PVtraffic Definitely Has Potential!

By | November 4, 2015

Name: PVtrafficPVtraffic Review
Website: www.pvtraffic.com
Type: Advertising & Revenue Share
Price: $10 per adpack + addtl services
Rank: 60/100 – Borderline Legit

UPDATE: PVtraffic is a scam. Do not invest any money into its PTC or Revenue Sharing program. For a more reliable and effective revenue sharing program, check out Traffic Monsoon. Thanks for visiting this review and have a great day!

What Is It?

PVtraffic is an online marketing website that offers both an advertising and revenue sharing service. The way this works is pretty straight-forward. Consumers buy advertising and in-turn use this money to share among its members. Hence, the term “revenue sharing.”

It’s almost like hitting two birds with one stone in a way. You get to both promote your offers, while making a nice extra side income. That’s not to say this program is perfect by any means however.

In order to make good money with a product like PVtraffic, not only will you need to be consistently investing into its adpacks, but even risk losing your investment. Do the benefits justify the many disadvantages? Probably not.

However, some people are still able to manage a fairly solid income with these revenue sharing platforms. Ultimately, this is the risk versus reward kind of opportunity.

How Much Is It?

Unlike other revenue shares that offer one adpack after the next, PVtraffic offers you just one standard $10 adpack. This is a fair and reasonable price.. Not too cheap, and not enough to break your wallet.

However, each one of these adpacks qualifies you for just one position in the matrix. In-turn what you’ve earned through your investment is 5000 banner credits, 5000 text ad credits, 100 text links, and a potential $11.60 in return.

Now the best thing I like about PVtraffic is how straight forward and transparent they are with their information. Rather than attempting to hide the fact, PVtraffic comes right out and tells you that this $11.60 maturity is not guaranteed.

It’s simply there as kind of a bonus and all depends on how well the websites advertising is selling. If people aren’t coming in and buying anything, then there is simply nothing to share!

PVTraffic Advertising Service

PVTraffic basically offers the same kind of advertising services that you’d see with any other kind of revenue sharing product. These include banner ads, text ads, pay to click ads, and login ads.. It’s really nothing out of the ordinary and personally I don’t find them to be effective at all.

First reason being that everyone is there for the same reason as everybody else. That is to earn income on their adpacks. The second reason being that you’re really only advertising to the same members over and over, who don’t have much of an incentive to click on your ads besides the fact you’ll need to click on six ads a day to qualify for earnings.

In addition, individual members can purchase PTC advertisements and other fixed banner ads. But, there is really no reason to be doing this. If you’re going to advertise, you might as well earn while doing it by investing your money into its adpacks.

PVTraffic Compensation

One thing I didn’t find very attractive about PVTraffic was how low the rate of return was. While it may be beneficial to the program itself by allowing it to last longer than other rev sharing programs typically do, it’s not so great for the individual.

We’re looking at only a 113% return. To reiterate, that means your profiting only $1.60 for each $10 you spend. In other words, PVTraffic probably isn’t the right opportunity for those looking to earn big. On the other hand, you may be able to accumulate your profits overtime by constantly re-investing into its adpacks. But remember, there is no guarantee!

Another way to help speed up your earnings is through its referral compensation plan, allowing you to earn 10% in commissions. This means for every new adpack they purchase, you’ll be adding $1 to your account. Not a bad plan, but remember that if anything were to happen to this program all this work could literally go to waste.

What’s The Risk?

The risk with PVtraffic is and will always be there. The way money is attempting to be made is really somewhat out of the ordinary. Everyone is basically trying to get a share of each other’s money. For each adpack you purchase, you’re put into a line of people simply waiting to get paid out.

But the only profit coming in is simply through new member deposits.

Therefore, in order to keep sustaining and keep paying out this program needs to be working very hard to constantly get new members in. Without the proper growth, they simply won’t last and as a result, everyone will lose their investment.

While some will walk away in profit, others will walk away with a loss. This is exactly how revenue sharing works and it’s almost ironic to see that the only reason it is considered legal is due to the advertising service!


– Opportunity to earn online
– Opportunity to advertise online
– 10% Referral commission structure
– PayPal accepted


– Low return on investment (113%)
– Risky opportunity
– Advertising is ineffective
– Needs a large investment

PVtraffic Overview

So, is PVtraffic worth your time? It really depends, on both your preferences and the sustainability of the program. If you’re willing to invest a good portion of money and take the risk, you may walk away with some profit. Just remember that you’re really only getting $1.60 in exchange for the $10 you put up.

While it’s nice to see that they’re honest and transparent with the fact that nothing is guaranteed, it doesn’t change the fact that this is still a revenue sharing opportunity. The risk is and will always be there. If you’re joining PVtraffic simply for the advertising, I’m not sure it’s the best idea unless you really know what you’re doing.

Otherwise, take a look at some other more reputable and legitimate methods of making money. Overall I don’t believe that the pro’s outweigh the con’s, but maybe that’s just due to some of the past experiences I have personally had with these revenue sharing type programs!

Thanks for checking out this PVtraffic Review. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, feel free to leave them down below.

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2 thoughts on “PVtraffic Definitely Has Potential!

  1. Darkone

    I trusted PV traffic too at the beginning because it did look promising at first.But it is a scam now and when I have requested my payout I wasn’t paid even though they changed it to up to 15 days well guess what 15 days has already passed like a week or so ago.Nothing in my PM account till today.So yes PVtraffic is a scam and even their sister Lotraffic might be aswell.Same admin/owner running them both and if i’m right or correct this same owner have also run more ponzi PTC’s in the past.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Ohh that’s not a good sign. The simple fact they’ve extended the time to withdrawal means you should withdraw and get out of there as fast as possible. I was wondering why they opened up Lotraffic. Makes sense now. Thanks for the update Darkone and hopefully your withdrawal goes through. Sad to hear the number of people that will end up losing money from these guys. I’d recommend checking out Traffic Monsoon for a much more reliable PTC and revenue sharing program.


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