PartyLite MLM Review: Too Many Requirements & Quotas!

By | December 14, 2015

Name: PartyLitePartyLite Review: Is It a Scam?


Type: MLM/Network Marketing

Price: $99 Starter Kit

Rank: 40/100 – Not Recommended!

PartyLite MLM Business Review

PartyLite is an MLM business and networking opportunity that sells candles, home decor, and fragrance. It seems there is now a business MLM opportunity for almost every product out there, doesn’t it?

The website itself looks very legitimate and it’s nice to see that they are so product orientated. Question is, whether you can really make a business out of selling candles? For some, I believe that PartyLite may be a good opportunity. But for others, I believe this would be a fairly difficult opportunity to get started with.

Not only do you need to sell products on a monthly basis, but must be willing to recruit others into joining the opportunity. As an MLM the potential of making a residual monthly income is definitely there.

But to say that there is minimal work involved would be nothing more than an understatement. Nevertheless, for those ready to get started with their own house parties, while networking with new individuals, PartyLite may be worth the second glance.


Membership Price

 PartyLite Review: Is It a Scam?

The cost of joining PartyLite is a $99 membership fee, which gives you your own PartyLite Starter Kit, which comes with products, sampling tools, and business supplies.

In addition, you’ll get training on how to get started with PartyLite using a business model called a 10-3-2 (10 sales, 3 shows, and 2 new recruits). Something that must be rinsed, washed, and repeated on a daily basis


PartyLite Compensation Plan

The biggest drawback with PartyLite (which I find completely unfair) are the number of requirements that must be met to be eligible for certain monthly commissions. The way the business opportunity works is once you get your own PartyLite Starter Kit, you must then begin to both sell those products, while you simultaneously recruit people into your downline.

You’re basically starting your own business by purchasing a starter kit at retail cost and selling those products at a markup. The difference in price are the retail commissions you get to keep.

There are also direct sales commissions you can earn, but only if you meet a $500 monthly sales quota. Very similar in fact to Stella and Dots MLM opportunity. These include 25% off of your home show commissions and 7% bonus commissions, if you’ve made over $2,000 in sales for the month.

The third way of making money with PartyLite is also how you can earn a residual monthly commission and is based off of the sales commissions made by your downline. Here is where the requirements in my opinion, get even worse!

Downline Commission Quotas:

#1. Must have recruited 4 consultants onto your team.

#2. Downline must make $2,000 total in sales per month.

#3. You must make $640 in personal sales every month to remain as a first level unit leader, or your team is moved up to the next sponsor.

PartyLite Review: Is It a Scam?

What the reasons are for these requirements and quotas to make money off of your own hard-work and efforts is beyond me! Maybe because its just another MLM or pyramid scheme that essentially is using you to not only recruit more people into the PartyLite opportunity, but even take your commissions. These requirements are literally outrageous to say the least.

What It Takes To Be Successful With PartyLite?

PartyLite really depends on you holding your own weekly house parties in order to meet your sales quota. as a PartyLite consultant you’ll need to hold these house parties on a daily basis and find as many people as you can to sell off your starter kit.

While the products itself look great, question is, how many of these people are going to continually buy candles from you? Maybe a lot, maybe none. When all is said and done to become successful at this job you must continually meet this $640 in your own personal sales quota each and every month.

That means you’ll need to find customers who can come to you on a repeat basis. At the same time, you’ll need to do everything that you can to build up your downline and recruit new individuals. That includes, at least getting to those first 4 referred consultants. From there, you’ll need to also make sure your downline makes $2,000 in personal sales, or else you lose all your commissions for that month.

Quotas and Requirements

In one word, this is simply outrageous! I’ve seen other newer MLM opportunities also start to implement these kinds of requirements within their opportunity, and it really is unprecedented. Maybe it’s the result of the MLM opportunity not being so great itself… Maybe people are not buying these products on a daily basis, or are simply not living up to consumer expectations.

Maybe.. it is the lack of the opportunity itself. I can see it being very difficult to find other individuals wanting to sell something as focused as selling candles for a living. You must have a true passion and desire to do it. I would think it’s very rare to find someone else with that same interest.

Nevertheless, I find it wrong that they would go ahead and implement such high requirements, just to become eligible and find it to be even more difficult to make a real living with such an MLM. For example, while this may sound great at first.. Just to make $1,110 a month you would need to sell $2,000 a month of products and have team sales of $5,000! That’s a whole lot of sales, if you ask me.

PartyLite Overview: Is It a Scam?

My opinion is, don’t go ahead with a company who is willing to go so below as to take your own commissions. This company doesn’t seem to want to reward you for your hard work. Not to mention all the work that is truly involved here. You’re doing so many things at once, and trying to meet so many quotas just to make this opportunity work..

Let’s see, holding weekly house parties, contacting everyone you know, trying to make $640 in personal sales every month, recruiting new people into your downline, while also making sure that they meet the minimum $2,000 sales quota. What if you’re downline who is just getting started needs time to make these high marks?

I guess PartyLite could be considered a decent opportunity for those who are ready to put in years of patience and hard-work into a difficult opportunity. But, let’s just say this: If you have a drive or passion for candles, have a very large network that may be interested, and your own online presence, PartyLite can most-definitely be a good fit. But, if you’ve never experienced an MLM, or are simply going into this blindly, avoid this MLM and move onto something more sensible!

Thanks for checking out my PartyLite Scam Review. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them below.



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