Quick Tips For Improving SEO Content Strategy

By | August 3, 2014

What is SEO Content Strategy?

SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, is content that is specifically aimed and targeted towards the sole purpose and goal, of SEO Content Strategyattracting unique and highly-targeted traffic, also known as “search SERP traffic.”

Creating optimized content for specific keywords is a highly valuable skill and tool used these days, because of the mere fact that as more content is being created day after day, the increasing competition tends to ward out, older content and posts.

Hence, I have found it also extremely imperative, for any one who has been noticing a declining trend in the visibility of an older specific post or page, to go back and update some of the content. Additionally, it may be beneficial to re-research the specific keywords that are being used, and possibly changing or playing around with them, if necessary.

What is Keyword Phrase Optimization?

All it means is having the knowledge of knowing precisely where and how to utilize any of your targeted keywords within your written articles, in order to help maximize the content or articles traffic and ultimate visibility. Essentially, you’ll want to make sure to include your keywords somewhere within the first 100 characters of your post or page, as well as another one or two times, in the middle, and end of your article.

The first and most important place, if possible however, is including it within the title of your new created post or page, so that google see’s it quickly, and allows it to become indexed within the search engine for ultimate visibility.

In addition, as you create more content (pages and posts), for your website, you should get into the habit of interlinking content. What is content interlinking? Essentially it is a very simple SEO strategy, that will allow your website to become more quickly and easily indexed by Google, by simply using phrases within your page or post, to link out to your other articles.

In essence, what you’re doing, is creating a better structure and architected website, that allows search engines to make better sense of your website. To learn more on proper content interlinking, watch this video tutorial.

How Utilizing Media Improves SEO?

This is a great, and somewhat underutilized method of truly maximizing traffic, especially among your niche targeted competition. There is a much larger underutilization of video creation and embedding, in comparison to the amount of articles and content being created day after day. Nevertheless, using video as a way to drive traffic to your website or blog, will overtime, boost your overall SEO and rank.

Therefore, as an on-going affiliate, I find there being a much better competitive advantage, when trying to promote a particular product or service. When creating your video you should consider creating something short and concise, possibly showing your visitors a method in utilizing the promoted product or service.

Not only will this increase your overall visitor and user-engagement, but will even help with minor conflicts, such as how long your user tends to stay on your site, how many pages on average a user is visiting, which in affect, all have a part to play in the SEO game of great page and keyword ranking.

Lastly, we should never forget about utilizing images as well. Unbeknownst to not just simple everyday bloggers, but even to some of the most well-known trusted affiliate marketers within their niche, is understanding the power in a simple image on your page or post.

Hence, the main point being here, that an image alone, has the ability to become Search Engine Optimized, on its own! Therefore, as an affiliate marketer especially, you should get into the habit, and practice, of using at least one to three images for every post or page that you create.

Additionally, we are going to want to optimize these images for SEO purposes. So how does one go about doing so? Simple! When embedding your image, using the “Media” WordPress option, all you’ll want to do, is to make sure you create a Title tag, along with an image Alt Title tag, and you’re ready to go.

Happy content creating!

One last advice regarding SEO content strategy is to make sure you don’t over-utilize these techniques, and to perceive it more as a second-hand method or tool when writing out your content. What I mean by this, is not allowing certain keywords, or other SEO techniques, to turn out into some hap-hazardous ranking solution, while compromising the way you write to your everyday visitor.

Thus, it is easy to say that search engine optimization, has had a pro-founding affect on some of the ways people tend to write as of lately, since most-people are now wrongly focused on using their SEO content strategies as way to gain first page rankings, instead of better user and visitor engagement. This also tends to give affiliate marketer’s a reason or way out to provide less content than they should have to.

Therefore, be more focused on finding a consistent pace in writing out valuable, intriguing content, on an everyday basis, and you should gradually not have to worry over each and every ranking of your page or post. Naturally the more content you’re producing, the better chance you will have in gaining, and achieving long-term gains and solutions to any possible consequence when having a narrowly focused vision on page rank.

Thus, it is imperative to never allow your highly-targeted keywords to get in the way of your natural way of writing. If for example, you find a new long tailed “money-making” keyword that makes no sense whatsoever, and yet is being searched on google everyday, does not mean you should be using it as your new post page title.

Reason being the consequential hinderance in the value being provided to your end user or reader. The more you make sure that what you’re writing is making sense, the more it will lead to a greater deal in seeing and visualizing the gradual improvement with both visitor engagement, and hence, the ultimate online ranking of your page.

Yes, it is true that ranking your content may take some time to rank, but trust in the simple fact, that writing stuff that makes no sense whatsoever, will not be of help in the long-run; something every affiliate and online marketer should always be considering.

2 thoughts on “Quick Tips For Improving SEO Content Strategy

  1. Riaz Shah

    Great article Peter! I don;t really know much about SEO but I’ve been reading around and I find this really helpful in giving me those insights I need to boost my search engine rankings. Keep up the good work!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Thank you for the encouragement Riaz!

      I’ll continue to do my best in providing greater user value :)

      Appreciate the comment, thank you.


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