People Ad Choice Review: A Risk Versus Rewards Game

By | September 28, 2015

Name: PeopleAdChoicePeople Ad Choice Review: A Risk Versus Rewards Game


Type: HYIP/Revenue Sharing

Price: Ranging from $2 to $25 adpacks

Rank: 45/100 – Borderline legit..

What Is It?

People Ad Choice is a revenue sharing program that offers advertising services with an opportunity to earn some extra income. The company provides plenty of different payment options allowing you to qualify for their revenue sharing service.

Despite company claims, People Ad Choice is no different than every other HYIP on the market today. HYIP stands for High Yield Investment Program. That is exactly what this is and though you can make money with People Ad Choice, there’s a chance you could lose it too.

This took me some time to figure out after having joined my first HYIP. I really had no idea that what these products were doing were simply cycling all of the newer deposits to old members. As a result, most revenue sharing programs don’t tend to stay very long.

How Much Is It?

People Ad Choice Review: A Risk Versus Rewards GamePeople Ad Choice provides a ton of different adpacks. While other revenue sharing programs offer only one, you can actually start with as low as $2.

This is actually very beneficial in order to first test out the product and see how your earnings accumulate. I always recommend before joining any HYIP to start as small as possible and work from there. The average return on investment with People Ad Choice ranges from 120% to 130%.

How It All Works?

One thing you’ll come to learn with HYIP’s is the fact you need to invest large sums of money in order to receive anything substantial. If you take a look at the Elite Club for example, you would need to invest $25 just to receive $10 in exchange. But, this is only one reason I have swayed away from the use of HYIP’s.

There is nothing riskier than allowing another not very well-known company handle your money. I’ve seen a countless number of revenue sharing products come and go. While I’ve made my fair share of income with them, I’ve lost plenty as well. This is a risk versus rewards game. The company even states themselves that revenue sharing is simply an added benefit to their offered advertising services. You’ll even notice on top of the payment plans that they call it “Advertising Packages.”

People Ad Choice Review: A Risk Versus Rewards Game

What they’re really selling isn’t the opportunity to earn, but to advertise. This is what makes the company legal and not a straight up ponzi scheme as some might come to conclude.

PeopleAdChoice Compensation Plan – Average Earnings

One of the nice things I like about People Ad Choice and that you almost never see explained in any other revenue sharing program is the average earnings and what you can expect.

People Ad Choice Review: A Risk Versus Rewards Game

Let’s take a look at the Starter Pack Plan for example. In order to earn an average of $25 per day (this is very hypothetical by the way and can change anytime), you would need to have at least 250 starter ad packs. If we do the math, that is 250 starter packs x $2.50 = $625.

This means that in order for you to earn an average of $25 per day you would need to invest an upwards of $625.

If we move to the Bronze Level with an average earning level of $75 per day. Here is what you would need to reach that goal: (250 starter packs) x ($2.50) + (250 bronze packs) x ($4.00) = $1,625.

Therefore, in order for you to reach an average earning level of $75 per day, you’re total investment would need to be $1,625. And remember, none of this is guaranteed. The chances of People Ad Choice not sustaining is extremely high. There’s a huge chance that earnings could one day suddenly slow down or plummet, so as attractive as the compensation may sound, there is always a catch to this type of earning.

Why Is It Risky?

People Ad Choice is inherently risky because it’s so easy to lose out. Imagine one day you’ve invested plenty of money waiting to see your returns only to shutdown the next day or a week later. And because, you need to continually re-invest in order to keep on earning, it can be very hard to tell whether the company is still able to pay out funds or not.

In order for People Ad Choice to sustain, they need to continually grow their program. Without new members coming in, they have absolutely no funds to pay their members out with. HYIP’s work by a consistent cycle of taking the deposits of newer members in order to pay out the older ones.

So if you’re wondering whether People Ad Choice is a scam, one could definitely argue that. As of right now however, you can be comforted in the fact that the company is still paying out. I always recommend keeping on eye out for your earnings just in case there is a sharp decline or becomes volatile. In that case, quickly withdraw your funds and don’t look back!

Is It Worth It?

I used to believe that I could make a solid income with companies like People Ad Choice. For the most part, many of these companies do pay out on time (atleast in the beginning), but this is not always the case. But, is People Ad Choice really worth it? I wouldn’t say so. Imagine, that in order to earn an extra $.40 you would have to deposit $2. That’s not much of a return and requires plenty of startup capital in order to receive some kind of income worth noting.

On the other hand, profits can add up. But this can take a long, long time. During that duration anything can happen to the company. I can’t even tell you just how vulnerable these HYIP revenue sharing products are on an everyday basis. To me, the risk unquestionably weighs out any of the rewards. I’d therefore, recommend checking out a more reliable way of making an online income.


  • Plenty of payment packages to choose from.
  • Ability to advertise other services.
  • Low starting investment.
  • Shows you average daily earnings and what you can expect.


  • Revenue sharing is disguised by selling of advertisement.
  • Too risky – don’t always pay out.
  • Can end at anytime.
  • Low ROI.
  • Can take a while to accumulate earnings.

People Ad Choice Review – Is It a Scam?

For me, weighing out the pro’s does not justify this to be a product worth my time or investment. There are just too many disadvantages to this kind of earning. Unless I had a spare $1,000 laying around, then maybe I’d consider it.. Maybe. But after having experienced plenty of HYIP’s in my day, if there’s one thing I’ve come to learn, it’s to never put your complete trust in them. No matter how hard the owners might try to do their best to keep the program running, there are some things just not in their control.

Without new members and deposits constantly coming in, it will be impossible to achieve the types of earnings you’re looking for. For the most part though, most newly starting out HYIP’s tend to be able to payout without any problems. But as time goes on, the product can quickly wear out and that’s what you should be concerned about. I’m only telling you this to try to save you from making any major mistakes. Is $1,625 of your own pocket money worth an extra $75 per day? That’s up to you to decide.

But note this, that $75 per day is not only not guaranteed but more likely to go lower and lower. It is much more likely that you’re going to earn less over the long-term than more. Not only that, but invest that $1,625 at the wrong time, and you could lose it all and never see a dime coming back.

I prefer making money online through affiliate marketing. It’s been a great ride so far and if you’re looking to make money online, this might be the best option to get started with. Currently I’m earning well above a full-time income and would love for you to be able to do the same!

Feel free to leave me any comments, questions, or concerns below. I appreciate you stopping by this review and hope you’ve taken a lot from how revenue sharing products like People Ad Choice work. Thanks!

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