Penny Stock Egghead Review – Does It Work As Claimed?

By | July 24, 2015

Name: Penny Stock EggheadPenny Stock Egghead Review


Owner: Nathan Gold

Price: $97

Rank: 10/100 – Scam

What Is It?

Penny Stock Egghead by Nathan Gold is a product attempting to teach you how to make money with penny stocks. By joining this product you get weekly alerts of Nathan Gold’s own picks on what he thinks will turn out to be a profitable penny stock. I’ve seen a few penny stock products released recently like Net Penny Stocks, Penny Stock Sniper , and Penny Stock Prophet among others.

As you can see, I personally have taken the time to look into these products to see if they were at all viable and if there is any money to be made. But, I kept on seeing a recurring theme through out these products. One of them being the much over-exaggerated income claim.

In this case, Nathan Gold makes the statement “Retire a multi-millionaire starting with $1,000.” While it is true, you can earn money with penny stocks, you’ll need a large starting capital and the willingness to take on plenty of risk. In addition, there are many well-known flaws when it comes to penny stocks.

How Much Is It?

Penny Stock Egghead is offered at $97.Penny Stock Egghead Review

For this price you get unlimited access to Nathan Gold’s “one trade-a-week” penny stock pick.

You also get an instantly downloadable quick start guide on how to trade penny stocks, which can supposedly be done in only a few quick steps and very easily.

How It Works?

When joining Nathan Gold’s Penny Stock Egghead, you’ll be automatically alerted of one of his favored penny stock picks each week. These penny stocks are usually very small companies you’ve probably never heard of. You’ll need to decide whether you want to go forward and purchase his penny stock pick, which usually cost under $5 a share and it’s always a good idea to still do some research yourself beforehand.

It’s very hard to believe that Nathan Gold can continually pick highly profitable penny stock trades, and is even more irritating to see that the steps involved consist of nothing more than making more and more money.

The Penny Stock Egghead Review


He doesn’t exactly explain why the stocks he pick supposedly work and instead seems to simply hype up the earnings. He also doesn’t go into detail that penny stock trading is a really a high risk strategy. While yes it can work if done intelligently, Nathan fails to tell us that we are also risking all the money we place on these stocks. Ironically enough, if Nathan Gold was really so good at picking out penny stocks, then he’d really have no reason to release this product in the first place.

Nevertheless, much information is withheld from us as well.

Being successful with penny stocks takes a lot more than merely picking out the “right” stock, but you really need to know when to buy them and sell them. For this reason alone, I find the distant communication between the consumer and Nathan Gold makes this a much more difficult endeavor. The support is slim to none so betting your money on a simple penny stock that Nathan Gold says you should invest in, is not enough.

The mere claim that this is an opportunity in which you can begin earning 10% to 100% profit on cheap stocks in a short amount of time is far from the genuine truth. I have only heard of one person who was actually able to grow his penny stock portfolio from $1,500 to $1 million and that alone took him 3 years to accomplish. Not to mention, he would spend a minimum of 50 hours every week in front of the computer researching each and every company and getting a better understanding of when to sell. The SEC also warns that “investors in penny stocks must be prepared for the possibility that they may lose their entire investment.”

CNN also mentions that penny stocks are notorious for being a pump-and-dump scheme, which is when scams buy shares only to promote it as the next hot thing in blogs and e-mails. This raises the price of the penny stock, artificially allowing scammers to sell their shares while leaving investors with nothing more than a dramatically lowered share price. And that is another thing to watch out for as I’ve personally witnessed Penny Stock Prophet promote these types of penny stocks.

Penny Stock Egghead Review

I believe Penny Stock Egghead to be nothing more than a penny stock scam and they are definitely not the first. More and more are being released online because they are just so easy to exploit to consumers and investors.

You can tell from the home page alone that the process mentions nothing more than continually doubling your investment. It doesn’t explain the actual science behind trading penny stocks, but that all you need to do is take Nathan Gold’s advice. Maybe this would be legitimate if Nathan Gold offered more than a simple e-mail telling you which penny stock to invest in. Maybe if he made himself available to communicate with on a daily basis Penny Stock Egghead might be a little bit more believable.

But I think that the product is really nothing more than the attempt to lure you out of your $97. The lack of teaching you actual lessons and strategies of how he goes about picking penny stocks really just solidifies the evidence that Penny Stock Egghead is a scam. I think that there is no better way making money online legitimately. But as we already know, that is much easier said than done, which is why I recommend checking out My #1 Recommendation to making money online. You can check out my full review here and if you have any questions, comments or concerns, relating this Penny Stock Egghead Scam Review, do leave them for me below!

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