RealWritingJobs Scam Review- Does It Work Or Not!

By | March 1, 2015

Name: Real Writing Jobsrealwritingjobs scam review


Price: $34 One-Time Fee

Rank: 32/100

In this review of, you will learn whether or not this company can be of any benefit to you!

Whether you are an online freelancer, or just an average online user looking to earn an income, I believe this Review on Real Writing Jobs will be of help, in one way or the other.

Thus, if you find Real Writing Jobs to be not a good fit or not what you thought it was, you may look more into my recommended alternative!

What Is It?


Real Writing Jobs has become a fairly old, yet well-known product that’s been offered on Clickbank for almost the past five years now.

The reason for its tremendous growth is a result of Real Writing Jobs affiliate marketing opportunity.

Therefore, as a result of its continuous promotion by registered affiliates, these individuals are able to earn a passive online income.

The greatest questionability however, that has become involved with Real Writing Jobs concerns is its real and actual legitimacy.

Many new online marketing individuals, freelancers especially, are now wondering whether or not they also can make money with Real Writing Jobs while also wondering why in the world there is a membership fee to begin with!

realwritingjobs scam review

Becareful With RealWritingJobs com!

Nevertheless, the idea in question of whatever it is that Real Writing Jobs is offering, can both be concluded by an actual opportunity and service.

The service in question is provided by Real Writing Jobs as being the so-called middleman of online contractors and freelance writers, looking for work, or for a way to make money online.

Thus, it can be seen as a bit of a win-win situation as the company fulfills the void of the need for online writers and freelancers who are looking for legitimate work.

Real Writing Jobs Disadvantages & Con’s?

The biggest problem you will come to find with Real Writing Jobs will first be it’s much over-exaggerated hype and initial promise of the potential in making you nearly rich.

In my experience, that has not been nearly close to the case!

Real Writing Jobs at best will allow you to earn a few weekly minimum one-time wage jobs.

Claims of making hundreds of dollars are therefore false and make it almost a close call when it comes to considering this product as an online scam.

Some other problems with include:

#1 – Paying more for membership fee’s than your actual online earnings.

#2 – Getting weeded out by too much online competition, especially by minimized wages and earnings by the over-abundance of oversea workers.

Cost Of Joining & Is It Worth It?

In order to join, you are required to pay a one-time membership fee of $34.

Whether or not the opportunity may or may not be worth your time can be better answered by choosing to invest your own money and time and seeing how suitable it may be to your needs.

Thankfully, because it is a Clickbank offered product, there is a no question asked, 60 day money back guarantee. Hence, if you happen to find Real Writing Jobs to be a waste of time, or lacking the necessary amount of work, or even income, you can always get your membership fee back! Overviewrealwritingjobs real or scam?

So is Real Writing Jobs Real or a scam.. Not exactly a scam, not unless the company was to claim beforehand that you are guaranteed to make a living from home with them, because in all likelihood, that probably is not at all possible.

Whether or not you can potentially make a part-time income from, or even earn some extra pocket money is possible, but then again will also depend on where you are in the world, what your experience is like, and the type of jobs you may be able to match with.

Although, in my opinion, more experienced and advanced freelancers online would do better to avoid Real Writing Jobs altogether, and focus their time elsewhere such as here!

Therefore, if you’re still looking for an online income alternative, and are stuck as of where to start, and you even want to give it your best shot at writing your own content, then definitely give this free online affiliate marketing platform a try!

It is a state-of-the art all-in-one product for those looking to get started online on the right foot & I highly recommend it to you all.

Thanks for reading my Real Writing Jobs Review, and if you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please leave them below.

8 thoughts on “RealWritingJobs Scam Review- Does It Work Or Not!

  1. OnlineWritingExpert

    Many thanks for the honest reviews and saving me money, by not being caught in a scam for these so-called “real writing jobs”.

  2. Tim

    Hey Peter, this is a really awesome post, very helpful indeed. I don’t think I would put my money into this program, although it is possible to make some money with it. I feel I’m more likely to make a larger income from places like Wealthy Affiliate ;D
    I really like the contents thing you’ve put in to navigate to different parts of the article. Would you mind if I asked how you did this? I think it’s really cool, thanks!

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Hi Tim,

      Thanks for the compliment bro!

      I would never put my money into a product like RealWritingJobs either.

      I don’t think I have heard anyone making money from them and of course, as you already know, there is no better place online than to start earning with the very best – Wealthy Affiliate! :)

      P.S – The content plugin I use is called “Table Of Contents,” highly recommend it. If you need any help just hit me up on Wealthy Affiliate!


      1. Tim

        Thanks a lot! I’ll check out this plugin and maybe set it up on a few of my articles! :D

        1. Peter G. Post author

          Awesome man, I’m looking forward to it!

          Make sure to drop the URL link when you’re done, so everyone here can check it out :)

          1. Tim

            I’ve added the plugin and I’m very impressed with it. I love the smooth scrolling effect! Here is one of my posts with the contents table on.

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