Pinterest Business Marketing Strategy

By | August 25, 2014

Pinterest Business Marketing Strategy & Statistics

Below you’ll find some important gathered extracted information dealing with pinterest. This is more of a post introduction to the tips listed below to help in gaining you more followers, traffic, and more sales.

Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest Analytics

Hence, I hope you find these staggering statistics, along with recent Pinterest growth helpful in your blogging journey!

As of January 31st, 2014, Pinterest studies believe that approximately 40 percent of total eCommerce traffic from social media now comes from Pinterest alone!

The average Pinterest user to date (August 26th, 2014) has at least an annual income of over $110,000, placing Pinterest in the lead as the first in the “social media rat race” when it comes to having the highest ROI (Return-On-Investment!).

(e.g., an excellent statistic & example for why online marketer’s should be heavily focusing much of their efforts in gradually building their Pinterest social accounts. Nonetheless, having become the fastest growing social media platform on the internet will give you a much bigger, better, and badder upper competitive advantage by joining now, and not later!).

It is the most profitable social media marketing platform online.

Ready for this..?

Over 75 million Pinterest users worldwide!  85% of whom are women, & yes women that LOVE to shop! :)


3 Quick & Easy Steps On How To Use Pinterest For Your Business Marketing Strategy

Pin It Button

Pin It Button


  1. Create 5 New Boards Per Day
  2. Pin 10 Images To Each Board
  3. Integrate All Pins with Your Twitter Account.


3 Pinterest Business Marketing Tips For Better Traffic

  • Add and/or Create The Best Possible Visual Images.

    Pinterest Mobile

    Pinterest Mobile

  • Add 10 New Followers Everyday.
  • Optimize Each Image and Pin With a Link that Follows Back to Your Website or Blog.

The Pinterest Audience Overview and What It Looks Like To Date

Pinterest Recipes Ecommerce

85% of all Pinterest users are women.

81% of all women on Pinterest, from the United States, trust Pinterest as a highly reliable source for commerce advice, recommendations, and information.

Pinterest is now the highest visual source online for social media platform to date, more so than Instagram, Flickr, etc. Pinterest is also now one of the highest and fastest growing platforms of all time in terms of social media! 

1 out of every 4 Fortune 100 Companies find daily utilization of Pinterest is to their advantage.

9 out of 10 specialty stores online from the U.S. now utilize Pinterest. From small starting businesses to large Fortune 100 companies!

This is why more online marketer’s must hop on to Pinterest! If this information doesn’t persuade you enough, than simply try utilizing the steps, tips, and advice above on a consistent basis, and see the traffic results at the very least!

But, what if I don’t have a website or blog? Well I’m not sure what to say in that case.. What I can do is provide you with this little life-changing tool.. Enjoy :)

I would love to hear some or any successful Pinterests from users. Even if you’ve just started using Pinterest for your business, it would be nice to hear how its helped you and your business grow.

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