Our Traffic Pays Review – Does It Really Pay?

By | December 8, 2016

Our Traffic Pays Review

Product: Our Traffic Pays

Type: HYIP & Revenue Share

Price: Varies with Adpacks

Rating: 5/10 – Not Recommended


What makes Our Traffic Pays different from other HYIP sites is the fact it offers a wider variety of ways and options to advertise your website and services. While most revenue sharing products only use a mix of banner ads and text links, Our Traffic Pays gives you the option to buy Solo Ad Clicks as well.

That does not change the fact however, that this is still a website that incorporates revenue sharing into the mix. Meaning, that the money pooled in together by its members, are shared equally by the members and their associated adpacks.

This can be seen as an unfair and an almost illogical way of making money and it is. While the idea behind this might sound like it has potential, there are always going to be drawbacks no matter how you see it.


Advertising Services

What’s being sold by Our Traffic Pays nonetheless, is an advertising service. So if advertising is something you’re really looking into buying either for a website or an offer you want to promote, than testing out the service might not be the worst idea.

But joining Our Traffic Pays simply as a way to invest in adpacks, hoping for a return in profit, simply isn’t smart business. Sure, you might earn a bit of profit in the short-term, but there is no guarantee of long-term profits. This site can fall at anytime and the profits on adpacks will more than likely die down.


Here is a brief overview of the services offered by Our Traffic Pays:

#1. Solo Advertising Packages – They offer student, professional, and executive solo ad clicks, each offering six different packages. It’s shocking how high up in price these goes. In summary, if you want a Titanium package, you’ll be spending between $2,000 and $3,500. Cheapest solo ad packages start at $200 for 200 clicks. That’s $1 a click, which in my opinion, is a very expensive and overpriced way of advertising. To learn more about Solo Ads and how they work, click here.

#2. Traffic Exchange Views – This is a method of advertising I wouldn’t be against using because it isn’t outrageously priced. This works by allowing you to buy an allotted number of credits giving you a specific number of views to your site.

#3. Text & Banner Ads – Last but not least, they offer all kinds of banner and text ads you can use to promote your site. This is probably the cheapest way to start advertising, but is also the most ineffective.


Revenue Sharing

Now for the important part of this review. Revenue sharing is a method we’re starting to see being used more and more, everyday. The more you search around, the more sites like Our Traffic Pays you are going to see. It’s really almost never-ending, and while you may feel persuaded to invest at first sight, it’s always smart to at-least test the waters before doing so.

Revenue sharing is risky business and most of the times do not amount to the level of income you might have hoped for. The adpack in question here is its Titanium adpack offered at $50 a piece. This adpack offers up to 2% a day and matures at 110%. With the adpack, you receive 100 PPC and 1,000 Surf Ad Credits. I normally wouldn’t start off with a $50 adpack, but if you do, make sure you only start out with one to test out the earnings.


Risks of Revenue Sharing

  • Profits dying down.
  • Seeing no return on your investment.
  • Not getting enough out of the advertising services you purchased.
  • Might not allow for a long-term income stream.
  • Site could easily shut-down on you, even with money invested.

Conclusion & Overview

While Our Traffic Pays might not be the worst site of its kind, it’s not the best either. Every time you purchase a titanium adpack, you’re putting $50 at risk. That $50 is never safe. Yes, you may luck out until that adpack matures and even gain a little bit of profit. But was that small amount of profit really worth risking $50?

In my opinion, HYIPs are never a smart way of making money, no matter how much money people claim to be making. There’s always going to be a risk involved and more importantly, one person is going to lose out at the cost of another person. The reason for that is pretty simple.. HYIPs and revenue sharing services like this are just not sustainable enough.


Have any questions concerning Our Traffic Pays? Please leave them down below.



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