PaidRocket Review – Is This Matrix System Legit?

By | January 4, 2017

Product: Paid RocketPaidRocket Review


Price: Starts at $2

Owner: Richard Stevenson

Type: Matrix/Lead System

Rank: 25/100 – Scam!


What Is Paid Rocket?

Paid Rocket is a very simple system that offers an online earning opportunity without any actual products. Your entire goal as a Paid Rocket member is to refer as many upgraded members as possible to join you and your downline. You’re given two referral links; one which goes right to the main URL website and another that links immediately to the register page.

One thing you’ll notice about Paid Rocket is that there isn’t a ton of information about the opportunity itself. Once you’ve reached the backboard, the only notice you are given is to upgrade your account from a Level 0 member to a Level 1 member, allowing you to begin inviting new members to Paid Rocket.

How It Works? – Compensation Plan

Paid Rocket consists of a matrix, which can be thought of as a much simpler and broken down MLM downline. Your level 1 referrals pay you $2 a person, which is the cost of them upgrading from a free to upgraded member.


Stage 1 Downline

Your total first tier referrals consists of 4 members and give you a total profit of $8. This 1st tier is then broken down into tier 2 consisting of 16 referrals. These 16 referrals would come from each member in your tier 1 recruiting 4 referrals each (4 x 4 = 16 tier 2). Your tier 2 referrals earn you $5 for each new recruit totaling $80. Each one of those referrals in tier 2 need to recruit 4 more each. So 16 in tier 2 x 4 new members = 64. This makes up the 3rd tier, paying $10 each for a total of $640. This continues on to tier 4, which totals out to 256 new members, paying out $20 each for a total of $5,120.


Stage 2 Downline

This continues onto stage 2, which also consists of 4 tiers and consist of much higher payouts for each referral brought on board. First tier referrals in stage 2 pay $50 per recruit. Four new recruits multiplied by $50 totals out to $200. Again, we have the 2nd tier which consists of 16 more members, paying out $100 each for a total of $1,600. The 3rd tier consists of 64 members, which pays $180 each for a total of $11,520. Last but not least, we have tier 4 in stage 2 comprising of 256 new members. Assuming you’ve made it this far, earnings here total to $92,160.

Paid Rocket Analysis

Now that we’ve gone over what Paid Rocket’s compensation looks like and how the system as a whole works, let’s see if doing all this is worth the effort. There’s no question that there are some serious earnings at stake, but is this system realistic? That’s the most important question to be asking yourself.. Does the system pay and how have systems before Paid Rocket performed?

Paid Rocket is not the first system of its kind. Remember the highly hyped up Feeder Matrix System (which is no longer around)? Well it works exactly like that and if I remember correctly, that system was far from flawless. Yes, it is nice to see that the cost of entry into these matrix systems are very low – starting at only $2.

Then again, there are no actual products within these systems, making the recruitment process all the more difficult. Okay, so there is a small download section in the dashboard of Paid Rocket, but that is it. People aren’t joining this for the downloads, but to earn money. The problem here is everything you do is on your own and while recruiting a bunch of people into this opportunity might sound easy, it’s not.

Finding individuals who are interested in paying for an opportunity that doesn’t offer anything, but to make money, is a task in and of itself. And to make another thing clear, we are told that a $2 entry can earn us up to $112.328, but where does this number even come from and is it a made up imaginary figure? This was another concern I had when I first reviewed Feeder Matrix ages ago. Turns out that a lot of those “promised earnings & figures,” weren’t exactly what they seemed. I mean the whole tagline of the system was “Turn $1 into $100,000.” Figures! I don’t think a single member got even close to that point.

The most difficult aspect of these systems, is the actual team building process. For example, the 4 people under you in stage 1 are required to get 16 recruits altogether. Showing them the ropes and showing them how to get those recruits is hard. You have to also realize that those 4 individuals need to show their 16 recruits how to do the same thing as well.

So the most difficult aspect to Paid Rocket and one of the most common recurring themes within these systems is starting to find that your downline itself is slacking. Not to mention that you can only have a certain amount of people sponsored directly under you, meaning you’ll really need to push all those recruits to continue referring new individuals. And, I believe that the only reason the alleged payouts in higher tiers or so high is only to get you to join the program in the first place.


Is It a Scam?

That’s the biggest question here and is something to really consider. Will the founder of this very simple, bland-looking system actually pay out the required tier 4 amounts, assuming you reached that point? We’re told that once we reach stage 2, tier 4, we’d receive a total of $92,160, but given everything I’ve seen as a marketer, I would not put my money on this.

Without a whole lot of information covering this system, a very simple FAQ system, and no genuine products in place, Paid Rocket is not something I recommend. Given that this system is exactly like, which now directs you to a broken link filled with ads, then it just makes sense to avoid PaidRocket as well!

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