Only Cash Surveys Review – Not a Trustworthy Survey Panel!

By | April 12, 2016

Name: Only Cash SurveysOnly Cash Surveys Review


Type: Surveys & Offers

Price: Free to Join

Rank: 5/100 – Scam!

What Is It?

Only Cash Surveys is another survey website that claims to reward you for filling out their offers. But the important thing to note here is that this site has received an endless number of complaints. This review will go over what those complaints are and how valid they actually are. There are so many so-called cash paying survey panels out there and many of them should be avoided.. Is Only Cash Surveys one of those websites you should stay away from?

Well to start out, we can see just how easy the registration process is with Only Cash Surveys. In-fact you don’t even need to confirm your e-mail address or anything and they don’t even inquire about your payment processor. This clearly isn’t a good thing and I found it to be quite odd. I knew from that moment that Only Cash Surveys should instead be called No Cash Surveys. A lot of survey companies today will simply try and look as though their legitimate and paying out, when in reality they have no attention of paying you out whatsoever.

The first clear sign we see this likely being the case is immediately after the registration process. On this page, you’ll be required to register with at-least 2 of the survey companies in the list and confirm your registration. I found a couple problems with this however. The first thing to note here is that Only Cash Surveys is not providing you any surveys here, but instead are re-directing you to actual paying survey websites. By doing so, they’re getting paid to simply send you over there.

List Of Survey Companies:

  • Product Report Card
  • Ipsos I-Say
  • VIP Voice
  • Panel Bucks
  • MySurvey
  • Harris Poll Online Panel
  • Survey Savvy
  • Clear Voice Surveys
  • Send Earnings

As you can see, the only action they’re proposing here is for you to sign-up with these other survey companies.. But why should you do that when you’ve already signed up with Only Cash Surveys? The fact that they’re not providing you with any actual surveys and are simply “re-routing” you to another survey company is a clear sign and red flag that this company is a scam.

We can also tell it’s a scam by simply looking at the URL associated with these links.. If I click on the last survey company for example (Send Earnings), we will be redirected to a URL that shows the affiliate link and landing page associated with that page and also shows that the person who referred you gets a $5 sign-up bonus for referring you.

The next clear indication Only Cash Surveys is a scam is the fact you can’t even complete this initial registration process. No matter how many survey companies you sign-up for, you are told you must check out at-least two survey panels within that list and I assume is there to make you sign-up for the rest of the survey companies while you’re at it.

Only Cash Surveys Overview & Recommendation

Only Cash Surveys is a fairly deceiving website, but at-least it doesn’t promise to give you the world. All the site is really doing is re-directing you to other survey websites so they can make money off your actions. While Only Cash Surveys is not the worst of the scams I’ve seen online, it definitely isn’t a great product or service either and it won’t do you any good.

Taking surveys as a whole is ultimately costly in regards to the time you spend and money you make in return. There is very little return if any at all, and you could expect to spend hours and hours on end just to earn your first $10. Nevertheless, if you’re interested in taking surveys for cash, there are much better options out there than Only Cash Surveys. I recently did a review on a survey panel┬ácalled MintVine, which I found to be a very legitimate survey panel out there and very easy to use.

Once again however, the site still had its drawbacks. It takes a long-time just to reach that $10 threshold, but those with a lot of extra time on their hands might enjoy it. The survey process seemed to be hassle free. For those getting really tired of taking surveys and don’t have the patience for it, I recommend taking a look at my alternative method of earning money, which is affiliate marketing.

However, surveys and affiliate marketing couldn’t be anymore different.. Affiliate marketing is hard-work but the rewards are 1000 times better of whatever any survey website could ever claim to offer. It takes effort and persistency, but in the end, I guarantee it is worth every second and minute of your time, unlike a lot of these pointless survey panels that sometimes don’t even pay out!

Thanks for checking out my Only Cash Surveys Scam Reviews. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them below!


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