Push Click Commissions Review: Too Much Hype?

By | December 13, 2015

Name: Push Click CommissionsPush Click Commissions Scam Review

Website: www.pushclickcommissions.com

Type: Affiliate Marketing

Price: $7.00

Rank: 65/100

What Is It?

Push Click Commissions might be a decent product for any internet marketer who doesn’t know a whole lot about online marketing. The product however, is very simple, basic, and is another one of those products promising you can “bank $60 to $80 a day” by the simple push of a button. This is nothing more than a wildly exaggerated claim.

However, the product does go into some detail on how money can be earned using affiliate networks like Clickbank and JVZoo, but the training is very simple and may or may not take you very far, depending on whether you take the right action.

What I Liked About It:

  • Fairly In-depth 24 step by step training series

The 24 step by step training series really does take the internet marketer by the hand. They start with the very basics covering traffic strategies and building up your list, among others.

By the end of the series you’ll learn what it takes to properly convert your visitors into buyers. They start by showing you how to find your offer off of Clickbank, Muncheye, or JVZoo.

They then go into telling you what the benefits are of creating a review video to post on Youtube are. You’re then led to the steps of creating a landing page, offering bonuses, and finally sending traffic to your list.

  • Use Of Case Studies To Back Up Their Training

Another thing I liked about Push Click Commissions was their use of case studies and how they used this to make a better example of what they were trying to teach in their training.

Push Click Commissions Review - Hype Or The Real Deal?

For example, they show you what a real landing page with an optimized embedded video on there looks like and how it can better convert your subscribers. They also show you how to implement your own bonuses, while making your landing page look more attractive.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Lacks Some Instructions

Some of the videos lack the detailed instructions needed to get on the right foot. For example, while they do show you a very effective process, they fail to tell you on how to exactly go about setting up your landing page. Sure, they do tell you that you need to properly optimize it with your Youtube video embedded within it, but how does one exactly go about setting that up?

Push Click Commissions Review - Hype Or The Real Deal?

  • A Lot Of Hype

One of my biggest disagreements with Push Click Commissions is how they try and sell this product. They tell you that the three steps are simple and only involved that you: “Plug in your simple ATM,” “Activate the ATM,” “Push Click and BAM Comes In The Commissions.” I actually think I had a laugh out loud moment here. But if you can look past all that, you may be able to get some quality information out of what the product is trying to teach you.

Who’s It For?

I feel that Push Click Commissions is really best suited for individuals who are ready to take action and don’t mind doing a bit of extra research. If you’re willing to go through the training and follow the exact steps, you could do somewhat well with the product. The only concern I have is for those who haven’t built up a list yet, or have no website in place.

For example, I found some of the traffic strategies to be on the lighter end, and it might be harder to attract more targeted and engaged traffic to your offers. If you’re willing to go the extra few steps however, and create video reviews daily on Clickbank and JVZoo products, you could make some nice commissions with this product. Nonetheless, I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, and you’ll definitely need the occasional help here and there.

Push Click Commissions Overview

Nonetheless, the product isn’t all that expensive. At a price of $7 it may or may not be worth it. When all is said and done however, there is nothing too unique about the Push Click Commissions and it’s definitely not a strategy that you can begin using to rake in commissions immediately. A lot of this information can be found elsewhere if researched correctly.

Also, the product does lack a bit of the necessary depth I found needed for any marketer to reach real success. Personally, I’m not the biggest fan when it comes to creating video reviews and find creating my own website is the better option for me. But it all depends on you and what your long-term goals are.



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