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By | July 1, 2015

Name: Page One EnginePage One Engine Review


Owner: Dori Friend

Price: $797

Rank: 50/50 – Borderline

What Is It?

Due to all the biased reviews of Page One Engine out there, I’ve decided to write my own review of Page One Engine to let you decide if this product is legit. Page One Engine is a product that works by helping you apply certain SEO techniques for getting traffic to your website. While this may sound like a solution to earning money online, it’s really nothing more than learning good SEO practice.

If there is one thing that is on-point with Page One Engine, is the fact there is nothing better than getting your website to rank on the first page of Google and Bing. The main issue here is that Page One Engine’s main and only focus is only on SEO and researching profitable lowly competitive keywords. But, what if you don’t even have a website in the first place.. Then what?


#1 – Her video provides real-life, genuine, and authentic testimonials. Rather than trying to short-cut the process, you see headlines like “My keywords have gone from page 16 to page 2 in only two months.” To me, that is a very realistic income and it comes to show that hard work pays off in the world of online marketing.

#2 – She has a solid reputation with a lot of knowledge of on and off-page SEO and keywords. She also knows what she’s talking about when it comes to finding a profitable niche, meaning cracking down on something targeted with a market.

#3 – SEO is one of the best ways for any online marketing to get started.


#1 – She claims to have had 20,000 websites before Google came crashing down and took them all away.. I’m not sure how one could even go about creating that many websites and maintain them all, but to me it says that there is some potential black-hat techniques being used her.

#2 – Claims to use “FULL automation.” I’m not sure what’s so automated by online marketing, other than the fact that after the work is done, you can get traffic and make money on an everyday basis.

#3 – In one word price. Is this worth $797? I think not. For a more alternative and far cheaper but improved online marketing system, please see Wealthy Affiliate.

One thing I disagree with is how she compares SEO with PPC traffic methods. While it’s true that PPC actually costs money and results in lower conversions it is used for scaling your name brand and promotions.  This is like comparing both apples and oranges. I guess that the point being made is how strong SEO is. On the other hand, SEO takes longer to implement, but in the long-run is worth all the benefits.

What You’ll Be Doing?

Page One Engine uses a seven step formula to helping you get your website up to building it and ranking it on Google.

#1. The Ancient Property – Consists of buying an old domain, which is actually a great idea as it will dramatically lessen the time it takes for your website to rank.

#2. Instant Social Syndication – Creating social profiles for your website to get yourself recognized by the major search engines (e.g. Google, Yahoo).

#3. The Hidden Words – Consists of finding proper keywords to begin building your content around. These should be low competitive keywords with higher than average searches and traffic.

#4. Copy Cat Ranking – Studying your competition. Meaning your basically taking some of the on-factor SEO factors that those your trying to compete with are using to rank first on Google. Though not a necessity, can be beneficial to how your page ranks overtime.

#5. Your Foundation – Creating your baseline and building up a plan for your website.

#6. “Talk To Google” – Developing your pages, getting indexed, and setting up your foundation to begin getting traffic.

#7. Gather Votes – Getting backlinks to your website. She considers these to be a “vote” for your page, but this is one method I can’t agree with. Back linking should be built through beneficial engagement and conversation going on with your website. The more you try to side-step this the less success you’re going to achieve. For example, Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to gain proper commentary within your website and even added a new website, which the community is absolutely loving right now!

Page One Engine Overview

While I don’t believe Page One Engine is a scam, I would say that the most discerning factor with this all is the $797 price tag.. Here is one lesson you need to learn now in the online marketing world.. You don’t need to pay a fortune, to make a fortune.

Nevertheless, I agree with most of their methods and traffic teaching tips. But, is this a good place for you as an online marketer to start? Let’s take a brief look at Page One Engine and what I joined just a year ago, Wealthy Affiliate.


Page One Engine:

– Uses the same 7 steps that can apply to any website.

– Uses neat little tricks like purchasing an aged old domain.

– Great start for beginners ready to create a website and reap long-term rewards.

– Very expensive (one payment of $797 or two for $1,997)


Wealthy Affiliate:

– Better for building a legitimate and authoritative business.

– Makes you work on getting actual commentary and engagement.

– Teaches you more than the basic SEO and keyword research and delves into showing you how to create proper content, how to setup a proper website, and use WordPress (something I struggled with initially).

– Larger community to help you with all the tools and features you need to succeed.

– Teaches both SEO and PPC traffic strategies.


To summarize, Page One Engine may seem to be a more legitimate online marketing system than many of the dirty schemes we see today, the price can be a bit off-putting.

While they provide a reliable and efficient way to begin building up a passive online income, other systems offer the same thing for just a fraction of this price. And though they slack in some areas like teaching you how to create proper content and gain strong user engagement, they do seem to excel in the areas of SEO and keyword research. My research has found that both Wealthy Affiliate and Page One Engine to be two great ways to get started online.

However, Wealthy Affiliates long-standing reputation and ability to provide everything you need within one platform makes this one a winner in my mind. If you’re unsure where to start, I’m going to recommend Wealthy Affiliate. It was the first to work with me and countless others and even comes with a free trial!

On the other hand, if you’ve had your mind setup on Page One Engine, you may want to take the price into consideration. Just because a few people came up and created another system only to offer it for $2,000 doesn’t mean it’s exactly worth it. On the other hand the decision is completely up to you. If you’ve had your mind on it for awhile, then go for it and let me know how it goes!




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