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By | March 26, 2015

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Rank: 0/100 – Scam!

What Is It? is one of the biggest, most lamest jokes of a scam, in the history of the world..! I will explain why in this following review while showing you what a more legitimate method of making money online, really looks like. In short, is a scam.. No if’s, and’s, or but’s!

PayRipo is a website offering a home-based opportunity with overexaggerated claims of being able to earn $10 in 10 seconds! Even goes a long way to making promises in your ability to earn $1,500 just by signing up with them.

As a result, they seem to have experienced some tremendous growth over the past year, along with a reputation of being a potential outright scam. This review goes over some of PayRipo’s features, income-earning potential, and legitimacy as a potential home-based opportunity.

How PayRipo Works?

After registering with PayRipo, you’re immediately requested to promote your unique referral link. Any individual who registers makes you eligible to earn $10 for each new referral. Apparently, this is the only way people make money with PayRipo, and as a result, individuals have experienced complete lack of payment!

Not so surprising, seeing how there’d be no revenue coming in in the first place!

What’s even more sketchy when using PayRipo, is you must reach a minimum $300 balance to even request a payout, which can be made through PayPal, Payza, and Money Gram.

PayRipo Disadvantages

I’d like to point out the biggest disadvantages when working with this company and some immediate red flags that will jump out at your attention:

#1. Lack of a website policy and/or terms of service.

#2. No customer support or any contact details – e.g. phone number, company name, location, or any legal disclaimer.

#3. Your ability to earn $1,500 in your first week alone.

#4. $10 in earnings not just from new sign-ups, but even just any visitor!

What Is PayRipo.. Really?

Let’s get to the down and honest truth here about what PayRipo really is.

I know we all would rather believe that PayRipo could potentially be something borderline legitimate. Trust me, I have done my research on this company, taken a look at every potential scam and consumer complaint website, and have even read people commenting that somehow PayRipo is not a scam, even though they themselves have not been paid yet.

Not sure why that is the case, but facts are currently pointing in the direction, PayRipo does not make any genuine payouts. It would be pointless for them to do so and does not benefit them.

It seems for most people PayRipo claims that their payouts will be eligible for immediate payout, despite the fact they only allegedly make payouts from the 24th to the 30th of the month. 

No wonder they say, one lie leads to another!

Why PayRipo Is Not Legit!


PayRipo Scam Review 2015

This Is a Joke.. Right?!

Let me try and explain why PayRipo is in-fact not legit, why you should not rely on it for any primary source of income, and conclude this with some good news that will help to benefit you with a completely legitimate source of income.


PayRipo disguises itself as an online freelance company. Everything that you see there on the front page is simply to trick the world into thinking their something legitimate. In-fact, anyone that takes a look at PayRipo, can immediately tell something’s up. Nothing is professional about it and it seems something very sketchy is going on here in the background.


The number of PayRipo critics and unhappy consumers are literally filling the internet in its entirety. I have yet to read of even one successful payout or a single benefit brought to us by this completely anonymous company!


There is one, and only one opportunity, offered by PayRipo: Recruiting others to join this website. This in-turn can immediately confirm for us to be nothing more than an unclassy, deceptive Multi-Level Marketing Scheme!


Their use of CPA (also known as, Cost Per Action) tasks are used for the benefit of the PayRipo owners. This is extremely beneficial to them, since every individual who signs-up and fills out one of their randomn forms, or offers, allows these ‘anonymous’ guys to get paid up to $20, just for you taking that action. It can be absolutely any offer or form, that puts you in the situation of giving out any or all of your private information.


Lack of consumer and visitor discretion, security, and any support team whatsoever. To add any payout information wouldn’t be such a wise idea!

PayRipo Overview

Furthermore, these are all very big red flags pointing in the direction of being nothing more than a complete scam. I wouldn’t trust these guys with my life and neither should you. The mere fact they have to hide their name, face, location, and the actual opportunity offer itself, is every reason for you to have no affiliation with PayRipo.

Easy Way To Make Money With PayRipo..

I believe that everyone who says they have not get paid, is absolutely true. Just think about all you’d have to do:

#1 – Use any traffic exchange.
#2 – Surf randomn websites for credit.
#3 – Post your PayRipo referral link and assign as many credits as possible.

That’s it!

That would literally be the EASIEST way to make money in the entire world, and trust me, I would be all over this, if it was even remotely possible. However, I know for a fact, PayRipo is an outright scam and lie, and are using its many individuals to simply fill out any CPA offer. Think about how easy it would be for these guys to do so and the massive income potential for them. Thus, don’t believe these guys for a single second!

Now for the good news!

Anyway, you know how I was just saying I would be all over this if it was remotely legitimate. Well luckily, that would have been the case last year, and not so much, right now. You see I was so caught up in wanting to make money online. It just felt like a cool thing to do and an accomplishment I could proudly pat my shoulder for, every morning!

But, thanks to scams like PayRipo, they messed things up for me for too long. That’s when I put my foot down and said I need to do something different.

So I did and that’s when I finally found the one and only, Wealthy Affiliate. This is a product you need to try out if you’re looking to make an online income, bigger than you can imagine. I’ve written an entire review on it and have referred hundreds of satisfied individuals to them.. You should give it a try!

Your potential success, will be massive. That’s all I’ll say on that :)

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns relating to this PayRipo review, please leave them below, or even any questions on Wealthy Affiliate, I’d be more than happy to answer them for you.

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