Quarterpaid MLM Review

By | September 7, 2014

Product Name: Quarterpaid MLM Review
Product Website: www.quarterpaid.com
Product Price: Free To Join; $20 per Adpack
Product Rank: 93/100

What’s Included? A huge variety of training and coaching tools; a back-office; great various earning opportunities; chance to build and sponsor your own downline and team for free.

What Is Quarterpaid?

Quarterpaid MLM is a growing online earning opportunity made up of several different methods to earn from. qp12After signing up with Quarterpaid in order to write a more thorough review, I was initially surprised with the number of tools and resources given to a persons disposal. In addition, before having joined Quarterpaid, never would I have expected to see the type of back-office offered upon immediate entrance, nor the many various ways a person can attain help and support.

Now I can’t exactly say I’m much of a sucker when it comes down to working with MLM companies, but must admit, that I’ve finally across the most uniquely formed MLM company I have yet to see online to date. Included below is a jist of what you can expect to see:


Building Your Quarterpaid Business

The first thing you’ll notice upon logging into the back-office is their “action plan document.”

The action plan resource explains to the user what to do to attain support. Essentially, Quarterpaid explains to the user that they are the potential backbone to an online user’s new business. Additionally, Quarterpaid comes right out telling you that they are indeed an MLM business, which is nice. The reason why I like that is it shows trust and honesty on behalf of the members.

Another thing I like about Quarterpaid is the fact the last-time I was introduced to Quarterpaid was maybe two to three days ago. Yet when I directly went to the website today by simply typing in the URL (Quarterpaid.com), I found that I was actually signed-up under the same sponsor I was first introduced to the company by, which made my registration more encouraging in regards to promotional efforts.


Quarterpaid MLM Review 

Quarterpaid MLM’s network seemingly differentiates itself from so many other online MLM’s out there by simply being truthful with the visitor and/or user. While many companies these days try extremely hard to cover up the fact they use MLM as a way of operating and offering commissions, Quarterpaid seems to have no problem in coming out and telling the user “hey we are an MLM company, if this isn’t for you, feel free to delete your account here. If this is for you, then please follow our action plan..”


Quarterpaid Not For You? No Problem!

Step #1 is being told to contact the sponsor you happened to sign-up under. Reason being that MLM’s work very effectively when a team, or sponsored downline is doing well. It allows for an opportunity to attaining passive and residual income, giving to the importance of how vital good training and coaching is to your users.


Quarterpaid Team Build Messaging (Integrated system with your Own Quarterpaid E-mail Address!)

Moreover, Quarterpaid’s back-office provides a multitude of opportunities, ways, and methods of getting your feet wet with online marketing to get you sponsoring people in an efficient and effective manner. As you begin to sponsor people, the more coaching you will ultimately want to give so that they give the opportunity a try and have you earning residual income through the consistent purchases made by your downline.


How Much To Earn From Quarterpaid’s Opportunity?

It seems that despite the fact many MLM opportunities provides itself upon the foundation of having to make an actual purchase of a product or service, that isn’t the case here with Quarterpaid. Nonetheless, if you go to the Quarterpaid FAQ you can first-handedly see that there is no cost to sign-up. However, in order to earn, you must purchase atleast one of their adpack opportunities. The great thing about this is the fact that even when you purchase an adpack you are essentially enjoined in Quarterpaids Profit-Sharing System.qp4

As hard as this may be to conceive by some people, the way it works is, by spending a minimum of $20, you will in return attain a profit-share back every 15 minutes of the day! The revenue comes from big advertising spenders, and online businesses who are looking to attain massive exposure to their businesses. Here’s an example below of the type of services offered.

With services up to $1,000, Quarterpaid effectively operates using this money to give back 120% ROI in overall earnings to your adpack share! Additionally, you can make a withdrawal at any given time. This is the first program of its kind I’ve seen to date, as it not only incorporates MLM, but even an automated profit-sharing matrix.



Moreover, even though they have certain services that can be bought to help a person begin making money as quickly as possible, such as their $20 adpacks in which a person attains a guaranteed ROI earning of 120%, it’s not a necessity when attempting to utilize your back-office.

For example, though I’ve signed-up and remained to be a free member, I decided to hold on upgrading to evaluate the back-office features. My conclusion shows that Quarterpaids training and tools though unable to earn from, are completely free to utilize. Therefore, Quarterpaid gives users the chance to set themselves up for success before having to spend a dime.

This is in regards to the MLM earning opportunity, and not so much the profit-sharing as that is more of an automated earning process, very similar to GlobalAdShare, or MyAdvertisingPays (two very excellent companies by the way!). Here is what the MLM sponsorship opportunity looks like within the back-office, allowing you to see visual real-time statistics:


Quarterpaid Downline Referals and Earnings

In addition, with this purchase, you are simultaneously upgrading your account allowing you to participate in their unique compensation plan, along with complete access to their product line along with additional tools also provided in the back office.

What you need to begin operating your Quarterpaid online business and payment processing?

Quarterpaid recommends each user to utilize Mozilla as the preferred network browser, as well as to keep cookies enabled, along with the latest version of Javascript.

In addition, a person is only allowed one account per user. If a person wishes to open and manage a family account however, you’ll be required to show some kind of proof that the account is being utilized by real people. I believe this is used simply to ward off any type of spam trying to infiltrate the system.

Due to the fact part of Quarterpaid’s compensation opportunity is MLM involved, they cannot utilize PayPal as a payment processor. I find this to be unfortunate to myself. Although, they do allow use of processors that include Solid Trust Pay, OK Pay, EGO pay, and Perfect Money.


Perfect Money Payment Processor


Egopay Payment Processor

Even though these are all very reliable payment processors, some of them may not be utilized in certain parts of the United States.

Nevertheless, Quarterpaid guarantees instantaneous payment anytime your account reaches a balance of just $1.00.


Minimum Quarterpaid $1 Withdrawal

The company also uses a real-time system, which I feel is good as it tends to ease the process for a user who wants to get paid as soon as possible, as shown below:


Quarterpaid Withdrawal System


Commissions can simply be made by referring and sponsoring others. In addition, as a sponsor you will also earn off of any referral or sponsor they refer into their system. I find this to be very comforting as not all the required efforts are consistently placed upon you, and instead allows for a wonderful way to gaining on-going commissions by simply sponsoring more and more people, and even more effectively, the right people, which is also all done at practically no cost.

This is indeed a surprise to myself, as a $20 upgrade can go a long way with this system, unlike many other MLM scams out there, that push you into payments of greater than $100 just to get training. In this case, not only can you register as a free member, and utilize practically every tool within the back-office, but are given access to upgrading simply whenever ready to begin earning a stream of consistent online sponsored commissions.

This comes to show that Quarterpaid gives you the opportunity, and chance, at trying out all their tools, support, and coaching system for free, and all that is required of you to earn is to upgrade once ready. Hence, I really like the opportunities complete ease of any pressure on the user, unlike 99% of all other MLM’s out there that will constantly be riding you just to gain an additional dollar from you!

Quartpaid Tool’s, Service’s, and Coaching..

The first thing you’ll witness within Quarterpaids Promotional Tool section within the back-office is the ease in being able to build your business and downline, through the use of the many offered promotional tools. One of Quarterpaid’s greatest training and tools lies within their external resources section providing an extremely extensive guide that can be freely utilized as a way for your Quarterpaid business to gain increasing exposure.


External Resources Training and Support

Quarterpaid provides an action plan, advertising banners, advertising scripts, an external resources section, and even a section called “Motivation,” to really help you get moving. Not only is everything explained in a very neat and concise manner, but the promotional tools offered alone are very simple to use and offer for highly-effective advertising.


List Of External Resources Training!

The significance of this is vital as it shows there to be a minimized necessity in their advertising campaign structure. Hence, the quarterpaid banners are made very simple, with easy to read text.

QuarterPaid - Same Day Earnings - Guaranteed!

What does this show?

It shows that the company does not require you to show yourself off as flashy to gain noticeability by your consumer, and that simple utilization of these tools is all that’s necessary to begin building the start of a new online business. In addition, not only do they provide e-mail marketing, training ,and tools, but also pre-written messages that can be used to send off to your e-mail lists!


Quarterpaid Autoresponder Tool




If you’re currently reading this, I’d like to let you in on affiliate-sale’s bonus offering that is truly second to none!

Despite the fact Quarterpaid’s tools are immensely extensive, almost beyond belief, not to mention free to use. I would like to send out in extending my own personal offer to you. This is what I call our “hitting two birds with one stone” offer! Reason being that my involvement and experience in online marketing will help to essentially bring my team and downline in quite the direction necessary. Moreover, in order to succeed as an online marketer, first thing’s first.

You need a website to build upon in order to much more effectively be able to sponsor others. By having your own website that you can focus your own review on, the more money you can make, not just from Quarterpaid, but from a whole variety of offers. Thus, you have the potential of witnessing plenty of oncoming commission from a variety of programs not just limited to one.

Additionally, affiliate-sale has been highly involved and incorporated with the #1 online training marketing platform to date, also known as Wealthy Affiliate. Usually, in most cases, you would be finding a catch, or string attached at this point. But because of this website’s long-term experience and ability to picking out and more effectively, differentiating the most effective online programs (usually the ones that are offered for free believe it or not!), instead of a catch, all we have is a large and easily conquerably opportunity to focus upon!

Furthermore, I’ve provided all the necessary information, resources, and tools to help you get started with us as soon as you like. You can sign-up for free, and at no cost, with both Quarterpaid and Wealthy Affiliate. The amount of training, resources, tools, and coaching will likely be beyong extensive especially if this is your very first-time working in online marketing. Regardless however, of your experience, it won’t matter so much, as you will have the best of the best, in regards to the everyday consistent mentorship given at your very disposal!

Moreover, affiliate-sale will more than gladly help you even getting your own web-based business on a wonderful head-start. Those who would like to take advantage, make sure to sign up now!! The longer you wait, the less success you may end be seeing. We hope to have you on-board and ready.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns at all, please leave it below, so that we may get back to you right away. Hope to hear from you soon, better yet see you on the other side!

And remember, keep an open-mind as the success you are going to witness with us will become more than a true reality in good due-time :)

Thanks for reading today’s post review on Quarterpaid! We hope you have an awesome day.



3 thoughts on “Quarterpaid MLM Review

  1. Sebastien

    Hello, I would like more information on Quarterpaid and want to join your team.

    How can I do this?

    Thank You

  2. Evelyn

    Hey Peter,

    I never heard of Quarterpaid. It’s nice to know that they don’t hide who they are. I’ve researched a lot of businesses calling themselves Affiliate businesses or anything but MLM. It’s funny when they tell you how their business works it’s an MLM business.

    Lot’s of people believe in MLM and support the business structure, so I don’t understand why companies tried to hide who they are. You gave a great and thorough review on Quaterpaid. Thanks for sharing this info.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Thank you Evelyn!

      This is my first time really hearing of them. I found that there was a huge lack of information online, so I made the decision to help support others by joining myself and finding out the truth.

      What I found, as shown up in the review, is that their honesty truly lured me in. The more I found, the more I became fascinated. Of course it will never live up to Wealthy Affiliate. In my opinion, nothing can ever really, unless MLM is what you’re best at. However, I found Quarterpaid to be an excellent potential income side-earner. Something I was not expecting.

      We’ll see how it goes though. If I am able to build a team, I will more than happily incorporate Wealthy Affiliate training with the income earning opportunities from Quarter Paid (and their MLM training). It’s always great to keep your options open, especially when both platforms are available at no cost!

      Thanks for your input Evelyn. Maybe you can join the team one day :)



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