Rapid Mailer Review: Scam Or Legit?

By | March 28, 2015

Name: Rapid Mailer

Website: www.imscrapidmailer.comRapid Mailer Scam Review 2015

Price: $67 One-Time License Fee

Type: WordPress Plugin/E-mail Marketing

Rank: 90/100 – Legit!

This following review I’d like to go over a fairly growing and popular product called Rapid Mailer, offering a bundle of online marketing features, and with a very specific focus in e-mail marketing.

This product goes for just a one-time fee and cost of $67, but whether or not this will benefit you and your efforts, is the focal point of this review.

What Is It?

Rapid Mailer is kind of its own online marketing system that uses a unique system in allowing you to create your own ‘incredibly profitable’ campaigns. It uses many features, and though there are numerous products on the internet that offer the same primary feature, Rapid Mailer offers no monthly fee; something I personally believe, to be one of the biggest benefits of this product overall.

How It Works?

To begin using Rapid Mailer you’ll obviously need to pay the one-time $67 registration cost. From there you gain access to all of its features. Despite any potential upsells, the most critical necessity when using Rapid Mailer, is its permissible ease when giving you access to its e-mail marketing system. Therefore, Rapid Mailer was made with the intent of having a simple to use platform, and easy to use customer experience.

Rapid Mailer Features

Here are the all-inclusive Rapid Mailer features to look forward to:

Rapid Mailer Scam Review 2015

– Ability to build ‘huge lists.’

– Ability to create an unlimited number of e-mail marketing campaigns.

– Full stats & tracking features, all done in the click of a mouse.

– Integration directly with WordPress – Works as a plugin!

– Easy Lead importing.

– Ability to charge individuals just to get onto your mailing list – Can even be integrated with Paypal and 2Checkout, offering both one-time payments or even recurring payments.

– Ability to track campaigns right from your mobile phone.

– Easy E-mail Editor.

– Splitting members of your list into various groups.

– Ability to broadcast every one of your new blog posts to your subscribers.

– Ability to send 10,000 e-mails for just $1!

RapidMailer Vs. Typical Autoresponder

Furthermore, the reason I wanted to give you my personal take today on the features provided by RapidMailer vs. your everyday ordinary autoresponder (e.g. Aweber, Getresponse, Mailchimp), is not only the result of its extensive number of features, but equally important, is its pricing!

Most of todays autoresponding systems not only offer a monthly fee, but even charge extra on top of that for the higher number of people that are in your list.

Rapid Mailer truly simplifies this process, by both offering a one-time fee, as well as a sweet low-cost discount of $1 for every 10,000 e-mails.. Now that is a steal!

Even better, are its highly-exclusive features, that I believe look to be one of a kind, and much more technologically advanced, than say aweber, or getresponse. By using Rapid Mailer, you can easily integrate this into just about any online marketing tool, suite, or venture you’re in. Rapid Mailer makes it so easy and simple, you can make this apart of your everyday life, and daily activities, and as a result, is definitely not a product I would pass up in a million years, especially as an internet marketer.

Rapid Mailer Overview

This is a product every serious and legitimate affiliate or MLM internet marketer truly needs. Not only does this Rapid Mailer Scam Review 2015product make online marketing more simple, but a lot more fun, and because it does a great job at going the extra mile, will even make you want to get up, just to write your list a new e-mail.

What I love most, is all the awesome resources and tools it integrates with. Simply being able to send an e-mail where you can provide your own PayPal purchase button, really puts some kind of amazing leverage and powers into your business. Even the simple ability of integrating social media buttons into your e-mails with a click, is astounding, more or less.

Rapid Mailer is content re-purposing at its best!

At first I didn’t know what to think of this product, but after having done my research and giving this a try, I won’t ever go back to Aweber, or GetResponse. Not only am I saving a great deal of money, but have been able to leverage my marketing efforts as a whole! I’m sure you’d want to do the same, right?

Now What – #1 Recommendation!

Now, it is time to offer my #1 Recommended Product, to all my lovely online marketing newbies and beginners out there. I can still remember how it was when I first started, and to be totally honest, it wasn’t any fun. I was going through various dilemmas with information overload, not knowing where to start, nor how to start. One thing I remembered most though, was my need and desire for a proper step-by-step approach, but not just anything. Unlike the endless number of scams out there (that actually hindered my progress), I wanted something solid, and legitimate.. Meaning, Tried, Proven, & Tested (and nothing but that)!

That’s when I finally found Wealthy Affiliate standing at my feet, and unlike the many scams out there today, this product was in NO WAY, attempting to beg me to try them.. Oh no! Rather, I was feeling ready to jump the gun, and become a member as soon as I could. As a result, one-year later, and I am now doing some big and awesome things.. Like building up lists, creating niche-specific websites, and even creating my own unique content. This is boosting traffic and business as a whole, and I couldn’t be anymore proud of myself as a genuine and legitimate Wealthy Affiliate member! :)

6 thoughts on “Rapid Mailer Review: Scam Or Legit?

  1. Robert


    I have purchased this product. I’ve tested it with a hostgator VPS account and it works great. If you purchase this product take the free training videos that come with it. Profit Builder is another great wordpress theme within the same family line as this autoresponder. They update the software about 1-2 times a month and are always adding new functionality.

    We are getting ready to use next level email marketing strategies buy building multiple email lists. We love the features in this product. If you use this product in conjugation with some key articles you make your self really nice sales funnel giving you have your list build already.

    They also have a Gui interface that allows you the abilty to create custom fields such as radio buttons, list boxes and more. We highly recommend this product.

    Rob – The locksmith


    1. Peter G. Post author

      Thanks for your great comment and review on Rapid Mailer Robery. I think WP Profit Builder is another great handy tool for WordPress as well. It’s good to know that these guys are consistently updating their software for better functionality. Your website looks great by the way! :)

  2. jay

    Does it stay updated with all the WordPress and Windows continous updates? What about customer service?

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Jay, you may want to contact them and ask their support team just in case. But if I were to guess, I would definitely say yes since it is a plugin. Staying updated with Windows would be irrelevant since it’s something you would install right onto your WordPress dashboard. You can try using this link to get in touch with them – http://imsuccesscenter.com/customercare/ and you might also find other Q&A’s on there related to your question :)

  3. Truett Neathery

    I would like to get Rapid Mailer and use it as a stand-alone, as I only have one product to sell. What’s the best way of doing this??

    1. Peter G. Post author

      I believe it’s only available as a WordPress plugin Truett, so the best way would be to install Rapid Mailer right into your WordPress dashboard, if possible.


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