Prosperity Formula Review – Scam Warning!

By | November 4, 2014
Product: Prosperity Formula
Owner: Adam Whiting
Price: $25
Overall Rank: 1/100 

The Prosperity Formula = “Greatest Marketing System The World Has Ever Known!”

Prosperity Formula Review – Is It A Scam or Legit?

Prosperity Formula has been claiming since its 2012 inception the ability to create 6 and 7 figure incomes by becoming an online marketer.

Within the following review, we’ll be going over what Prosperity Formula is, along with an ultimate verdict of whether this product is truly legit or just another online marketing scam.

The limited number of fairly trustworthy online reviews on the subject pertaining to Prosperity Formula is so limited, that your ability to gain the actual truth and facts behind this product eventually becomes so irritating. I feel for you!

Especially on YouTube, where an increasing number of video’s including people who are personally vouching for this product, mostly as a result for personal gain, and not much else.

The Prosperity Formula Offers a Variety Of Tools:


  • Pre-written autoresponder e-mails for member use.
  • System allowing you to prospect your leads by use of an immediate call-back system.
  • Text messaging feature.
  • Ability to promote various products for a commission.

How To Join Prosperity Formula?


In order to join Prosperity Formula you must be heavily reliant and prepared to work with an actual MLM team. By joining Prosperity Formula you can also expect to be using this opportunity as a means to create your own MLM team of prospects and leads.

MLM the acronym for multi-level marketing also well-known for network marketing, is the basis to the various unique features involved with Prosperity Formula.

While many MLM companies seem to truly ease your mind in terms of financial success, the reality of the opportunity is extremely difficult. I have never been a fan of MLM nor how it works, and as a result of its pyramid-scheme type tactics and structure, in some ways find the overall networking opportunity to be completely immoral.

That is a result of the end means to the everyday common MLM goal, to heavily recruit others into the same exact opportunity.

By doing so, you feel as though you’re just beginning to gain this “superpower ability” in attracting more and more people into a truly struggling opportunity. The Prosperity Formula is an exact copy of the ultimate all-time Empower Network Scheme!

Ultimately, what the new user ends up paying for, is nothing but a potential opportunity that they may similarly provide to others. By use of the same old auto responding techniques, same old (different day) capture pages, and 2-hour long old youtube video’s created to continue playing to capture more prospects by offering and embedding into people’s minds nothing but a FAKE story and a dream!

There is Nothing Special Nor Unique About Prosperity Formula & Empower Network!


While many might tend to believe, even finally buy in, and get caught up with such opportunities at first-sight, most people within network marketing tend to continually work on their efforts for years until they gain some kind of leverage from the opportunity. Because it is so easy to start-up any MLM company, various experienced, smart, tactical network marketers around the world, tend to utilize such opportunity’s not as a means for the greater good, but for selfish gain.

The MLM Industry Vs. Affiliate Marketing?

The MLM industry has been providing thousands of everyday jobs, thus taking much of the attraction from affiliate marketing away, hence having become the ultimate cause and result of the well-known statistic that 99% of online marketer’s fail. That’s because the 1% are highly aware of the simple fact, that online marketing must be used as means for the greater good.

By helping others make good choices, offering true voices and insight, along with trustworthy product recommendations to help them in any situation, most-always results in amazing accomplishments.

Below is a comparison graph to help you make an ultimately life-changing decision. Whether or not you choose to continue sticking around for MLM schemes is up to you! But, within this review, you have an alternative choice to make.

One that will give you a better understanding as an affiliate marketer and how it can forever help you keep a distance away from these on-going, ruthlessly selfish schemes!

Prosperity Formula Overview & Verdict

As a result, an increasing number of people today are becoming more and more unaware of the extreme difference within these two types of opportunities. Nevertheless, Prosperity Formula does its best to stand out from the various MLM crowds that include companies like iPAS2, WakeUpNow, Empower Network, PureLeverage, and so many more to name, simply by including distinct mobile features.

Final Verdict: Scam!
Overall Rank: 1/100
(1 point for effort.. I guess”)

Product: Prosperity Formula
Owner: Adam Whiting
Price: $25
Overall Rank: 1/100
Category: Affiliate Marketing MLM Online Scams

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