Profit Accumulator Review – What’s The Risk?

By | July 15, 2015

Name: Profit Accumulator

Website: www.profitaccumulator.comprofit accumulator review

Owner: Sam Stoffel

Price: Free Trial; $17 Premium Monthly

Rank: 90/100 – Legit!

What Is It?

While Profit Accumulator is not our typical online marketing system, it is a system that can help make you money. However, there are most definitely a couple drawbacks involved. The first being that your income will completely depend on the amount of current offers being promoted and the second is that you need to be from the UK in order to make this work.

Unfortunately, because I was unable to register through the various betting websites I was unable to partake in any of the profits! But, that’s not to say I didn’t go into the system and take a deeper look at what Profit Accumulator is really all about. Let me say first off, that I was indeed very skeptical. But the support was amazing and Sam Stoffel seems to be a great and straight up guy.

How Much Is It?

Now here is one of the best things of all I love about Profit Accumulator. In our average or more typical online marketing system, we usually get pushed into purchasing a membership off the cuff much too often.

But in the case of Profit Accumulator, Sam Stoffel first starts off with not just an initial training.. But actually takes you step by step in helping you earn that first piece of profit! So it’s pretty amazing that one of your first tasks is rather to make a profit which you can then use to pay for your membership.

How It Works?

What everyone is wondering by now, is how Profit Accumulator actually works. People are earning up to $24,000 a year just by using Sam Scoffels strategy, known as matched betting. The reason the income here is so precise and still limited is because of the way it is done.

As stated, this method only works for those who live in the UK. That’s because sports betting is not only legal country wide, but is even considered to be tax-free! Nonetheless, Matched Betting is becoming a growing way for individuals to use gambling in their favor. So take note here, that this is not gambling. In fact you will know even before you place the bet, the amount of money you’re going to earn. While this might take away from the surprise most gamblers love about betting, this is a really great way of making an income.

The way it works in a gist is you sign-up for a betting website. These websites will sometimes tell you, “hey bet you first $5¬†and will give you $20 free to gamble on any sport you like.” So our first step would be to use our $5 and bet that away. That way we are now eligible to receive our $20 free for betting. We would then use that $20 to bet for and against a team.

It is much more complex than how I stated and there are definitely some con’s involved. But the important thing to know, is that matched betting works, and is legal! Sam Schoffel lists 100’s of new offers and bonuses on a daily basis and shows you all the steps needed to be taken. This is actually one of the fastest methods I’ve seen for anyone to begin making an online income and I’m fairly disappointed that this doesn’t work out for members outside the UK!

profit accumulator review

Inside the members area, you’ll see the only things you need to begin making money through matched betting. This includes Sam’s detailed instructions, the links you need to sign-up to, and a calculator to calculate the profit you’ll make from each bet beforehand. That’s the big plus and benefit of this all; you’ll know exactly what you make before making the bet. But here are some con’s you should be aware of before using Profit Accumulator:

#1. Information Overload – There is definitely more than enough information to keep you busy and studying how it works. Sometimes you’ll even question if and how it works at all. But it does and this is proven by the first training video where Sam actually takes you through your first offer, which makes you around $15 in minutes!

#2. Doesn’t Work Outside UK – Despite having over 15,000 members already, Profit Accumulator does not even accept memberships to those who live outside the UK. I even got a personal message from Sam Schoffel who told me they are unable to offer support outside the UK since it relies heavily on the area and matched betting being used there.

#3. Limited Income Potential – If there’s one thing for sure, the biggest downfall (though not much of a downfall at all) is the fact your income is very limited. Your income is dependent completely on the number of offers and bonuses being given and Sam Schoffel tells us the importance of the premium membership since he tells us we’ll easily be filling out over 100 offers a month. Also, by doing 2 to 3 offers a day, average income potential is around $1,500 to $2,000 (of course, that should be in pounds, not dollars!)

Profit Accumulator Overview

I’m actually a bit sad I couldn’t get more involved with matched betting given my location.. Who knows, maybe I’ll move to England for a bit just to try it out! If there is one thing to take away from this review, it is that Profit Accumulator works and has worked for 1,000’s of its members. I even made sure to check out some of the things being said in the Facebook group and I was highly impressed to see some members actually make $1,000 off their first bet. But of course, this really all depends upon your startup capital you have on hand.

For the most part, if you’re looking to make an extra couple hundred pounds a week through a really easy and straight-forward method, definitely don’t pass up Profit Accumulator. You are in good hands and will be welcomed into a really caring and helpful online community!

And why stop there..? We already know that the income potential here is limited. This was a barrier that I personally had some trouble overcoming when trying to make money online alone. It wasn’t when I came across Wealthy Affiliate where I realized that my income potential would now be limitless.

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2 thoughts on “Profit Accumulator Review – What’s The Risk?

  1. Antonio

    Hi Peter,

    Excellent Review!

    I live in Italy and I asked to Profit Accumulator support if I can use their services. They answered ‘Yes’, but I wouldn’t have support if anything goes wrong.

    As Bookmakers oftentimes sends some promotions to my email, so maybe it does work for people that live outside UK.

    Best Regards!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hey Antonio,

      That’s the same response I got as well from the support. Maybe it does work outside the U.S.. One thing I’d make sure of first however, is whether the actual betting sites will allow you to register because I know I couldn’t sign-up for some of them since I wasn’t in the UK. Best of luck with Profit Accumulator and feel free to come back and let us know about your experience!



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