Payday App Review: Another Binary Market Scam?

By | April 15, 2015

Name: Payday AppPayday App Review - Scam Or Legit?


Owner: Kevin Goldberg

Price: Free With a Catch

Rank: 2/100 – Scam!

What Is It?

Payday App is likely another old binary software scam, claiming to minimize the apparent massive risk involved in binary trading.

Softwares like Payday App, including its many binary trading affiliates tend to go lengths way to cheat people out of their money.

In my opinion, you could be doing much better off, with a more legitimate, tried, and proven method, as is included with Wealthy Affiliate!

But first, lets cover the primary essentials included in the Payday App.

How Much Is It?

This is where the Payday App software first tries to get you. In-fact many similar scams tend to approach its massive audience with this one, unique tactic; allegedly offering it all for free.

However, there is a main catch to this, which involves only allowing you to sign-up for free, only to then push you into depositing a minimum $250 deposit. This is the fee required to activated the Payday App software, and to get it going for you in the binary trade markets.

How It Works?

The way it works is fairly simple, and is not much of a unique concept. Thus, it works very similar to its other counterpart scams.

Step #1: First you register your computer with the Payday App website and ‘software.’

Step #2: Claim your unique e-mail ID, assigning you to a Payday App binary trading broker.

Step #3: Last but not least, you will then submit your e-mail ID, which then takes you over to the Payday App members page. You will be required to open up your own binary trading account, which will activate as soon as you make your minimum $250 deposit.

Why Payday App is a Binary Scam?

Payday App is nothing more than another ordinary binary trading scam, because everything it claims to do, it doesn’t.

Thus, the guys behind Payday App might just try and convince you that its unique binary trading service is able to pick up various ‘binary signals’ which allows you to minimize the risk involved with any particular trade.

Truth of the matter, is that they are only doing this to profit off your binary trading deposit. Therefore, for every binary trade deposit you make, the owners profit! And they will go lengths and lengths way to make sure you make that first initial deposit.

In addition, the binary signals are not actually working behind the scenes as they say. But are another tactic used to lure you into its program, to make you think that this Payday App can really work to make you all the money in the world. Trust me, if that were ever the case, the binary options market wouldn’t last another minute, and the fact there are literally 1,000’s of these binary scams swarming the internet, is becoming sadder by the day.

Now What?

Since we now know that the Payday App is nothing more than a binary options market scam, its important we find you a better alternative to help you start making money.

My opinion, is to definitely go the affiliate marketing, the legitimate route! I find this to be best taught at, Wealthy Affiliate. Click here to read my full review.

In regards to Payday App, and even the binary trading market as a whole, would be something I recommend staying as far away from as possible. Yes, they may try and claim many, many things. But at the end of the day, its their word, against your very opinions and instinct. No need to give in to the false proof. If this were to ever work, why share it with the public in the first place? Wouldn’t you keep it as much of a hidden agenda as possible?

The answer’s simple: they are solely using it for their own profit and benefit. People who are ready to do this to others, is a cheap and immoral way of making money, especially online. Why take advantage of others, when you can make money the legitimate way!

Thanks for reading this Payday App Scam Review.. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, feel free to leave them below.

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