Profits25 HYIP Review: Scam Or Legit?

By | March 31, 2015

Name: Profits25

Website: www.profits25.comPROFITS 25 Review: Scam Or Legit?

Type: HYIP/Revenue Sharing

Price: 25 Pounds

Rank: 28/100

What Is It?

Profits25 is a fairly new revenue sharing program online that seems to be growing pretty fast. The reason why it’s named Profits25 is because it will cost you 25 Pounds to get started. In this brief, but detailed Profits25 review, I’d like to cover some of its main features, benefits, disadvantages, and overall legitimacy. I’ll then be ending this with my number one favorite online product, which you can feel free to read about.

How Profits25 Works?

Profits25 uses a very popular revenue sharing model, which requires you to invest money up-front, in order to see a return in profit. Despite the questionability of this online marketing model, it has remained to put individual men and women in profit.

The major concern however with Profits25 really deals with its overall sustainability. Thus, investing your money into Profits25’s offered AdPacks can be considered somewhat of a ‘risky’ venture, and should be handled with care, and great consideration.

To see and read over reviews of highly similar HYIP revenue sharing products, feel free to take a look at:

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These are just a couple, among many others, but are known to have shut-down previously as a result of being unable to make its proper payment withdrawals to a large number of consumers.

Furthermore, Profits25 is no different, despite what you may believe. Profits25 uses advertising coupons, starting at 25 Pounds each. To be considered and eligible for its profit-sharing module, you will need to purchase a minimum of 2 advertising coupons.

The more coupons you purchase, the higher your income potential, and the greater the financial risk.

These advertising coupons are then redeemed on a weekly basis. To ensure your coupons make you money, you must make a certain number of clicks every week. It works as the follows:

Up to 30 CouponsMust make 10 weekly clicks.

From 31 to 100 CouponsMust make 20 weekly clicks.

More than 100 CouponsMust make 30 weekly clicks.

Revenue Sharing Concept

The main reason for making those clicks, are not because they make you money, as the Profits25 company claims. Instead, they are the primary product offered by Profits25. Because selling AdPacks without an actual ‘product’ or ‘service’ is illegal and considered to be a ponzi-scheme, Profits25 uses Advertising as its main selling product.

This allows the company to sneak in revenue sharing, as an “extra benefit” to the actually sold service, that is advertising.

Therefore, products like Profits25, are legally able to shut-down at any moment and take your money. This has happened to myself a number of times over the years. AdhitProfits by Charles Scoville for example, created a really awful program, where each AdPack would cost around $50. Many individuals would show-off their income proof, and claim outrageous earnings, only for the company to shut-down in the end, without a single moments notice.

Revenue Sharing Risk!

Unfortunately, this was out of Charles Scoville’s hands, and couldn’t do anything about it.

As a result, hundreds of thousands of people lost hundreds, and even thousands of invested dollars into the program. Now the reason this occurs, is because at some point, the number of Adpacks sold will eventually decline, without the proper number of members.

When the number currently sold goes below, number of active AdPacks sold, profits will drastically decline, without any money to pay out to members.

Online Advertising Agency?

Therefore, Profits25 uses this term “online advertising agency,” as a complete front as to what its main intentions are. Personally I believe there should be some kind of law, rule, or regulation around this idea.

Individuals should be held responsible for opening and hiding a secret Ponzi-scheme, no matter their intentions. Ultimately, they’re the ones who usually end up leaving the company and program in enormous profits, with the majority of members at a dead-end.

Even worse is the fact Profits25 holds great inherent risk, which it does not even mention.

Profits25 Support

Furthermore, Profits25 does show its contact information right on its homepage, and every page thereafter. While this is good news and gives the company bit of a more reliable feel to it, it doesn’t change the fact that individuals may eventually lose more money in the end.

Profits25 Overview

So does Profits25 allow for a potential way to make money online? Yes, it sure does.

But, are the risks inherent? Indeed.

If you could find a more reliable and legitimate solution to making an online income, would you do it? I hope so!

Anyway, I was in a bit of my own dilemma with these HYIP products. At the time I didn’t know of their overall legitimacy, and the fact many had turned out to be scams, with bad intentions. Moreover, I didn’t realize while the profits in the start were good, things would get rocky down the road.

That’s when I knew without a doubt, I needed a more legitimate, reliable, and sustainable way of making an online income. That’s when I came across Wealthy Affiliate – My #1 recommended product! Unlike HYIP’s, Wealthy Affiliate has put thousands of various members into profit, and given them a full-time work from home job.

Click here to read more on my in-depth review and to get started!

Thank you for reading this scam review, and if you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please leave them below.

3 thoughts on “Profits25 HYIP Review: Scam Or Legit?

  1. Stefan D.Freiburghaus

    I have contacted Profits 25 regarding my Credit Card, have not received any answer. They haven’t even received my message and my brother has the same problem, no answer from Profits 25. Have we really fallen for yet another scam?

    1. Amy

      dear stefan, what’s the fact with profits 25? I’m a chinese member of profits 25, they don’t answer my emails, I have ordered the bank card since last september, it’s more than one year till now, but there is no news till now, how is things going on with you? did they answer to you ? did you get your card?

  2. Otto Erni

    Hi, please have a close look at made in Switzerland

    We work together, we are transparent at all times and we are also there, wherever you need us. This will remain the case in future too; we are banking on it – with innovative software, the highest transparency and our Ref Share program, at our site in Switzerland.

    We are not an anonymous Company!
    We have not registered the domain name anonymous!
    We have not hosted the domain name on an anonymous server!

    Unless other company’s which have the Address in Malta ore no name Host somewhere in the Far East! This page hosted on a Swiss server and you will find us personal under our address.


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