Pros and Cons Of Using Pinterest Traffic (100,000+ visitors in 1.5 months)

By | January 9, 2017

Using Pinterest For Traffic

If you didn’t know, Pinterest is a huge and amazing platform for bloggers that can give you a ton of traffic, when used right. Getting involved with Pinterest is a lot of work, but by posting the right kind of content, your work can pay off dividends.

Within 1.5 months of using Pinterest, I received nearly 100,000 visitors to one site. As amazing of an achievement as this was, there were drawbacks to using this social media platform as a way of attracting traffic as well.

For example, there are a few key statistics you’ll notice about Pinterest traffic that makes it less valuable, in my opinion, than organic traffic. Even though it takes a lot longer to achieve and sustain that organic traffic to your site, you’ll still find that traffic is a lot more targeted.


Here are some important bullet points I found when using Pinterest traffic.

#1. Bounce rates are high – Overall bounce rate on my site would range anywhere from 70 to 90%, which could be seen as an indication that traffic here is less targeted. People on Pinterest love to read content from other bloggers out of curiousity and interest. While individuals do search for topics on Pinterest, I found that most traffic coming to my site was from my images ranking highly on the newsfeed.

#2. 80% Of Traffic Was Mobile – This statistic astounded me on a number of levels. Over 3/4 of the traffic visiting my site was with a mobile device. This made more sense as to why the bounce rate was so high as well. 12% of total traffic was with a tablet device and only 8% of total traffic was with a desktop.


Pinterest Traffic/Analytics


What This Means?

This means that using Pinterest as a source of traffic requires very proper planning and strategy. Using Pinterest without any real direction for your site or some kind of end goal for your visitors probably won’t translate into any real success.

Because the majority of these users are on a mobile device, it means your content needs to be attention grabbing because chances are, they’re just taking a quick peek to see what your site is all about.

This means every piece of content on your site needs to be engaging on all levels. Minimizing the number of ads offered on your site is also a good idea. As a Pinterest blogger, you’ll also want to invest in some sort of newsletter, so those visits don’t go to waste and so you can engage with visitors on a more personal basis.

While Pinterest is an amazing traffic strategy for bloggers and a great way to get their content out there, it’s very important you plan everything from step A to Z. This means that the better you plan your site ahead and the kind of content on and categories of your site, the better off you’ll be. Equally as important is you need to know exactly how you want to monetize your site and not waiting until visitors start coming to your site!

Other Pinterest Traffic Statistics

#1. Traffic can fluctuate a lot – The fact traffic can fluctuate so much from one week to another worried me. As someone who makes a living as a blogger, it can be worrisome to see that one week you could get over 8.0k visitors a day to my site, followed by only 1.5k visitors the next. More importantly is the fact that this traffic required constant maintenance and posting of images.

#2. Traffic needs constant maintenance – One thing I found when using Pinterest is the ramifications of not posting new images onto the social media channel for a week. Even one week without posting a bunch of new images on Pinterest had some consequences for my own traffic. I should also note that all Pinterest traffic is greatly dependent on the engagement of your images. While one week I would find that each one of my 5 images performed amazingly, all my new images the next week would barely maintain 100 shares. In order to get 100,000 individuals in Pinterest traffic, you need images to go viral. That is the only way to receive substantial amounts of Pinterest traffic and the way to do this is by having a highly engaging Pinterest profile.

#3. Followers don’t have much influence on Pinterest traffic – This is actually more of a benefit than anything because the good news is you do not need a lot of followers on Pinterest to get large amounts of traffic. With only 2,000 followers, I was able to achieve over 100,000 visitors in traffic to my site in one month. While my overall following count was low, my Pinterest traffic was high due to creating images that got shared over and over again.

Pros Of Pinterest Traffic:

  • Lot of potential traffic.
  • Requires less posting than SEO, but more image creation.
  • Grows organically.
  • Time-frame to receive traffic can be short, when done correctly.

Cons Of Pinterest Traffic:

  • Lots of mobile traffic.
  • Only 8% desktop traffic.
  • Higher bounce rates – traffic also less targeted.
  • Traffic requires constant maintenance.
  • Traffic fluctuates more than with SEO.
  • Traffic is fully dependent on the engagement of your pins.


Is Pinterest a Smart Traffic Strategy?

Yes. Pinterest is most-definitely a smart traffic strategy, but is also one that requires so much work, planning, and creativity. Even if and when your site does reach that 100,000 monthly visitors milestone, things still need to be constantly maintained from there. Creating images that are highly engaging on a very daily basis is not the easiest of tasks.

You need to constantly plan on the topics for your following images with the associated blog posts, which should be of high-quality, since Pinterest takes the content of the actual blog post into account as well. It’s easy to say that Pinterest is more than a one-man or woman job. There is so much that goes into having a successful Pinterest strategy and while many, have been able to achieve this, others struggle just trying to get their first share of traffic to their site.

Lastly, it’s important you account for the fact that over 80% of these users could result in mobile traffic, with the smallest percent being on desktop. This is due to the highly popular Pinterest app and the ease in being able to shuffle through images with your smartphone. So be prepared to face the fact that a lot of these users could leave upon first glance. But if you create topics people need and/or create curiosity, then you might have a chance at becoming the next Pinterest “pop-star”!

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