PaidVerts 2015 Review: Scam Or Legit?

By | March 30, 2015

Name: PaidVertsPaidVerts: How it works 2015


Type: Pay-To-Click

Rank: 65/100

What Is It?

PaidVerts also stands for, Paid Advertisements, and is an online marketing system that uses PTC (Paid-To-Click) as an income source for users. However, many have criticized the true effectiveness of PaidVerts as a reliable way to make money, and are therefore questioning, its legitimacy.

In this review I’d like to talk about the many ways individuals attempt to make money with PaidVerts, the importance of maintaining PaidVerts referrals, and the role this plays in the amount of money you make.

Nevertheless, I will conclude this review with its legitimacy, and the best way you as an online marketing individual, can begin to make money without question!

How PaidVerts Works?

PaidVerts is ultimately the middle-man between its supplied advertisements and those who register.

By becoming a PaidVerts member, you’ll be required to do a variety of tasks to begin earning money. However, the real money is not very relevant to the number of tasks you do everyday, but rather the number of active individuals you can refer over to the company.

Nevertheless, Paid-To-Click just so-happens to be one of the first sources that pulled me into online marketing.

In-fact I’d spend so much time trying to make it work, I would spend hours just clicking on advertisements everyday. As boring and tedious my efforts became, the more important I realized it would be for me to pull-in other individuals.

At the same time, this became an extremely difficult task, as I was becoming more unaware and losing sight of how critical it would be to have my own traffic and visitors.

PaidVerts Income Potential

So does this mean PaidVerts is totally useless and unreliable?

Maybe to a point, but not completely. If you’re looking to use PaidVerts to make a few extra dollars per week, then this product just might be for you. On the other hand, it will take a lot of time, clicking, and repetitive tasks. Some you feel, becomes pointless over-time.

You therefore, would be much better off, representing PaidVerts as someone willing to refer others to the network. By doing so, you could dramatically increase your income potential, and minimize the repetitive work you’d be doing.

Last but not least, the number of PaidVerts users has really taken a jump in the past year alone, by its introduction of crowdfunding. This is a great addition to the PTC ads, and consist of both corporations and individual advertisers, who are looking for your opinion. It is an even a better and more excellent alternative to online survey users.

The way this works is by having you do certain small tasks, like visit various websites, watch Youtube videos, and copy lines of advertisement texts, which take only about a minute of your time.

The downside to this, is you’ll have spend hours or so doing this just to earn a few bucks.

How To Get More PaidVerts Referrals?

This is a very important aspect to online marketing users.

Many are always wondering and looking for the secret answer to obtaining hundreds, and possibly even thousands of new referrals per month to websites like PaidVerts.

By doing so, essentially you could earn nearly a full-time income. But the most critical part to this under-taking would require you to have and create your own website. From there what you would really need, is a consistent flow of traffic.

By obtaining hundreds of daily visitors to your website, you could get a very high number of referrals every single day, which in-turn would provide you with some awesome new “referral commission.”

This was definitely one thing I personally really wanted to make happen, but was not something I could achieve easily, and most-especially, not on my own. I didn’t know the first thing about creating my own website, let alone, being able to refer thousands of individuals to a potential online “scam.”

PaidVerts Overview

It wasn’t until I landed on a certain website like the one you are on now, where that individual spoke about possible achievements very relevant to what I’m speaking of.

Thus, he was able to maintain a full-time income within his first few months of creating a website, delivering unique content, and helping out as many of these new individuals as possible.

I was intrigued by his outcome, I found myself yearning to do something alone the lines he was. That’s when he introduced me to this #1 Recommended Product, which I found myself to prefer much more highly over these small paying advertisements.

Instead, I would now have the resources and capability of being a PaidVert advertiser myself. Nevertheless, if you are looking to become a genuine online marketer willing to go the extra mile to make things happen, and see success come to life, check out this review. You’ll be glad you did!

Thanks for reading this PaidVerts Scam Review, and if you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please leave them below!

6 thoughts on “PaidVerts 2015 Review: Scam Or Legit?

  1. jason

    Some of the comments on this post are very misleading. You don’t get paid for your clicks on paidverts. The clicks are merely a way in which to allocated your daily interest. Please think. Thank you

  2. LOSER

    Really a Scam Site!

    Read Full story is How??

    They removed your link with paidverts to gain more money! The fraud especially works on new members!

    My account was removed yesterday i.e., 19 sept 2015, I don’t know why ? joined 4 days ago and clicked Hundreds of ads ..
    after lot of work talking with more people the fraud placed in my room.. and not only me there is a lot people..

    -fraud takes place in 3 Levels In Paidverts

    1.You Cannot login after few days due to CAPTCHA ERROR problem.. because lot of people don’t know what they are asking in CAPTCHA! so how can they solve .. okay if you clicked right thing even in CAPTCH show you Error!
    (new Members)

    2.2FA doesn’t work(Medium earning members)

    3.You cannot transfer your money they say due to some technical reason
    (More earning members in a short time)..

    -these levels applied to one of every ten members.. so majority of people cannot get the problem with the people complaining ..

    -There is no Right E-mail Contact to contact them , no support , If you finally catch them they say

    ” we agree the problem you are facing so many complaints are coming about this ..we are trying to fix the problem soon PLEASE WAIT but now we are “SORRY WE CANNOT HELP YOU” for this minor problems! “

  3. Kassam Ashraf

    My payment is pending since 8-10 days :(
    What can i say now. :(

  4. Viljoen

    Hi Pete

    PaidVerts claim that you can earn more that $5 per click. In my experience when a website claims to pay you more than $1 per click, it is a scam.

    Will they really pay you?

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hey Viljoen,

      I’ve had my fair share of trying out various similar PTC sites, and have never seen a website pay up to $5 per click. Usually the threshold is $.02 at best. Overall, it’s not something I’d mess around with, and is more of a hassle than anything else. Have you tried Wealthy Affiliate? Now that’s something I can safely recommend! :)



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