Patric Chan’s CB Passive Income Review

By | January 30, 2015

Product: CB Passive Income
Owner: Patric Chan
Price: $47 One-Time Payment
Rank: 20/100

What Is CB Passive Income?


CB Passive income, also known as Clickbank Passive Income, is a product created by Patric Chan and is just one of the products being sold within the Clickbank Marketplace.

Patric Chan is better well-known as the author of WakeUp Millionaire. This review will be covering more in-depth on what CB Passive Income is and the primary intent behind this product.

Price Of CB Passive Income:


In order to get the CB Passive Income product, you’re required to pay a one-time $47 fee. From there, you are given instant access to CB Passive Income Program 2.0.

What’s Inside CB Passive Income Program 2.0?


Once you’ve submitted your $47 payment, you are given what Patric Chan calls your own “secret web page,” which he says is created by his own software after you’ve entered your personal information.

This “secret web page,” first of all isn’t so secret, and can be described as nothing more than a simple capture page that allows for other online users to enter their personal information and for you to capture their e-mail address for future use.

The e-mails you collect from your subscribers are then added inside your own simple back-end office of CB Passive Income’s database.

Additional CB Passive Income Affiliate Tools & Resources:

Regardless of whether you decide to pay for CB Passive Income by Patric Chan makes no difference, as you’ll be receiving the same exact tools and resources (found @

#1) CBpassiveincome  Solo Ads

CB Passive Income Scam Review







#2)CBpassiveincome Banners

CBPassiveIncome Scam Review







#3) CBpassiveincome Videos

Affiliate Program |






#4) CBpassiveincome Report

Patric Chan's CB Passive Income Bonus Report - Review

What I Don’t Like About CB Passive Income 2.0?


– The product offers nothing special nor unique in regards to how you’d be going about making money online.

– CB Passive Income Product is simply providing a way for its consumers to make money that can be done so without having to use the product in the first place.

– After purchasing CB Passive Income, you will still need to purchase your own autoresponder to send out e-mails as well as your own website, despite what’s being told within the CB Passive Income sales page.

Patric Chan’s Turnkey Business?


I must say that for $47 Patric Chan offers practically nothing of value. In-fact all you really get after purchasing his “turnkey business” system is a couple of capture pages.

Patric Chan claims that because you’re purchasing version “2.0,” you now not only get just one capture page to offer to your audience, but two.

I see no big deal in that!

In addition, the most ironic part of this all is that anyone can simply go into the Clickbank market itself, and simply offer CB Passive Income 2.0 without having to pay anything in the first place!

Apparently the only difference here is that if you actually do purchase the product, you are given access to some Facebook and Youtube training that teaches you some of the most basic and non-useful methods on how to attain traffic to start building your e-mail list.

Thus, regardless of whether you actually do purchase the product or not makes no difference to what you’re getting in regards to value!

The entire intent of Patric Chan getting you to purchase CB Passive Income is to show you how to simply become an affiliate of this Clickbank product, while selling it to other consumers.

CB Passive Income 2.0 Claims:


Patric Chan’s biggest claim is that by purchasing CB Passive Income you are basically investing into a “valuable free report;” One, irrespective of whether you actually go ahead and buy into it or not, are given the chance to sell to other consumers.

Moreover, the biggest flaw with this system is the simple fact you have no reason to buy this product in this first place! Instead the better alternative would be to save your money, simply invest into an autoresponder (aweber for $1!), and capture the e-mails by getting your hop link within Clickbank itself.

Even when it comes to Patric Chan’s listed benefits that include:


#1: “The option to give away a free report or software to build your internet business” – You can do this anyway, by simply logging into Clickbank and becoming a CB Passive Income Affiliate (which I don’t even recommend doing in the first place given the awful value offered by this product).

#2: “Training on how to get traffic from the internet” – Training that is no way unique and extremely basic at best.. It teaches no long-term strategies of helping one build up an online presence and is all taught and used for the sake of the product itself. For much more thorough and valuable training, please see my #1 recommended product.

#3: “New promotionial tools you can ‘ copy and paste ‘ to promote the free offer” – These promotional tools, believe it or not, can actually all be found without having to spend the $47 in the first place. All you have to do is go to the very bottom of the product itself, and click on the link ‘affiliates.’ There you will find everything you need to promote the product!

#4: “More robust tracking system” ? – This so-called robust tracking system is nothing more than your very basic back-office that holds your e-mail addresses for you and am still confused as to how this is remotely beneficial to the consumer.

CB Passive Income 2.0 Overview


Now I know it may feel at first that Patric Chan is helping you by offering an all-in-one business system to invest in. But the truth here is CB Passive Income and the way that it’s being sold off really ultimately holds no value as an internet marketing product for consumers.

Are the resources and tools helpful for affiliates? You bet.. Only problem being, the same exact tools, training, and resources are what’s being offered with the $47 purchase!!!

CB Passive Income 2.0 while it looks to have been created with somewhat of a ‘professional touch’ is truly being offered and used to trick online marketing newbies as most ultimately won’t understand the difference between becoming an actual Clickbank Affiliate for free vs. the unnecessary purchasing of CB Passive Income 2.0 product at a steep price of $47!

Nonetheless, it’s important you now understand the difference between what you are actually getting is very thin at best, between being a paying member vs. a free member offering this product. The point behind Clickbank Passive Income 2.0’s is to simply lure individual buyers in to becoming an affiliate of the product, and to continually help sell this one product by capturing individual e-mails off of platforms like Facebook!

Verdict: Scam!

Online Scams
Rank: 20/100

What Now?

If you’re as sick and tired of these online scams as I once was and are interested in learning the ins and outs of becoming an affiliate marketer without having to find yourself reliant upon the unnecessary expensive purchases of worthless products like CB Passive Income, I recommend looking into Wealthy Affiliate.

This a product unlike CB Passive Income 2.0, offers to show you how to create a true online business, one that will not depend upon becoming some small-time affiliate under some Internet Guru like Patric Chan! I hope this review has been helpful and you are now somewhat better aware of how Clickbank Affiliate products work along with what truly makes CB Passive Income 2.0 a product lacking any substantial value to it, and ultimately a scam from my personal perspective.

Thanks for reading, and please leave any comments or questions on CB Passive Income 2.0 below!

My #1 Recommended Alternative?

2 thoughts on “Patric Chan’s CB Passive Income Review

  1. Beverly-S

    Hi Peter, thanks for sharing the great review on this company. As I was researching more info. on it…You are absolutely right, as sure as I checked into my Clickbank account there was his affiliate program absolutely free. I don’t quite understand why is he promoting it for free with Clickbank, then promote payment stipulations away from the Clickbank base? So, you are really touching up on some good points here.

    As far as promoting this on Clickbank, I would be interested to know what others who have tried his affiliate program are saying, bet that would be the kicker, not sure about this one. As it may or may not be worth it bu you were a great help.

    However, one thing I am sure about and can help you to vouch for…is the fact that Wealthy Affiliate is viewed by tons of people as the number #1 source for internet marketers, newbies and seasoned marketers even. I think it’s great that you are helping people to find a help source that has been well established down through the years and actually helps marketers to explode and Boom.

    Many newbies should appreciate your expertise and giving them a sound, rewarding and ethical experience on the internet. Keep up the good work. Your reviews are very helpful. Thanks.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      No problem at all Beverly. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I’m glad my information felt on point to you. Sometimes online scams can be controversial, depending on the methods. But, I am glad you agree. Patric Chan is one of those ‘internet guru’s’ who really likes to push one product after the other, rather than focusing on just one, very helpful affiliate program and his methods can be very sly and similar to Ewen Chia’s.

      As a result they have pushed out dozens of Clickbank products that use these exact same promotional methods, making people pay for something that doesn’t need to be paid for in the first place. Even so, the provided value is just so minimal, they can easily be found and researched.

      Once that Clickbank product loses its popularity, or once individuals find out the truth as to what’s going on, is when they hire new freelancers to create their next product.. Which in reality, is nothing more than a complete replica or copy, that is simply branded in another way.

      I personally find nothing meaningful about this and wouldn’t advocate their actions in a million years!

      Thank you again for your input beverly. Your compliments have been very helpful in motivating me to continue helping others and offering my insight and recommendations. I also very much appreciate your Wealthy Affiliate endorsement on my behalf and am excited to check out the progress of your own website :)


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