Project Breakthrough By Vick Will Only Break The Bank

By | March 16, 2016

Name: Project Breakthrough

Website: www.projectbreakthrough.comProject Breakthrough Scam Review

Type: Affiliate Marketing

Price: Free to Join or $297 per month + $177 upsells

Owners: Vick Strizheus & Jason Mcclain

Rank: 25/100 – Scam


What Is Project Breakthrough By Vick?

If there is one thing that Vick Strizheus excels at in this world, it’s his ability of being a really great salesman. But despite his success in the world of online marketing, his bad reputation still precedes him. Vick Strizheus is also the owner of High Traffic Academy 2.0, which was well-known for making a lot of individuals lose a ton of money.

The problem with HTA was that it promised to deliver a whole lot more than it could. For example, their strategies for making money online were all based around PPC marketing, which is all well and fine.

But the problem lied in the fact that the cost of these PPC methods (which could get you clicks for extremely low prices), were never fully disclosed until you hit that training module. As a result, people were spending an upwards of $1,000’s of dollars and not seeing much results.

In the case of Project Breakthrough, we can almost see this same thing happening. It first teases you with this free membership, only to be followed by a VIP membership, which will cost you $297 per month, not to mention the many upsells that confront you later on in the sales funnel.


Project Breakthrough Upsells:

#1. The Marketing Roundtable – $177

Project Breakthrough Upsells

                                    “No Thanks!”

#2. Core Traffic Training – $177

#3. PPC Mastery – $177

#4. E-mail Marketing 101 – $177

#5. Re-targeting with AdRoll – $177

#6. SEO Traffic 101 – $177

#7. Funnel Mastery – $177

#8. Video Marketing 101 – $177

#9. Content Marketing 101 – $177

#10. RLSA With Google Adwords – $177


Now there are a few things to observe here. The first is the fact that a lot of these upsells are again, dealing with what we saw in High Traffic Academy – PPC marketing. As a result, we might question as to why Vick would want to open a whole new project even though a lot of it is being dedicated to PPC.

We could even make the inference here that due to the similarity in PPC training and its focus on re-targeting campaigns, that Vick only opened up Project Breakthrough as a result of the bad rep High Traffic Academy had begun to face over-time.

The last thing to mention in regards to these upsells is the large number of them – 10 upsells that are all worth $177. One might wonder whether this is all just a marketing ploy. In addition, we have to ask how many of these upsells are actually worth that much money? $177 just to get a bit of information on a subject you can most-likely find anywhere else online? It seems like a big rip-off to me and the other thing we need to understand here is how incredibly tactful Vick is when selling his products.

You can first notice this after registering for your free Project Breakthrough account. We are immediately confronted by two guys who are just hyping up this system like crazy and making guarantees and promises that are clearly non-suggestive of their income disclaimer down below.


Project Breakthrough Training Courses:

  • Day 1 – How To Build An Online Business

    Project Breakthrough Training

               Only 14?? Still Not Sold..

  • Day 2 – Understanding Online Marketing
  • Day 3 – The Quickest Way To Profit
  • Day 4 – Custom Campaign Blueprint
  • Day 5 – Secrets to an Effective Landing Page
  • Day 6 – Custom Funnel Creation
  • Day 7 – Building a Custom Video
  • Day 8 – Connecting The Dots
  • Day 9 – Pre-Flight Checklist
  • Day 10 – Traffic “Lowest Hanging Fruit”
  • Day 11 – Activating Your Passive Income Stream
  • Day 12 – Becoming a Facebook Champion
  • Day 13 – Leveraging OPP & OPL
  • Day 14 – Reveal & Graduation

So here are the free courses you are given which all unlock after a certain time-period. Now I want to first point out here that creating an online marketing business or even making an income in 14 days is impossible, even though that is what’s clearly being promised here.

More importantly, I want to get into these strategies that are being used. First of all, there isn’t really anything wrong with them. Creating an effective landing page, funnel, and youtube videos can all work in your favor, but only when you already have an established business in place.

The problem here is once you have created a landing page, then what? Vick’s technique all relies on the use of pay per click marketing, which doesn’t only cost a load of money, but requires you’re consistently spending. More importantly, there is zero guarantee you will get any results in return. Now I agree, that one of the most important things to do is test out your campaigns.

But again, Vicks strategies will end up costing you much more than you can bargain for. And given the endless complaints with High Traffic Academy 2.0. I wouldn’t touch this product with a 10-foot pole. Vick Strizheus makes it seem like he has all the answers when it comes to online marketing.


Is Project Breakthrough Legit Or Scam?

He can make you feel as though his PPC methods are the correct route of making money and does a great job at instilling this fear of failure.. The locked videos are almost an example of making you feel like you have to purchase the VIP member in order to make money. But the reality is that his PPC methods is really only a viable method for online marketers like him who’ve made hundreds of thousands of dollars online.

This is not an effective strategy nor technique to be utilized by both beginning and even more advanced online marketers. As we can infer by the upsells alone, the product will cost you in the $1,000’s and the PPC methods are only going to push you into spending up to $5k per month, if not more. If you’re willing to spend and risk this type of money, then go for it. Otherwise, stay away from Vick Strizheus’ High Traffic Academy and Project Breakthrough for good. The only thing it’s likely do is break you wallet.

Thanks for checking out my Project Breakthrough Scam Review and I’ll be more than interested to see what your thoughts and opinions are on this product in the comments below.

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