Quest GPT Review – Do “Get Paid To” Sites Work Well?

By | December 2, 2016

Product: Quest GPTQuest GPT Review

Type: “Get Paid To”

Price: Free To Join

Rank: 45/100 – Not Recommended.


What Is Quest GPT?

With over 10,000 users to date and an appealing looking dashboard, Quest GPT almost looks like a viable way to begin earning money online. This site is similar to your average PTC in many ways, where you earn money for completing tasks and viewing advertisements.

A few things holding this site back however, include low earnings and the inclusion of a revenue sharing pay plan, which almost never works out in the end.

For individuals looking to make a bit of extra cash on the side, Quest GPT might be your answer. But it’s important to not set your expectations high. Despite having a good variety in the number of ways you can earn, most of these methods result in little earnings, while taking up a good amount of your time. There were a few aspects of this site that especially concerned me.


Advertising On Quest GPT

The first aspect I want to get into that I thought I’d like, but didn’t, was its advertising. The reason I didn’t find the advertising to be appealing by any means, was due to its highly inflated prices. Normally, advertising on a GPT or PTC website can be a smart thing to do when done correctly. But in the case of Quest GPT, these resulted in being some of the highest prices I’ve seen on any website of this kind.


Advertising Pricing:

#1. Paid To Click Ads

The first method involved with advertising on the site is by purchasing a paid to click ad. I found the pricing with these to be especially outrageous. There are four types of PTC ads that can be purchased – Micro (5 seconds), Mini (10 seconds), Standard (20 seconds), and Extended (30 seconds).

The amount of clicks you can buy range from 5,000 to 200,000 clicks. The cheapest is a micro ad at 500 clicks, which cost about $2.10. When compared to Clixsense, you can buy this same package for $1.10. More importantly, is the higher you go up, the much higher the costs go up. 200,000 clicks of an extended 30 second ad would cost $11,040!


#2. Fixed Ads

We can reassure ourselves that the advertising here is too expensive by looking at the Fixed Ads. A 1 day fixed ad costs $5, while it costs $1,400 to have a fixed ad on the site all year. In comparison to a PTC site like Cliquesteria, that only charges $.70 a day to have a fixed ad, we can see that the advertising prices on Quest GPT are far too expensive.


Ways to Earn With Quest GPT

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s go over the members area and potential earnings with Quest GPT. As usual, we see our typical methods of earning money. These include:

#1. Paid To Click Ads – Includes viewing a 10 or 60 second ad and earning up to $.03 per click.

#2. Traffic Exchange – A place to surf other websites in exchange for credits and promoting your own offers or sites.

#3. PTCWall – Consists of various offers you can complete that only pays between $.0001 and $.0005.

#4. ClixWall – Pays you to click ads, complete offers, and do tasks. I found many of these to be mostly spammy. An example of a ClixWall offer is completing a brief survey for the chance to enter in some kind of sweepstake.

#5. SuperRewards – A place to complete brief surveys, visit other sites, and watch videos in exchange for earnings.

#6. OfferToro – More tasks, offers, and surveys, many of which are done on your cell phone.

#7. Peanutlabs – Engaging with various brands and advertisers in exchange for Quest GPT coins.

#8. Wannads – Includes additional offers, surveys, and tasks to complete, mostly including games and surveys.

#9. MinuteStaff – Includes highly specific tasks like viewing other websites and answering questions related to that website or how you found it.

#10. SurveyWall –  Surveys from various research panels like Samplicious, Univox, and Research For Good.

#11. Paid To Signup Offers – Method that pays you to sign up for other peoples offers and promotions.


Revenue Share Wall

One of Quest GPT’s latest additions to the site is the inclusion of revenue shares for additional earnings. One adpack share on Quest GPT costs $5. This money is circulated among its members and receives $.10 upon its 60 day maturation period. When purchasing a revenue share, you get several things that allow you to use the various advertising portals on the site.

These Include:

500 PTC Credits

1 PTSU Credit

1000 Featured Ad Credits

1000 Banner Ad Credits

1000 Featured Link Credits

1 Login Ad Credits

10 Quest GPT Points


How I Feel About Quest GPT – Overview & Conclusion

I really do want to give Quest GPT credit for trying and giving other individuals the opportunity to earn a bit of extra cash. The problem with this is that many of these methods and techniques are not very effective. More importantly, they can really take up a lot of time out of your day.

In addition, I find that it’s also very important to stay away from some of the sly tactics that are kind of hidden on the site. Renting referrals for example, is never a good idea, nor does it ever end well. Many of the earning methods as well are very spammy as well.

Whether you’re using the PTCWall, ClixWall, or any other one of those methods, I think you’ll like come to find that the amount of effort put in for the exchanged earnings simply aren’t worth it, especially when they require that you disclose personal information you’d rather keep to yourself.

The addition of a revenue share is also something I’m not in favor of. Even though it’s much more basic on this site than in other revenue shares and HYIPs we tend to see, I don’t like the idea of paying money to try and earn more easily. The reason for that is it doesn’t always pan out and when it does, the earnings aren’t always as large as you might have hoped. Anyway that’s just my own opinion on Quest GPT and the reasons as to why I think you could do better.

Have any questions? Feel free to leave them in the comments down below!


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