Recyclix HYIP Review: Turning Waste Into Profit?

By | September 22, 2015

Name: RecyclixRecyclix Scam Review


Price: Varies

Type: HYIP – High Yield Investment Product

Rank: 40/100 – Not Recommended

What Is It?

Recyclix is a European based HYIP program that allows you to earn money based on the number of shares that you buy. Your earnings are directly correlated to how many adpacks or shares you have within the company and the speed in which your shares cycle.

While some may find this to be a bit odd, the company claims that what you are paying for are shares in the waste management business. They claim to provide cleanup services such as, forklifting, sorting, shredding, and washing.

Recyclix HYIP Review: Turning Waste Into Profit?

They even go as far to give you a quota on each of the cleanup processes and the number of total shares you can purchase. While you can in-fact earn on your investments made within Recyclix, it remains to be a risky venture. Some might even go as far to claiming Recyclix being nothing more than a front for what’s really going on.

How Much Is It?

If this is your very first time getting involved into an HYIP product, you probably already know how cycling works. If not, the way making money here works is not by any recycling or trash removal process. You are not in-fact buying any waste management processes or investing into anything other than adpacks.

These adpacks over at Recyclix not only vary in price, but in return, correlating with how much money you invest. Recyclix basically allows you to begin investing any where from as small as 1 pound to almost 100,000 pounds. However much money you have and are willing to spend, you can bet Recyclix will take it. And what they’ll try to do, is add that into a pool of reserved funds that go to older members who have purchased shares in the company, putting you next in line.

How It Works?

Getting started with Recyclix can be a bit confusing. But the basic premise of how this works is the more shares you purchase, the higher your ROI becomes. This works by first purchasing “shares of waste”, which has a maximum share amount set to $1,000 pounds.

Recyclix HYIP Review: Turning Waste Into Profit?

Let’s say we decide to invest the maximum in waste, leaving equipment units set at 0 pounds and set the number of cycles at 25. Cycles is how many times you’re going to let your investment run through the program. For example, you could leave that initial $1,000 investment to cycle over a longer period of time and withdraw more, or leave it in for a shorter amount of time, and withdraw more quickly. If you left it for only 1 cycle, this $1,000 investment should leave you with a 75% total return on investment and $140 in gross profit. Now if you let the program do this 24 more times, or 25 total cycles, you would make a 411% return and total profit of $3,336.

Recyclix HYIP Review: Turning Waste Into Profit?

Let’s say you were satisfied with your initial returns and the amount of time it took to get to that final number. Well if you wanted to invest more, than you would begin by investing into their “equipment units.” This allows you to purchase maximum shares worth $71,450 pounds in equipment and $27,000 pounds more in waste. By the end of the 50th cycle this purchase should give you close to a whole $1,000,000 pounds in returns.

Recyclix Disadvantages

You might be wondering by now, just how legitimate is this all. If making money is as easy in investing in a few shares and letting it sit there overtime to grow, everyone would be doing it, obviously. But the problem with products like Recyclix will always be there.

First and foremost, is how risky this is. Some might go ahead and say, well I tried this and it worked (they even paid me out on time!). Yeah, this time maybe, but who knows about the next. HYIP’s have always been a risky venture and that’s because they are so minimally regulated by our governments. Products like Recyclix come and go one after the next, so imagine after placing a big deposit, they just happen to go out of business. Well, they can and can do so leaving with your money in hand.

Secondly, the entire point to make it look like your really investing into waste management services is to make it look legitimate, and less like a possible ponzi scheme. But here is how it really works. Recyclix (like Profits25, LetsHaveCash, Automatic Mobile Cash, Traffic Monsoon, etc. etc.) open their doors, they start selling so called “company shares,” and then take the profits from the newest individuals and “cycle” that back to the older members. So the whole point of cycling, is really just waiting. If the company has an excellent growth rate, members are going to be paid out faster. But as the case is usually, you’ll probably end up wondering why everything is taking so long.

Last but not least, my biggest worry of all when it comes to HYIP’s is just wondering if I’m going to come out on top to begin with. It’s becoming harder to tell with all these new and innovative ways to show off a new company, or something that it really isn’t. You never know what’s going to happen and a million things can with these guys. One day you’ll be in business pondering over your near explosive earnings, only to see them shutdown a week later and everything that you’ve got.

When joining any HYIP, it’s always most important to make sure their paying out on time. If not, there’s a good argument that the company won’t be able to keep up with payouts much longer.

Other important cautionary advice is to start small and see where those earnings take you. Last of all, try to always withdraw your profits as soon as you can.

Recyclix Overview – Scam Or Legit?

Recyclix has become a big player in the HYIP industry as of late and I assume this is really due to offering a wide number of payment strategies. The fact they are offering hugely priced investment opportunities into the company points it into the direction of being an HYIP scheme. While it’s true you can make money with Recyclix, nothing is ever guaranteed in this scenario. I’ve tried my own hand with some reliable HYIP’s in the past only to see them shutdown completely in the end.

How they make money and go about doing it is unethical, hidden, and because of this carries plenty of risk. The toughest disadvantages of all though is simply not knowing how long a period of cycling will last (depending on the number of positions and money coming in). If there is no more money coming into the company, then basically this would mean the company is out of luck. To see a money making program and strategy that works, click here!

Thanks for reading this Recyclix HYIP Scam Review. If you’ve had any experiences with them or would like to share a comment or two, please do so below.

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8 thoughts on “Recyclix HYIP Review: Turning Waste Into Profit?

  1. Matteo

    Thank you, Peter, for this great post.
    That’s what I’ve been trying to explain for ages, but everybody keep saying “are you crazy? This is all legit! I saw their factory and their office, too! Shut up!”
    Hope they won’t get too disappointed when Recyclix will disappear in the shadows with all their money… :)

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Thanks for the comment Matteo. Great to see your vote of confidence and I do hope people learn the type of business really going on behind Recyclix.

  2. Irmnts

    I joined Recyclix of September last year. I’ve had only a 20 euro bonus, I recycled like 4 times, uploaded my id, and today got 21 euros to my bank.

  3. Jose

    I´m in Recyclix and it is December 30th, 2015 today. I didn´t invest just yet. All I did was use the 20 Euros bonus that they give for free when registering. I arrived in 3 months to duplicate those 20 Euros and when tried to withdraw, they said I needed to make a deposit first to check ID of the user. TIP: If you want to invest in them, use a virtual (temporary) debit card loaded with only the money you want to invest. Regards.


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