Review On ProfitClickings HYIP Scam

By | January 26, 2015

Product: Profit Clicking (Now known as “Ad Click Express”)profitclicking scam review
Owner: Frederick Maan
Website: profitclickingcom ->
Type: HYIP
Rank: Scam – 0/100

What Is Profit Clicking – AdClickXpress?

Profit Clicking was a product developed by a guy known as Frederick Maan back sometime around 2012.

It started out as a High Yield Investment Programme, and eventually ended up disguising itself by a change of company name and trademark – now known as AdClickXpress.

About (Profit Clicking) Scam:

If you check out the website, one thing you’ll immediately notice is the “NEW! The ACX Guarantee!” This was developed as a result of the previous scam and the awful owner, Frederick Maan who’s known to have stolen millions of dollars from online consumers.

On the left side of the website, you’ll also be able to see “Latest Signups.” This is merely used to try and re-gain and prove its legitimacy, when in-fact the majority of consumer boards today are showing one complaint after the next of people having been previously scammed and unable to withdraw any money out of their Profit Clicking & AdClickXpress accounts.

One big question you might be asking yourself though, is what is going on?! This doesn’t look like any HYIP type program. I’m just looking for some website traffic! Let’s see what they’ve done..

A Change Of Game Plan?

One more thing you’ll notice, the biggest and most significant difference of all, is the actual product being offered – that is they no longer are offering an HYIP (High Yield Investment Product), better yet known as a Ponzi Scheme.

And have in-fact simply replaced this in order to target a different online user crowd, now selling “quality visitors and traffic” to your website.

Question now being, can you truly trust them?

I wouldn’t, not in a million years. Nor should you. They even offer to give your website a so-called “boost” by getting your first 600 free visitors. One thing I found out about this was the product uses actual “traffic bots” to come visit your website and leave.

Almost like using any random traffic exchange service except it’s not actual people coming and/or visiting your site. They are pre-set bots who come to your website for an average amount of time and immediately leave.

They are therefore, entirely useless and more-so is the kind of traffic that is more likely going to hurt your website in the long-run more than help it, while working to increase your bounce rate to an all-time high! & AdClickXpress Overview – What Now!

As you can tell this company and product is nothing but a complete scam. Given the reputation and the man behind this product, you shouldn’t let them lure you in. And if you’re truly having a bit of trouble getting traffic to your website, you should definitely take a visit to my all-time #1 recommendation.

I’ve written an entirely thorough review on them here and unlike AdClickXpress or Profit Clicking, will not have to worry nor look over your shoulder about having to get scammed!

2 thoughts on “Review On ProfitClickings HYIP Scam

  1. Jeremy Zimdars

    I 100% agree with your assessment of ACX. It is a scam. I think it’s only a matter of time until it is changes its name again.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Thanks for agreeing Jeremy and you’re right, kind of crazy to see all the changes Ad Click Express has gone through. Most HYIPs tend to change their name or re-brand their company as a result of being associated as a scam in the past.


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