Paid Survey Authority Review: Is It Legit?

By | September 7, 2015

Name: Paid Survey AuthorityPaid Survey Authority Scam Review


Type: Paid Surveys

Price: $37

Rank: 10/100 – Scam!

What Is It?

Paid Survey Authority is another survey product claiming to not only help you earn hundreds or thousands of dollars, but maybe even millions! While I’ve seen many survey products make exaggerated claims, this product seems to take them to a whole new level. The website alone claims to have paid out $43,153,257 to date.

Paid Survey Authority additionally claims to have the “secret” to making a ton of money just by simply taking surveys. More specifically, they tell us that they are now “providing the secret list of highest paying surveys since 2006.” But is there really a secret survey list we don’t know about?

In this review, we’re going to find out if Paid Survey Authority really stands out from the crowd and if these so-called claims have any warrant to them. Oddly enough, the first sign that made me skeptical of this company we’re the earning proofs. One of the shots taken was off of an affiliate network called Clickbank and not an actual survey company!

So, is Paid Survey Authority and other similar survey companies something we can trust?

How Much Is It?

The first important factor to find out and understand if a company like Paid Survey Authority is at all legitimate is by taking a look at the price. At first, I didn’t think $37 was that bad. I’ve seen some companies like Take Cash For Surveys offer their service for a monthly fee of $97. However, a deeper look into the membership options will probably have you questioning if this indeed is a scam.

It can be hard when so much of the foundation is based on one testimonial after the next. But let’s not be deceived. First of all, I could never wrap my head around why so many survey companies are now making you pay before getting access. Isn’t the whole point of taking surveys to make money, not spend it?

When I made my attempt to exit the page, I was confronted with what’s called a downsell. The discounted $97 price was now offered to me at only $27! While this may excite someone at first sight, it’s a questionable sign for anyone.

The Paid Survey Authority Scam

Low and behold, I made my second attempt to leave the page.. Another downsell! That’s two in one sitting. Now being the avid reviewer I am of online marketing products, I must say that I’ve never been downsold to twice.

So if this also happened to you, and you’re also thinking, this is probably a scam, I would say you’re probably on the right track!

How It Works?

I’m fairly certain we all have a good idea of how taking surveys works! It’s usually as simple as signing up, entering in a valid e-mail, and putting some time aside to fill out some surveys. In this case, we can also make the prediction that what we’re really doing is signing up for the middleman who sends us surveys from legitimate survey companies.

So isn’t it a valid question to be asking whether this company might be attempting to make money off us with a service that isn’t really adding any benefit? Isn’t it possible that all they’re doing is forwarding us a bunch of surveys from other more legitimate survey companies?

To find out if Paid Survey Authority is a scam, it’s important we take a look at the red flags.

  • Red Flag #1 – Price

As mentioned, the price is the first sign that could cause us to doubt its true legitimacy. Not only does it cost us before we even make any money, but the constant use of downsells is nothing more than a sly and schemey technique. They know, since you’re likely going to leave, they might as well sell their service to you for cheaper. This is a good indication that their service really isn’t worth much of anything.

The Paid Survey Authority Scam

  • Red Flag #2 – Testimonials & Payment Proofs

Another good sign and indication Paid Survey Authority can’t be trusted is the fact it’s site is just littered with testimonials and thousand dollar bank accounts. From untrustworthy Clickbank Affiliate payments to e-mails titled with subjects like “Holy Crap.. Can’t believe it,” the over exaggerations seem to never stop.

The Paid Survey Authority Scam

Payments from Clickbank, not surveys!

  • Red Flag #3 – Calculator

The survey calculator is another big sign that Paid Survey Authority is a scam and has been widely used with survey products offered on Clickbank. If they all have one thing in common, it’s likely the fact none of them actually work! It’s a way of showing off a kind of promise they can in no way keep!

  • Red Flag #4 – Survey List

Could this look anymore real..? Just take a look at the survey names, time, and amount of earnings. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone actually make $33 off a 6 minute survey! Have you?

The Paid Survey Authority Scam

Paid Survey Authority – “Paid Survey List”

  • Red Flag #5 – Fake Use Of Trademarks

This is nothing more than false advertising. Claiming things like they were mentioned on CNN Money, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Fox, and NBC. They even show a nice fancy widget telling you its available in the Apple Store. But a simple scroll over the icon, says “Coming Soon..” Figures! And while the home page video shows a few short ten second clips of people earning money from home, not once does it mention the name “Paid Survey Authority.”

Paid Survey Authority Overview

I think we all know by now Paid Survey Authority is nothing more than a fake survey company claiming to have a non-existent secret to making loads of money with surveys. All the red flags are more than apparent and its use of downsells alone should make anyone shy away.

While taking paid surveys can indeed be a viable way of making some extra pocket change, using Paid Survey Authority is not a good way of going about it. They are just another scam in the bunch trying to exploit the market. So the next time you come across something similar or you’re unsure about, make sure to look out for these red flags. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something to better spend your time on than taking surveys for money, I suggest taking a look at my #1 recommendation. Now this isn’t survey specific, but it can sure make you a lot more money than having to fill out more boring surveys!

Thanks for reading this Paid Survey Authority Scam Review. If you have any comments or questions, leave them below and I’ll be more than happy to get back to you.


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