Paid Social Media Jobs: Is It Real Or Fake?

By | February 29, 2016
Product Name: Paid Social Media JobsPaid Social Media Jobs Scam Review
Price: $1/First 3-Days 
           $27 Billed Thereafter
Type: Social Media/Freelancing
Overall Rank: Scam - 25/100 Points.

Introduction To The Paid Social Media Jobs Review

Paid Social Media Jobs claims to provide you with becoming a “social media manager” who can get paid to fool around on social media all day. They claim your jobs are as simple as posting status updates, uploading videos, and replying to comments.

Because this actually sounded quite legitimate, I checked out to see what the BBB or Better Business Bureau had to say, but there wasn’t a whole lot of information; a couple of complaints but nothing too serious and they also weren’t accredited. The BBB isn’t all that legitimate of a service anyway.

Nevertheless, one thing I had come to notice about Paid Social Media Jobs was how incredibly often I would see this website being promoted all over Facebook groups, almost like it had become the latest trend. So it had me wondering, whether this was the job that they specify you to do.

Afterwards I realized that Paid Social Media Jobs really isn’t paying you to do anything. Instead it’s an online course made up of four modules that goes through the ropes of teaching you how to become a social media manager. This consists of learning how to find businesses out there that need your help on social media and essentially handling all their social media activities for them.

Despite how easy the company claims it is to get paid for doing social media tasks, it’s actually much harder than it looks. This service somewhat even reminds me of those get cash for surveys type offers, where instead of offering to pay you to complete surveys, your paying them to learn where to find them and how you can get paid doing these offers. They even use the same identical calculator, which I found a bit odd.. ” Complete 5 surveys (or social media tasks) a day, and get paid $xx amount of money.”

Paid Social Media Jobs Doesn't Pay!


It was then I started to ask myself, whether this “freelancing social media opportunity” was actually legit or a scam!


How Much Is It?

Paid Social Media Jobs is not free to get started with. Yes, they have an option where you can get started for a $1 trial, but you still need to enter in your credit card details. That way, if and when you forget to cancel, they can still charge you the whole $77 fee. I believe the price has actually been reduced to $27 now, but even in that case, this isn’t a product I would go near.

In addition, Paid Social Media Jobs does have an affiliates section, where you can opt in to get paid for promoting Paid Social Media Jobs instead. Thus, giving you a commission for each consumer who signs up and buys the informational course.

This can be done by creating and/or setting up your own Clickbank account and getting your hop link from there. Personally, Paid Social Media Jobs isn’t something I’d look into promoting because it just feels like an obscure way of trying to make money online and because of how misleading the entire product feels.

Furthermore, because it’s offered on Clickbank, Paid Social Media Jobs is also obligated to offer a 60 day, no question asked, money back guarantee, in case the product didn’t live up to your expectations.

Paid Social Media - Money Back Guarantee


What Does Paid Social Media Jobs Offer?

As mentioned, Paid Social Media Jobs doesn’t actually offer you the jobs, which is why I find the product to be so misleading to consumers out there. Instead it offers you modules and courses so that you can start your journey to becoming a social media manager.

If you have a heavy desire to do this and go out of your way to find other business and corporations who may need your help, it could be worth a second glance. Otherwise, I recommend staying away from Paid Social Media Jobs since all of their claims are completely fake.

It’s not as simple as logging into the back office and quickly completing a social media job. It’s a lot more than that and even requires you go out on your own, creating a cover letter/resume, and sending them to prospective businesses. It’s more than likely that you’ll even need a whole lot of experience before getting accepted.


Paid Social Media Job Courses:

Module 1 – Understanding Social Media Clients: Consists of a 26 minute video introducing you to some of the basics of social media and the type of skills you need in order to satisfy your clients.

Module 1 Example:

  • Learning to create accounts on all social media platforms.Paid Social Media Job Courses
  • Learning how to attract followers, fans, subscribers, and connections.
  • How to connect with social networks for even more visibility.
  • Where to find paid social media jobs online and offline.
  • How to sell yourself to clients as their number one solution.
  • Drafting and writing contracts with your clients to ensure you get paid.
  • How to deal with challenging social media clients.
  • How to negotiate long-term contracts.
  • Growing your reputation to increase number of clients.
  • Learning to raise your prices to make a better income.

Module 2 – Learning how to become a social media manager and the type of jobs that are entailed with the position. They recommend starting out with clients who need simple or basic jobs done (such as setting up a facebook profile) and working up from there.

Module 3 & 4 – Branding for social media companies and learning more advanced social media strategies and techniques.

Is Paid Social Media Jobs Real? Here’s My Take!

Basically, Social Media Jobs does not actually serve you with the actual client. Instead all they’re doing is feeding you information on how to become better at social media. These skills can then be utilized and improved on your own to do freelance work as a social media jobs manager.

This in my opinion, is an extremely far-fetched idea for making money online. There seems to be almost zero to no support and they expect you to go out and do all the work on your own.

It’s in my opinion here that all Paid Social Media Jobs has done is exploited this “social media jobs market,” for their own good and to profit off consumers by providing nothing more than some pieces and bits of random information. I think the best and only good use for Paid Social Media Jobs is the fact that you may actually learn to become somewhat better in terms of social media marketing. But that’s about it. If you’re looking for a way to make money online or through social media, I don’t believe this is the product for you.

How To Create Your Own True Online Business?

Learn How I Did It!

In other words, you’re not actually getting paid to be on Facebook all day. You’re not getting paid to leave a few comments on a post or to update some businesses status. Paid Social Media Jobs is simply trying to train you to become a professional social media manager with some modules of training that alone cannot even help in accomplishing that. All in all, I guess the entire product just didn’t make a lot of sense and it was hard to see what they were actually trying to accomplish.. If I had to guess, they just compiled a bunch of PLR products, books, and videos, added a price tag to it, then called it a day.


Is Paid Social Media Jobs a Scam?

Overall Rank = 25/100

Verdict = Scam.

3 thoughts on “Paid Social Media Jobs: Is It Real Or Fake?

  1. Danny

    Hey Pete! Just want to say thank you for saving me the trouble. Can’t believe I even found myself pondering over this potential social media opportunity. Have a great day :)

  2. Riaz

    Hey Peter, great review on Paid Social Media Jobs!
    I agree with you that it’s a scam and it doesn’t even seem like it’s worth the cost. In my opinion, if you need to “pay” in order to work, than you’re not working – you’re a customer. Wealthy Affiliate is a way better choice and I would recommend anyone to check out Peter’s splendid review on that. Cheers!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Haha hey Riaz, many thanks for the highly complimented comment.

      It truly is a better choice, if not the best!

      Paid Social Media Jobs is such a huge scam, and I’m glad you enjoyed the read.

      Although many products require payment to get started, even Wealthy Affiliate, unless you start as a free member, the most important aspect to keep in mind, is to know in advanced what you’re actually paying for and what the benefits are to that product. As we know, Wealthy Affiliate provides an extremely high user engaging experience allowing you to build your own affiliate business from scratch. I’ve found the $19 monthly payment a complete steal in terms of joining as a premium Wealthy Affiliate Member :)


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