Point and Click Profit Review: Is This A Scam?

By | December 11, 2014
Product: Point Click Profit
Owner: Amy Jensen
Price: $47 Including Upsells>
Website: pointandclickprofitcom

Is Point And Click Profit Scam Or Legit?

Any person who think you can earn money by simple point and click of a mouse think again!

Where does money come from?

It comes from providing valuable services and goods. If you believe Point and Click Profit can provide this for you, then you must read this review. Point Click and Profit is just another good old link posting scam.

Its entire business model is thus based upon the posting of online affiliate links all over the web.

This isn’t only a simply terrible method of going about making money and becoming successful, but is almost 100% inefficient. This is another tried and proven method by even some of the most successful and intelligent online marketers who know better.

So, why is Point and Click Profit attempting to provide an opportunity that it alone is unable to succeed with?

For one simple reason, which I’m sure you can guess..


Not just any money, but your money. Link posting nonetheless, has become a growing yet out-fading tactic in today’s world of online marketing scams. While the opportunity does delve into the affiliate marketing ring, it only does so by providing the most unethical means of doing business, possible!

Link Posting has therefore, become one of the simplest most inefficient ways of earning online as an affiliate. The method, being so entirely useless, is also unsurprisingly not allowed by the majority of affiliate networks and products out there. People who consistently attempt in using this rediculous method usually not only get banned by the networks and programs themselves, but whatever forums, discussions, or communities they try and provide this selfish kind of act.

Answer – Point And Click Profit Is A Scam!

It is a scam that continues to take peoples money providing no value whatsoever in return. Their service furthermore, charges online marketers usually around $47. Those who simply enter their information into their capture page should stand-by for some agressive marketing strategies to lure you in, in whatever way possible.

This goes all the way to include constant e-mail spamming, leaving voicemail messages on your phone, and simply never leaving you alone!

Point Click Profit Upsells?

Yes, those are included as well.

For an additional cost, Point Click Profit will attempt in providing you even more worthless training while providing the most exaggerated claims of your ability in making an upwards of thousands of dollars per week, even days!

This is how Point and Click Profit lures so many new online marketers into their program and opportunity. Unfortunately I have not heard of a single user, not just in the Point and Click Profit program, but in any Link Posting affiliated program earn even a single cent!

Hence, users have trouble simply trying to break-even from the deadly monthly costs charged by such programs. In addition, most of these Link Posting products are so desperate to attaining new users they go as far as placement of false trademark links, logos, and sponsors, many times resulting in rightful lawful legal action.

One latest example is Home Profit Web.

As a result of their excessive use and false identification behind the “real” person and owner, caused the company to immediately shut-down. Unfortunately, another seemingly and very highly related product had taken its place, a company known as Home Income Profits.

Nevertheless, all three of these products seemingly have all the same traits in common. They also seem to cease to never stop and try to end their relentless acts of providing their scamming products. Its probably a simple result of having no clue as to how else to make money using the internet.

In my opinion, that’s no good of an excuse!

My Final Verdict Is Easy:

verdict- MLM scam

My Final Rank Is Also.. Easy:


Lastly, my final #1 recommended alternative to help you start earning a consistent online income is not only easy, but Awesome! :)

Thanks for reading.

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