Will Online Net Jobs Really Pay You To Share Your Opinions?

By | February 17, 2016

Name: Online Net JobsOnline Net Jobs Review

Website: www.onlinenetjobs.com

Type: Surveys & Offers

Price: $27 monthly membership

Rank: 25/100 – Scam.


What Is Online Net Jobs?

Whenever I see a site offering a paid monthly membership like Online Net Jobs claiming to pay you to “share your opinion”, I always get a bit skeptical. That must be because of the fact that every survey site I see today that makes you pay in advance to take surveys always turns out to be a scam and in this case, I don’t believe Online Net Jobs is any different.

There are plenty of reasons as to why this is the case, but one of the main reasons is their simple claim that you can get paid up to $30 an hour just for filling out a survey. If that were the case, who would actually go to work instead of staying at home, filling out surveys all day?

It just does not work that way and the truth here is that sites like Online Net Jobs have exploited the survey niche for their own good to make money off of users in anyway possible.


How Much Is It?

Online Net Jobs (also known as GoldOpinions.com) claims to offer a 7-day free trial. But as soon as you go to register, you’ll notice that you’re immediately asked to pay $1 upfront by eOnline Net Jobs Reviewntering in your credit card information.

The only way you can stop them from billing you again is to cancel your membership, which by the way will cost you $27 per month. This is a very devious tactic by the way. So many users go in thinking that they get to try out the system completely free, only to see that their credit card information is required.

Question here is, why would such a site lure you into paying a membership cost when they’re supposed to be paying you.. Why would you have to pay to take surveys, when really it should be the other way around?


Another Clickbank Scam?

I’d say so. The most important thing I’ve come to notice about Online Net Jobs is the fact it’s being offered on Clickbank, which to me is a big red flag especially when it comes to online surveys. I can’t tell you how many different survey scams I’ve seen offered on Clickbank.

From Paid Surveys Authority to Get Paid To Take Surveys to Get Cash For Surveys, they all have one thing in common, and that is the promise to make you an unlimited amount of income from home. They also all use the same thing in common which is offering a monthly paid membership fee. Not one single survey site on there is actually offered for free.


Fake Calculator

If and when you see a survey website telling you that you can make a $50,000 income from home just by taking surveys, never believe it. Every other survey site offered on Clickbank uses this same technique to lure in new consumers. I’ve never heard of a survey that pays out $20 for your own opinion. Have you?Online Net Jobs Review

Nevertheless, they make filling out surveys seem so simple. But it’s a very difficult process and making a full-time income from home simply isn’t possible.

They claim that all you need to do is pick a survey, submit your work, and get paid. But that’s not close to the truth. According to UpFuel.com, the average payout for a typical survey is in between $.50 and $4.00. There is no reason why Online Net Jobs would have surveys that would pay out considerably higher than your average survey website.


GoldOpinions.com Claims:

-> You can get paid $5 for 10 to 15 minute surveys.

-> You can get paid $30 per hour on focus groups and panels.

-> You can get paid $15 – $30 for 30 minute surveys.

-> You can get paid $50 for premium surveys (what’s a premium survey?)


Take a close look at this and tell me if any of this sounds true. Tell me this.. What would make OnlineNetJobs.com any different from the other online survey companies out there? Take a look at the legit survey websites like Vindale, where instead of having to pay to take surveys, they give you a $2 bonus just to sign-up!

If you take a look at Vindale, you’ll see that there are no outrageous promises involved here. They don’t guarantee you’re going to make thousands of dollars making surveys because it isn’t possible. No survey companies will actually pay you that high.


Online Net Jobs Scam Overview

With Online Net Jobs you’re not receiving anything worthwhile. You’re basically getting access to your average low-paying surveys if anything less. When all is said and done, if you see a survey company is requiring you to pay a membership fee, it means it is a scam.

That also goes for any survey companies out there that are attempting to guarantee you a certain amount of income, uses fake testimonials, and deceptive trademarks. There are plenty of legitimate survey companies out there and this surely isn’t one of them. While taking surveys from home can be a decent way to make a bit of extra money, it is by no means a proper way of making an actual living.

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