Pennies 4 Profits Scam Review – Only.. $1,299 per year!

By | December 1, 2014
Pennies 4 Profits
Increased to $1,299 per year.
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 pennies 4 profits scam review

What Is Pennies 4 Profits?

pennies 4 profits - Google Search 2014-12-02 16-16-42When I first landed on this website called Pennies 4 Profits, I became somewhat intrigued by the company name.. So I started to look into this company as I began to see what all the fuss was about with this company. The title “Pennies 4 Profits” can be a bit deceiving.

Eventually I would come to realize that not only the title was misleading, but its entire company. I would also soon come to learn that many people and consumers had been ripped off by Pennies 4 Profits.

In this review we’ll take a look into more of what Pennies 4 Profits offers and whether their services can be trusted!


What Does Pennies 4 Profits Offer?

Just like many other of the latest online companies today, Pennies 4 Profits decided to serve within the Lead Generation biz.

If you haven’t noticed, this has become a highly and widely demanded service.

Not only by online marketers or people looking to make a pretty penny online, but just as much with your everyday insurance rep, your real estate broker, and essentially anyone servicing within the direct sales biz who would usually find themselves entitled into joining an opportunity such as “Pennies 4 Profits.”

Hence, because of this hugely growing demand of finding everyday consumer leads for individual salesmen and women, whether working online or offline, I found it could be helpful if I helped others by offering my own personal insight into this particular company.


Is Pennies 4 Profits a Scam?

Excellent question, and we’ll be finding the answer to that shortly! First lets find out more about the company.

Pennies 4 Profits essentially offers leads for .01 cent each and offers you a bulk of 100 every 24 hours!pennies 4 profits scam?

“If I were to come across this opportunity before joining Wealthy Affiliate, I would have immediately told myself that this looks AWESOME! Leads for 1 cent imagine all the amazing things I could do with this information, only to end up finding myself throwing more and more money away at completely and totally useless opportunities.”

Lead generation services like Pennies 4 Profits presently offer you “real” people you can contact. By joining this opportunity you get access to people’s highly private information that include:

– First & Last Names.

– E-mail Address.

– I.P. Address. 

Hence, by obtaining this information obviously you can already think of a hundred different ways of going about using this information for your own monetary advantage.

However, before going any further into Pennies 4 Profits, I have a personal question I’d like to ask..

Exactly, how many times have you personally opened and purchased a product or service from a random e-mail?

Pennies4Profits Offers Non-Targeted, Undisclosed Leads!

The chances that anyone of these leads might even be remotely interested in your offer ( while also taking into account with the hope that they are also real), will even open your e-mail, and consider your offer, is ridiculously slim.

pennies 4 profits is a scam

Nonetheless, Pennies 4 Profits is offering a fairly horrendous offer if I must say so bluntly, by not only covering up wherever it is they are attaining their leads from, but by offering you completely non-targeted leads.

Therefore, for all we know these leads could be complete trash!

They could be completely made-up e-mails!

They could be information using children, who the heck knows?! 

Nevertheless, it is more than fair to say that Pennies 4 Profits is a scam, without question. Especially without full disclosure on where their information is coming from is literally begging for a lawsuit claim to happen!

It’s almost hard for me to believe a company such as Pennies 4 Profits would go so far in telling its consumers that for ONLY $1,299 per year, you can get 100 leads every 24 hours. Essentially the amount of these leads supposedly are supposed to add up to only .01 cent each.

Hence, you can see the value of these leads are almost entirely worthless!

Pennies 4 Profits Refunds & Guarantees

As for the company policy, you are entitled to a refund that is only good up to 24-hours after your purchase!

What good is that?

This takes away your ability to even try out the product. Hence, once you hand over any of your hard-earned money, don’t bet on the chances of you getting it back. EVEN if it is within the 24-hour period. Furthermore, if you take a deeper look into their F.A.Q section you’ll see there is barely any quality or reliable information offered. In addition, the simply fact Pennies 4 Profits allows you to use your leads in whatever manner you wish, spells out S-C-A-M!


Well imagine, if Pennies 4 Profits is so wreckless with their own policies, it’s easy to think all of this has been created and done for selfish monetary gain.

Think about how they’ll go about handling your own “support tickets,” if they even have any real support that is, if that is how they’ll allow you in treating others.

What this shows to me is that the way they’ve come to treat an opportunity of their own creation will not differ in the way they treat its own lead consumers and buyers.

Pennies 4 Profits Overview

Verdict: SCAM!

verdict- MLM scam

Overall Rank: 0/100

Pennies 4 Profits Alternative:

A More Reliable Lead Generation Method!

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