Profit From Home System Review – Don’t Let It Deceive You!

By | May 23, 2016


Name: Profit From Home or PFHPFH System


Price: “Free” (minimum $250 deposit)

Type: Binary Trading

Rank: 0/100 – Scam



PFH System – What Is It & Can It Help You Earn?

That’s right, I ranked the PFH system a 0 out of 100 and for very good reason. Before I begin this review, please let me just tell you to not let this girl or the kind of promises they make deceive you in anyway.

PFH is nothing more than a fake binary trading “software” that they claim can potentially predict binary signals for you and make you money. These systems never seem to go old and with every passing day, a new binary trading system hits the market and the reason being that people who’ve never tried them before tend to buy into all the false claims that they are making.


It’s Not Really Free

The first indication and reason as to why we know that PFH system is not legit is by the fact they tell us the system is completely free. While it is free to setup, they deceive us by later on having us make a $250 minimum deposit.

That is how the PFH system profits off us. By referring us to a binary brokers account, they receive a percentage of our deposit as their commission. So regardless of whatever is truly behind our deposits, their main and only motive here is to get us to buy into the system and $250 isn’t cheap.


A Small Chat With Live Support

The thing that really caught me off-guard however, with the PFH system was the live support team. As I entered onto the site I was greeted through a small little window in the right hand corner.

pfh system review

                 Whoops.. Lol

Needless to say, while did I come off a bit rude at first, I did find this a good opportunity to chat with them and get some questions answered. The first question I asked was straight to the point.

PFH System Review

As you can tell however, the answers were very general. When I asked if it really worked, the only real information I got was “of course,” and “you don’t need any experience to use it.” But clearly that’s what any marketing scam would tell me. If it was legit, then they would have came across as that. They would have actually told me it was hard work and that it takes time, patience, and commitment. But these guys are just in it for their own pockets. Nothing more, nothing less. Out of curiosity I kept the conversation going anyway.

THE PROFIT FROM HOME SYSTEM 2016-05-23 16-11-57

I was actually kind of surprised that he told me I would have to invest. Many binary trading scams won’t even give you that much information until you’ve actually entered the system and are required to make the deposit then and there. But, when I asked if it was guaranteed that I would make back my $250, there was an immediate lie within his answer.

There it is again.. “of course.” The thing with binary trading is that as soon as you make that deposit and trade, that money is gone, forever. He clearly didn’t want to reveal this fact as he knew I would have left the PFH system right away. When I asked him how much money I could make with this, the only answer I got was “more you invest, more money you make.”


Confirming My Suspicions

Anyway that’s when I left the chat. I knew going in there that there was nothing legit or truthful to this system and I knew that the only motive here was to scam others into making a deposit. To confirm my suspicions, I actually searched for the broker they were involved with, which is called Opteck. I then made a quick Google search and found out more about Opteck’s affiliate program and CPA model, which looks a little something like this:

Opteck binary trading

Depending on whatever model PFH system decided to go with, they are getting a large sum of each individual deposit being made. So being lied to by their support team wasn’t very surprising and getting the vaguest of answers only gave me more reason to not believe the legitimacy of their claims. I’m not even sure how these guys can think of getting away with an answer along of the lines of there being no risk involved with binary trading.

Anyone who has been in the industry know that it is and always will be a 50/50 gamble and that no software in the world can change that. It’s the most volatile industry of trade and there’s a good reason why the trades go up and down in a matter of seconds. In other words, this is a completely unpredictable form of gambling that should have never been legalized in the first place. Agree to disagree, but that is just my own personal opinion.

Thanks for checking out my PFH System Scam Review and if you do decide to start trading, do yourself a favor, and don’t bother with the Profit From Home System. Thanks guys!


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