Project Payday Scams Review: All Hype, and No Fun!

By | December 6, 2014


My Project Payday Scams Review

Now I’m not sure what you initially expected while landing on my website, whether it be me trying to lure you in for the mere promotion of this lousy product, or long list of complaints to hold back your inner urge from signing up, here’s what you can expect:

#1 – Why I don’t think Project Payday is a worthwhile opportunity for you, nor anyone for that matter.

#2- Learning how the Project Payday sign-up/registration works.

#3- What you may expect to earn as a Project Payday Member.

Last but not least, my own personal recommendation as an alternative to this product. That way, you won’t be left hanging in the dark not knowing whether you should jump to another random off-course opportunity, or one that is much more legitimate and respectable in nature.

While my conclusion of Project Payday will always remain the way it is, I believe ultimately your confidence of trust in me and my many reviews will help you better understand as to why I prefer sacrificing my time in order to persuade you from joining a wrongful opportunity, into what a much greater recommendation.

In Short, Is Project Payday a Scam?

The answer, no.

But, are the terms, the process of getting involved, and compensation guarantees and promises misleading, devious, and nothing more than hype by default.


The Biggeset Thing I Dislike About Project Payday:

The registration process. And for any starting online marketing newbie, it is nothing but a destruction to one’s hope for those looking to create a full-time income online.

Even though Project Payday may not be as bad a scam as plenty of other MLM opportunities out there, it still receives more attention, more hype, and more misleading and false information all around the internet. The reason being, a sole result of using C.P.A earning tactics to get you into signing up for “free.”

Let me inform you however, in order to attain the necessary credits to join Project Paydays online opportunity, you may have already been finding yourself running around in circles attempting to figure out which survey, trial, or offer to complete. So while Project Payday may claim that registration is simple, free, and easy, it really is not.

Especially when you find yourself pulling out a credit card to pay for something you know you’re likely to cancel within the next 7-days. Even then, the whole unsureness involved in attaining your credits just causes for a more misinformed and less confident view on Project Payday.

After all, why pay money, in order to make money?

That would be essentially O.K., if the opportunity provided more than it truly does. But the fact is, the training, is not only proved as pointless, but highly unnecessary.

As a Project Payday member, you’ll find yourself similar to a beggar in a street attempting to scrape a few pennies and dollars off the internet.

As far as more legitimate online opportunities go, one should never be misconceived by the whole registration process, ultimately making you pay for an opportunity, one could honestly if researched right, could be much better at executing on one’s own, and for free.

How You Make Money as a Project Payday Member..

Through unethical means.

In-fact after speaking to most past project payday members who completely regret the decision in the first place, claim that their time was highly wasted on the consistent placing of advertisements all around the internet. And though Project Payday will make it seem so much easier than it really is given their immensely poor tactics and techniques, it doesn’t stop the producers of the company from creating falsely, highly-misleading video’s and advertisements on its very own website.

Project Payday is the kind of opportunity that a high-majority of online marketing newbs will make their first run in to. Given the immense difficulty in offering a C.P.A driven opportunity to such people will thus prove to be not long-lasting.

How Project Payday Works – In Summary:

#1 – Member signs-up through a capture page of a previous Payday Project Member Referral.

#2- The referrer gets paid a portion of money from the trial or product registration paid by you.

#3- As a new Project Payday member, you must utilize the same given capture pages, and tools to merely got others in joining the Project Payday “Scam.”

As a result, Project Payday while should not be officially titled as a scam per say, should not be recommended by any means. If it were to be recommended, it would be highly pointless to more advanced marketers since they already know and have knowledge on the utilization of C.P.A techniques.

C.P.A, the acronym for Cost-Per-Action is indeed an excellent and highly-legitimate method of making online income. Reason being its simply an offering made by the advertiser, in most cases, companies with big budgets and money to spend. Hence, when you’re on you’re mobile phone, or you see a pop-up survey when downloading say a completely free computer software for example, everytime a person registers, fills out a survey submit, etc. that individual/company makes money from the advertiser.

As a result of high conversion rates, advertisers pay a fair amount of money to the individual advertising the Cost-Per-Action offer. This is essentially what Project Payday takes advantage of… that is by creating a so-called “online marketing opportunity” platform by using this same type of earning opportunity one could and should technically do on his or her own.

Nevertheless, if Project Payday were to offer you a flat registration fee for joining, both the BBB (though not very trustworthy..) and online community as a whole, would easily be able to title the opportunity as a scam.

However, it’s the result of how the Project Payday “Scam” has offered its opportunity by means of a kind of “merry-go-round,” Cost-Per-Action opportunity, the company still seems to thrive upon everyday new online marketing newbies.

I once was in a very similar situation…

Only it was for a different company who’s taken on the same form with a different title, better known as  “Instant Payday Network.” Today, it seems as though more and more of these companies are growing and taking advantage of everyone they can to earn as much automated income as possible. While that’s not a terrible thing, it is when you’re offering nothing but lies, deceit, and false guarantees to thousands of people on a very daily basis.

Apologies if this seemed confusing…


My Project Payday Scam Review Overview


Not Legit/Not Recommended.

Overall Rank:


In the simplest terms, my advice would be to stay as far away as you can from Project Payday Scams, and as many other too much hyped-up products like these. They usually turn out to be nothing but just… HYPE!



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