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By | April 27, 2016

Name: Online Web CashOnlineWebCash Scam


Type: Affiliate Marketing

Price: Free to Join

Rank: 0/100 – Scam


The first thing that probably comes to mind when checking out Online Web Cash, is how legit is it? Right off the bat, these guys promise to make you a share of $2.8 billion dollars in only 5 minutes of signing up. They tell you that you don’t need any prior experience and that you’re only one step away from your next online payday.

But how exactly does this work? I’ve seen many online companies try and promise you to get paid from big sites like, but it is not as easy as using Facebook, Google, or Twitter as they claim. The most important thing to avoid when using Online Web Cash is to not enter in any personal details about yourself. Apparently that is all this website wants from you.

After you’ve entered in your information, they will store your information so that they can then contact you at a later date. Even after you have submitted your personal details, you are not sent to the appropriate program. Instead you are redirected to a completely different website call The Free Bucket, which has absolutely nothing to do with making money or online marketing. All it is, is a free coupon and discount site without any other purpose but to help you save money.

OnlineWebCash Scam

I myself wondered why that site would redirect me to The Free Bucket until I realized that this site is a site that makes money off each coupon that you end up downloading or using. Maybe the only motive behind Online Web Cash is to direct traffic to that website?

Regardless, here is my opinion on Online Web Cash… I think that any website that tries taking all of that personal information or details from you is ultimately an online scam. There is no reason they should be taking your personal cell phone number, unless they are merely trying to sell or contact you with some bogus offers.

I don’t believe Online Web Cash is here to really try and help you earn an income. Another possible theory I had is that maybe there are no offers they’ll be contacting you with and maybe the reason for trying to promise you “$3 billion dollars” is simply there to get you to register with the site as fast as possible only to then redirect you over to The Free Bucket.

No matter what the true intention or motive is behind Online Web Cash, I think we can all agree one thing and that is the fact that Online Web Cash is not a site that can help any one of us make money. There are so many websites on the internet that make one promise after the next, but nearly none of them can actually live up to them.

Last but not least, lets look at what happens when we get re-directed to The Free Bucket. If we were to take a look at the URL, we’d see something that looks like:

Now that ? mark followed by lid=4860840 means that this here is an affiliate link, which almost provides us with proof here that the only true motive behind Online Web Cash is to get you over to The Free Bucket, register with them, and begin using those coupons.

But why they would use a site like Online Web Cash to do that? I’m not sure.. Maybe to attract a different crowd or audience to the site or maybe because they think people looking to make money online would be interested in deals or coupons?

Regardless, I believe we can safely say that Online Web Cash is a scam that will not help you get a share of $2.8 billion. Everything from the layout of the website to the lack of support all help to ensure the fact Online Web Cash is not a legit site. You can’t even really tell what the purpose of Online Web Cash is or what it is all about just by looking at it. You’d really need to dig a bit to see what the true motive or intention is, which I believe is nothing more than to funnel you into The Free Bucket.

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