Plugin Profit Sites Review: Scam Or Legit?

By | March 6, 2015

Name: Plug-In Profit SitesPlugin Profit Sites Scam Review


Owner: Stone Evans

Price: “Free” – with a hidden agenda!


What Is Plugin Profit Sites?

This is a product that has existed for quite awhile and has been operated by Stone Evans.

The following review will give you the inside scoop on Plugin Profit Site, and whether this is worth your time, or not.

The word out there has caused almost an even 50/50 split decision concerning Plugin Profit sites overall legitimacy.

However, after having tested the product I fully believe Plugin Profit Site to be just another ordinary scam.

Complete Free Turnkey Websites – How Pointless!

Whether or not you have heard of this term, “turnkey” basically stands for something that is already pre-built for you and essentially is suppose to work through complete automation.

Apparently that is what has caused all the latest hype and buzz which surrounds the growing use of Plug In Profit Sites.

The Way Plugin Profit Site Works:

In order to register with Plug In Profit Sites, you must be willing to join up to five other programs or products that have been recommended by Stone Evans himself.

The whole objective of this is by joining these five programs, you can build an income by utilizing your free turnkey website.

The Five Programs You Are Required To Join:

Below are the list of programs you are required to join upon registering with Stone Evans Plugin Profit Sites system.

One thing you may come to notice about these five programs is they all have one very big thing in common – they are all some of the biggest and most complete unethical MLM pyramid schemes.. including:

#1) G.V.O

#2) S.F.I – Strong Future International

Plug-In Profit Site Application

#3) List Hacking

Plug-In Profit Site Scam Review

#4) DubLi Network

#5) Domain Cost Club – D.C.C

Nevertheless, these five programs are not always set in stone, and tend to switch up every now and then with whatever popular MLM products which seem to be currently on the market.

For example, prior to these programs, you would have had to join:

#1 – Empower Network:

One of the most cold-hearted online marketing schemes today that charge repetitive $100 to $1,000 in marketing up-sells with very low earning potential.

Plug-In Profit Site Empower Network

#2 – DotComSecretsX:

Another one of the largest and most popular online marketing schemes on the internet today!

#3 – Seven Minute Workout

#4 – M.A.Ps: My Advertising Pays

The most recent added program to the list!

Plug-In Profit Site Is a Scam!

So What Is The Point Of This All?

The reason I want to show you this is to help better explain to you Stone Evans and his ‘hidden agenda,’ when promoting Plugin Profit Sites.

These products you are supposed to register for all work as a ploy for Stone Evans scam product, Plug-In Profit Sites.

In-fact Plug-In Profit Sites, as you will see, has little to no value, and does not work whatsoever. In addition, many have wondered how choosing a domain works when attempting to choose a Plugin Profit Site domain, but the fact is, you aren’t picking a domain at all and are simply purchasing a completely replicated website that has been purchased by the thousands!!!

Whatever website you are attempting to use through Plug-In Profit Site will therefore, not be able to rank, gain any traffic, or make any sales, and because of this endless duplicated content which is literally being handed out for FREE to the masses of people out there, causes nothing but massive failure!!

One more thing you will come to learn after having used Plugin Profit sites is the essential necessity of having and creating your own unique content.

The simple and mere fact Plugin Profit Sites is attempting to offer something of unique value when it is really nothing but a schemish attempt at giving something away for free, just to profit off of you, makes the objective of it all so much worse.

There is no hope when using this product and literally calls out failure and an even greater potential in losing your own personal money!

Plugin Profit Sites Register Example:

-> $499 fee to join DubLi

-> $99 yearly fee to join Domain Cost Club

-> $44.95 monthly fee to join GVO resellers program

Plug In Profit Sites Overview


As you can see, every product you join when using Plugin Profit Sites is a mere attempt at not just obtaining personal information, but luring your interest into something that is free, just to pay up for another potentially interesting product.

This is possibly one of the biggest schemish attempts I have come to personally experience online and feel sorry to see people getting lured into this product.

I know that if I had to unconsciously go ahead and pay for even just one of these MLM pyramid schemes, how awful I’d feel afterward for being fooled into such a scam.

In regards to the actual Plugin Profit Site product itself, its also good to know that this ‘free’ product is not actually something you own whatsoever, that the product is also 100% useless, and you would be so much better off, simply creating a website on your own..

The ability to promote absolutely anything you want, in whichever manner you wish, is an amazing ability that can make you a wonderful income forever and ever!


To see how I’ve been doing it, click here, and learn all there is to know about legitimate affiliate marketing.. Chow! :)

Thanks for reading, and if you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please leave them down below.

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