Penny Stock Prophet Review: Does It Work?

By | July 5, 2015

Name: Penny Stock ProphetPenny Stock Prophet Review


Price: $47 Lifetime Membership

Rank: Scam

What Is It?

Penny Stock Prophet is an online marketing system that claims to help you turn pennies into millions by investing in small penny stocks. The claim here is that penny stocks are a low-risk, high profitable investment that can be used to your advantage.

One of the main issues however, is the products failing attempt in telling you the risks. This lack of information transparency is proof that many companies are now taking advantage of penny stocks and exploiting it as a method in which people can make money.

From products like “Penny Stock Sniper,” to “Net Penny Stocks,” these products have gone as far to claim that this can offer you your own personal ATM machine.

In this review we’re going to find out how legitimate these claims actually are to make a better conclusion of whether or not Penny Stock Prophet is a scam, or not.

How Much Is It?

In terms of online marketing systems, Penny Stock Prophet isn’t as outrageously priced as others I’ve seen. Not only do they abstain from using an associated monthly cost, but make sure your only paying a one-time $47 lifetime membership fee.

While this may sound promising, a lot of the hype shown on its homepage can make just about anyone abstain from using Penny Stock Prophet.

What’s a Penny Stock?

A lot of people will actually look at Penny Stock Prophet and see it to be a potentially attractive marketing system only because of the claims. But one thing, you may or may not know is what a penny stock actually is.

This is important because penny stocks have become an increasingly associated stigma with online scams.

Penny stocks are in-fact losing leverage and popularity because they make an easy target for scamming consumers. The first and most misleading piece of information here is despite being called “penny stocks,” penny stock investments actually hold up to a $5 threshold. In addition, because of this lower cost, tend to carry higher risks.

What Makes Penny Stock Prophet Risky?

#1 – Lack of available information to public – This is one of the most important pieces of information when looking at any penny stock. In regards to Penny Stock Prophet, they claim to make all the informed decisions for you by looking at past trends. But with such lack of information, it’s nearly impossible to tell which penny stock is going to perform well and which isn’t. For this reason alone, the company hypes up a lot of the testimonials and information simply to lure you in.

#2 – No history of the stock – Most penny stocks are actually created either because a company is newly formed, or going on the verge of bankruptcy. As a result, it’s almost always one or the other, causing there to be very poor records or none at all.

#3 – Low liquidity – One of the most important aspects a stock trader needs when choosing a stock is determining its liquidity. Penny stocks are notorious to have some of the poorest liquidity on the market. So even if you pick a stock that’s doing well, you’re likely to have a hard time finding a buyer for that particular stock.

Penny Stock Prophet Red Flags

While penny stocks may have once had a bit of leverage in the investment market, that is no longer the case. The fact here is simple.. They have become increasingly associated with scams and because of this, I recommend staying far away from Penny Stock Prophet, and anything that even deals with penny stocks. According to various news websites there are now a wide variety of penny stock scams being used everyday.

#1. Biased Recommendations: This is a scam in which company owners and CEO’s will actually bribe online individuals to recommend and try and sell that particular stock. This in-turn results in spam mail attempting to push you into buying their stock. So even if you’re still thinking Penny Stock Prophet might be legit, take a look at one of these e-mail examples found in the system itself. It’s even more-likely that the owners of Penny Stock Prophets are leveraging these types of penny stocks to in-turn get paid by these companies.

Penny Stock Prophet Review

Penny Stock Prophet Review


#2. Offshore Brokers: This refers to companies selling the stocks overseas to brokers who in-turn sell them back to U.S. investors for a profit.

#3. Penny Stock Fallacy: This is the most pertinent of all and deals with scams that are based on this fallacy that just because a stock might be listed at 15 cents, a person can gain more profit. With a stock increasing by another 15 cents a person has essentially doubled their profit. What you must realize however, is this stock is just as easily to lose 15 cents on the dollar, and losing your investment.

Penny Stock Prophet Review

Penny Stock Prophets Overview

Simply stated, it’s impossible to predict the outcome of any penny stock investment. The associated stigmas and lack of indications like low liquidity and lack of public information has led to scams based off of the Penny Stock Fallacy and Biased Recommendations. This does not help the case of Penny Stock Prophets and is why you’ll rarely come across a regular stock investment opportunity built around nothing more than pure hype.

In this case, James Conley gives out weekly recommendations of his own penny stock recommendations. That’s like putting your money on a genie in a bottle or an eight ball telling you what to do. That is how trustworthy this system is and that is why this claim of turning pennies into millions is completely out of line and has no relevance to the truth. Last thing to consider is why a person like James Conley would actually give out recommendations if his claim to predict the future of these stocks are true. He could easily use them for himself and make millions, if it actually worked!

In my opinion, the red flags involved is plenty enough for me to shy away from Penny Stock Prophet. I hope you learned plenty in this review. If you want to find a reliable way of making money online without the high risk and scam signals involved, then take a look at . In the meantime, you’ll be better off staying away from placing bets on small penny stocks that can just as easily lose your money with all the inherent risks.

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