore, showed me that those who put in the most time and work into the program, makes the most.

Offer Nation Earnings


But what can you do to earn more money online?

First, I can’t exactly tell you whether or not Offer Nations is a legitimate or viable business model for you. It really depends on what you are looking for. Obviously, they are a paying service. But the problem with it for me is that it’s almost deceiving in a way.

They give you all these trials, offers, and surveys but only pay you such a minuscule amount in the end. There’s really no opportunity there to earn something decent. And it doesn’t surprise me to see that these are the same individuals who own Superpay Me and Rewarding Ways, which are nearly identical to this kind of site.Offer Nation GPT

But nevertheless, if you’re only looking to earn a quick dollar or two, then I guess it isn’t the worst idea. Just keep in mind that it could take you an hour or two just earn that dollar. It’s in my opinion that you time could be better spent on something more worthwhile per say.

Some people might also see or use a site like Offer Nation for the enjoyment, which I wouldn’t blame. If you’re simply looking for a way to spend your free time, then I could see why you’d want to use a site like Offer Nation.

What I wouldn’t be able to comprehend however, are individuals looking to this site to actually make an income. So take that out of your mind now, because that’s just not possible with the amount included in these payments.


Offer Nation Overview & Other Options To Consider

In order to earn more money online, you need to offer something of value to the masses and one of the best ways of doing this is through affiliate marketing.. There will be a few things you need first to start, including your own website, some information and content for your readers, and traffic from Google!

It’s a much more complex process than earning on Offer Nation (that’s for sure), but at the same time, is much more profitable. You can learn all the steps here, if you like.

Otherwise, feel free to use Offer Nation. But I would honestly recommend something more along the lines of Swagbucks, where you can actually get a fairly nice compensation just for referring your friends to the network.

Or even a site like My Points, where they offer cash-back on all your shopping activities and give you a $10 gift card just for spending your first $20. There are many options to both earn and save online for completing tasks. But it’s in my opinion that Offer Nation doesn’t do the greatest job at offering this.

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