Pampered Chef – Is This Your Recipe For Success?

By | March 4, 2016

Name: Pampered Chef

Website: Chef


  • $99 Mini PC Kit
  • $159 PC Kit

Type: MLM & Network Marketing

Rank: 70/100 – Better Than Most!


What Is It?

Pampered Chef is an MLM & network marketing opportunity that is all based on you creating a business opportunity by selling cutlery and cooking utilities. The main idea behind Pampered Chef is to have you using their cutlery to host cooking shows and dinner parties.

By creating Pampered Chef recipes in front of your guests, you can then begin to show the benefits in using their products and hopefully then sell those products, while potentially recruiting new individuals into the Pampered Chef MLM network.

A lot of success as a Pampered Chef representative and distributor is therefore, based on your ability to reach out to your social networks, hosting large get togethers, and getting others involved in the Pampered Chef industry.


How Much Is It To Join Pampered Chef?

Getting started with Pampered Chef is actually a lot more reasonable in terms of price than a lot of todays MLM marketing opportunities. Rather than having to purchase items on auto ship every month, there are only two kits to help you get started with your business.

#1. PC Mini Kit ($99) – Includes 15 Pampered Chef items.

#2. PC Kit ($159) – Includes 26 Pampered Chef items.

In addition, Pampered Chef has what they call a Renewal Program that allows you to re-join the opportunity if for whatever reason, you decided to leave at some point. It requires that you re-join by purchasing a $35 paperwork kit and must be done within a 12-month time frame.


What’s Included In The Pampered Chef Kits?

Pampered Chef Mini Kit

Pampered Chef Mini Kit – 15 Items

PC Mini Kit: The PC Mini Kit is basically a smaller version of the PC Kit and comes pre-packaged with everything you need to start your Pampered Chef business.

Thus, unlike so many other MLM marketing opportunities out there, there isn’t a whole lot else you need to spend money on to get started. Here’s what’s included..

  • Paperwork – Getting started checklist, getting started workbook (“succeed with us”), getting started training dvd, Pampered Partner Plus CD, 6 host packets (that include – cook show planning guide, Pampered Chef Catalog, Opportunity Brochure (“Discover us!”).
  • 40 PC Postcard Invitations – Consultant Rewards Brochure (“Achieve With Us!”), Charter Host Gift Flyer, 8 show presentation cards, 1 recruiting booklet (“join us”), PC independent consultant agreements, Business Building Package.
  • Sample Product Order Forms – 50 product catalogs, 50 sales receipts, 100 drawing slips, Seasons Best Recipe Collection list.
  • Mini Kit Products (includes 15 products) – 1001 Bar Board, 1059 Color Coated Santoku Knife, 1105 Microplane® Adjustable Grater, 1302 Pizza Cutter, 1445 Large Bar Pan, 1659 Small Mix ‘N Scraper, 2230 Classic Batter Bowl, 2236 Mini Measure-All Cup, 2258 Adjustable Measuring Spoons (set of two), 2576 Garlic Press, Consultant Apron, Carry-All Tote


PC Kit (or New Consultant Kit) Includes:

Pampered Chef Kit - 21 Items

Pampered Chef Kit – 26 Items

  • Paperwork Checklist –  Comes with everything included in the PC Mini Kit + Cooking Shows in Action DVD Your Life and Your Way Opportunity DVD.
  • Postcard Invitations (total of 40) – Everything includes in the PC Mini Kit + 4 more “join us” recruiting booklets and 2 more Show Presentation Cards.
  • Sample Product Order Form –  Everything included in the PC Mini Kit + 1 Consultant Booking Calendar Product Checklist
  • PC Kit Products (includes 26 products) – 1012 Cutting Board, 1052 Forged Cutlery – 5″ Utility, 1087 Ultimate Mandoline, 1105 Microplane Adjustable Grater, 1302 Pizza Cutter, 1445 Large Bar Pan, 1587 Stackable Cooling Rack, 1590 Mini-Tart Shaper, 1606 Deluxe Mini-Muffin Pan, 1659 Small Mix ’N Scraper, 1755 Chef’s Silicone Basting Brush, 1910 Simple Additions® Small Square Bowls (set of two), 1946 Small Bowl Caddy, 2183 Easy Read Measuring Cup (2-cup sample), 2225 Measure-All Cup, 2258 Adjustable Measuring Spoons (set of two), 2230 Classic Batter Bowl, 2234 1-cup Prep Bowl Set (sample of two), 2344 Chef’s Tools – Slotted Turner, 2475 Stainless Whisk, 2576 Garlic Press, 2585 Food Chopper, 2622 Mini-Serving Spatula, 2863 Executive 8″ Sauté Pan, Consultant Apron, New Consultant Tote(Reference:


Selling Pampered Chef Products

As you can tell, Pampered Chef is very traditional in the sense that in order to actually sell the products and recruit people into your downline, you’ll be using methods that require you to contact people directly.

There is no use of social media, not much of a real web presence, and no depending on online traffic. The opportunity (like so many other MLM’s) require that you call individuals, have get togethers, and host house parties.

Therefore, in order to really sustain in this business, you need to have Pampered Chef Hostsa fairly large social network. More importantly, you need to have a network that already has some kind of interest in cooking.

Nevertheless, unlike other MLMs (such as Global Wealth Trade) that requires you to actually sell jewelry in person, Pampered Chef’s approach is a lot more reasonable because you’re actually presenting your guests with a live cooking presentation. You’re showing them how to use those products in first-person while also cooking whatever favorite recipes you may have.

For this reason, I find Pampered Chef much more professional in its approach then a lot of the other MLM’s out there. In addition, any regular individual can host a Pampered Chef party and choose or find the nearest Pampered Chef consultant to cook for them. This can be a great alternative for you as you don’t need to rely on your own networks as much.

On the other hand, there’s no say to how often these host parties actually occur and the chances that they’ll happen near you. But the idea itself is great and it doesn’t hurt to ask a friend of yours to potentially host a party for you with their own guests. By doing so, they get the incentive of obtaining free, half-priced, and discounted products while potentially also hosting a great party for their guests.


Earning Money As a Pampered Chef Consultant

Here’s a quick brief on how you actually earn money as a Pampered Chef Consultant as well as the benefits of building your PC downline and growing your team.

The first way you earn money as a consultant is by selling the actual products itself. Whether it’s at a host party or one of your own, when individuals purchase any of the products from your Pampered Chef Kit, you basically earn a commission.

Every sale you make earns you 20% in commissions or more on your sales. One thing that I kind of felt bothered me was the general statistics of how much you can earn within a given party. I felt it was a bit over-exaggerated and not all that inaccurate because we don’t actually know how many individuals are at each hosted party.

Here is the example given by Pampered Chef:

  • 2 cooking shows per week = more than $850/month
  • 3 cooking shows per week = more than $1,300/month
  • 4 cooking shows per week = $1,800/month

Furthermore, I’d personally find it a bit difficult to handle that many parties. I feel my guest list would run low pretty quickly so I feel a lot of the success would also depend on how many other individuals you can find to host a party for you. Even in that case, I think we’d all run out of guests pretty soon..

Nevertheless, here is an overview of the compensation plan. As we know, commissions start out at 20% but once you reach a certain volume of sales, that percentage can increase to 25% as followed:

  • $1 – $749 in monthly commissionable sales = 20% in commissions
  • $750 – $1,249 in monthly commissionable sales = 22% in commissions
  • $1,250 – $2,499 in monthly commissionable sales = 23% in commissions
  • $2,500 – $3,999 in monthly commissionable sales = 24% in commissions
  • $4,000+ in monthly commissionable sales = 25% in commissions


Pampered Chef Reviewed – My Thoughts!

I usually tend to have a strong opposition when it comes to most MLM marketing companies. The majority of them rely on a lot of hype, over-exaggerated earnings, and aren’t all that professional in their approach. In the case of Pampered Chef however, I found that the tactics tend to be a lot more respectable.

They don’t utilize over-priced membership plans and it’s actually kind of nice to see that it can be as simple as offering two kits to choose from. It’s also nice to see that these kits do include everything you need to start your own business. I also enjoyed the layout of the site and really liked how simple it was for any average consumer to choose to host a house party.

Despite some solid efforts made on behalf of Pampered Chef, I personally feel (and this is just my opinion) that it can be really hard to get the required numbers needed to host one house party after the next. But what I like is the fact that they do tell you that even if you have a full-time job, you can still become a Pampered Chef consultant. This could be a nice way to try an earn an additional side income if and when an opportunity ever arises.

All in all, Pampered Chef won’t be the easiest opportunity to get involved with and it probably won’t earn you a full-time income right off the bat. But, if you have a deep interest in cooking, and you’re willing to stick with it, then maybe it’ll be a good enough opportunity for you.

Hey who would complain over a free chef coming over.. I know I wouldn’t mind! :)



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