Real Translator Jobs Review: Scam Or Legit?

By | March 12, 2015

Name: Real Translator Jobs Scam!real translator jobs scam review

Website: www realtranslatorjobs com

Type: Freelancing

Price: $68 Fee

Rank: 12/100

Recently, I decided to review and investigate a very similar type of offered Clickbank product titled, Real Writing Jobs. The reason why I want to mention this is a result of using almost the same exact type of wording, graphics, guarantees, and promises.

Initially, I had stated in my review earlier that Real Writing Jobs could potentially provide for some legitimate freelancing work, and is a product that would work as a middleman between those that are hiring and those that are looking for work.

Now after having come across Real Translator Jobs it seems that the creators of this product is literally attempting to push out one product after another, for the sake of more profits!

This review will help you better decide in whether or not this is something you should consider or not, and will be followed by, an excellent number one alternative, to help you begin earning your own online income without having to put up with any online marketing scams.

So What Is Real Translator Jobs?

As stated initially, this is a freelancing company focused product working as a middleman between you being the freelance opportunist and the companies or individuals looking to hire you.

Essentially, Real Translator Jobs is looking to fill this gap between supply and demand of those able to fill that need requiring jobs of translation.. However, one of the biggest problems I personally see with this is that first of all, how many ‘data entry type’ jobs have you every worked for online..? And secondly, given todays amazing technology, how many online individuals would truly be looking to hire you to translate some words when they could simply use ‘Google Translate’ tool?

I have therefore, found Real Translator Jobs pretty much a desperate attempt on behalf of the company in charge, looking to make a nice shiny extra penny.

Another Problem/Drawback!

Not to mention, lets see what the next few drawbacks when using Real Translator jobs tend to be.

Not only does the company really focus on making such over-exaggerated claims of how much money you can earn by simply buying into this product, but additionally charges you a fee, just to join!

Price Of Joining Real Translator Jobs?

Question being, how come not charge you once you get the job, or simply take a commission off what you earn, rather than charging you this one-time hefty fee of joining?

I guess the answer is naturally simple, and is because for the most part, most individuals don’t ever manage to get a job with them in the first place or have a very hard time.

Thus, in order to join and take an even simple glance at Real Translator Jobs, you must be willing to pay $68 in advance!

Real Translator Jobs Support & Consumer Complaints

Furthermore, one especial found problem with this extremely useless product is the fact despite you having to pay a one-time membership fee to become apart of this potential opportunity, Real Translator Jobs literally offers you zero to no support!

What an outrageous piece of information we have right there.. I mean given all the money and resources and time you are spending, you can’t even get any support in exchange!

Hence, this immediately solidifies our proof, this company and product is all the more worthless, and literally probably works by getting some Craigslist Postings to use on their own website.

Personal Experience

Last but not least, in addition to your upfront payment, you will also need a minimum of three plus years experience when applying for work.. You must also be required to show proof and ID of you being a certified translator, before you can even begin searching for jobs.

Nevertheless, I would be completely understanding of Real Translator Jobs if they were to offer you some kind of work upon your immediate entry and registration with them.

However, they are only posting you translator jobs for you to apply to, many of which are simple one-time freelancing opportunities, that tend to be difficult in obtaining.

Real Translator Jobs Overview

To conclude this brief yet important review of Real Translator Jobs, I have found zero reason to join this opportunity, no matter how desperate you may seem in trying to earn your own income.

Instead, I have joined and found a much more legitimate, long-lasting, online income opportunity that would make so much more sense for you to join, allowing you to earn profit now and in the long-term!

For more information, please see my #1 recommendation.

Thank you for reading, have a wonderful day. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, feel free to leave one below :)

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