RevAdBurst Review – Can This Make You Money?

By | October 13, 2015

Name: RevAdBurstRevAdBurst Review - Scam Or Legit?


Type: Revenue Sharing

Price: Varies

Rank: 50/100 – Borderline Legit

What Is It?

RevAdBurst is one of the most popular HYIP revenue sharing products to hit the web. It was launched in October of 2015 and already has over 15,000 members. While this may be a positive sign in terms of growth and sustainability, doesn’t mean that there isn’t any risk in joining this opportunity.

Nonetheless, there are still some positive aspects I would like to cover featured within RevAdBurst. Besides its attractive homepage and astounding growth, RevAdBurst can help any individual make money for the first time on the internet. But I don’t want to mislead you into thinking that this is the perfect opportunity.

RevAdBurst is still a revenue sharing platform, and with that comes plenty of risk. However, the low starting payment plans can also make this a more suitable HYIP for any individual looking to get started.

How Much Is It?

RevAdBurst has advertisement packages starting at just $1 each and then doubles from there until it hits the $50 maximum. If you’ve never been involved with a revenue sharing platform, the more money you spend on adpacks the higher the return on investment usually becomes.RevAdBurst Review - Scam Or Legit?

For example, a $1 adpack has a 120% return on investment whereas a $50
adpack has a 150% return on investment. The reason for this increase is to not only help individuals get a higher profit in return, but so you also invest more money into the program.

The one thing I disagree with here is what you get for each purchased advertisement package. For example, while a $1 adpack gets you 10,000 advertisement credits, a $50 adpack gets you 1,000,000 advertisement credits. In general, I find advertising on any HYIP platform to be highly ineffective and wouldn’t invest into this program for this sole purpose.

How It Works?

The way RevAdBurst works is by simply investing into adpacks. For each adpack you purchase, you are then placed into a cycler where you wait in line to get paid out. The question is, where this money actually comes from. If you are investing say $50 into this program and are waiting to get back a 150% return or in other words $75, where does this extra $25 come from?RevAdBurst Review - Scam Or Legit?

Well, it comes from the cycling of newer member deposits to its older members in line. This process repeats itself continually until the adpacks expire. This is exactly why RevAdBurst can be considered the most risky opportunity of its kind on the internet.

It’s really a risk vs. rewards game, as it all depends on how many new members are coming in and whether or not new deposits are coming into the program. Without new member deposits, the program simply will not be able to sustain and inevitably shut down.

That is why you will find, one revenue ad sharing program after the next shut down completely. Have you noticed why there are SO many new revenue sharing products hitting the market? It’s because of this reason that so many simply don’t sustain and end up re-opening under a new name and product.

While RevAdBurst can you make money easily and fast, it can also cause you to lose your entire investment. I’ve experienced this too many times and as a result had to end up shifting away from using them too often.

What I Like About RevAdBurst?

  • How fast the program is growing – I like the fact RevAdBurst waited until it had a sufficient amount of members before opening up its doors and beginning the revenue sharing process. Unlike many products that pre-maturely opens its doors with only less than 1,000 total members, RevAdBurst waited until it had 15,000 members. As a result, they already have over $500,000 in new member deposits in just under a week.
  • Sustainability – It is clear that one of the programs main concerns here is long-term sustainability. It’s one of the first pieces of information that can be seen on its homepage and I like how they don’t try and hide this fact.
  • $1 Adpacks – This is clutch for the systems growth as it allows members to take the product for a test-run before making any heavy investments.
  • Current Interest Rate – This is my favorite aspect of RevAdBurst as it shows you what todays current interest rate is. It doesn’t promise you’re going to make a certain amount of money in a certain time period. Instead, according to the day’s member deposits the current interest rate is calculated.
  • 150% Return on Investment – This is possibly one of the highest interest rates I’ve seen thus far. Sometimes I’ll see returns hit up to 140% or so, but rarely have I ever seen a program incorporate a return rate of 150%. On the other hand, the 120% ROI for the $1 adpacks is extremely low!

What I Don’t Like About RevAdBurst?

  • Lacks Information – While they have a great website design in place, there really isn’t a whole lot of information to be found on the website itself and a lot of it seems very vague. In addition, I found the way they presented the information to be a little too confusing as well.
  • Too Risky – If you’re thinking there’s no risk joining RevAdBurst, think again. Yes, while you may be able to receive large payouts, when it comes down to it you could easily lose your investment as well. It all depends on when you join into the program and on the continuous growth of RevAdBurst.  In addition, there also remains the concern of having to trust the owners.. What’s their reputation like? Have they been known to prematurely shutdown other hyip’s in the past? Some ultimately may do so just for higher profits without any consequence to them in return.
  • It is still a revenue sharing product! – No matter what, RevAdBurst is still an HYIP and for that reason carries many risks. So if you’re looking for a reliable opportunity with a consistent income, RevAdBurst is not the one for you. This program will inevitably carry its ups and downs. One week, the interest rate may be very high only to be plummeted in the next. Point is, without growth RevAdBurst will not be able to sustain.

Thus, there must always be new member deposits in order for it to continue. In addition, I don’t like the way revenue sharing works in the first place. In this case, one person’s gain is simply another person’s loss. What’s being done here is the profit you make is being taken from a new members deposit. This is why it is called revenue sharing. It’s a product that attempts to share money with each other.. But as they say, money doesn’t grow on trees now, does it!

RevAdBurst Overview

Sorry I couldn’t give you a clear cut answer to just how legitimate RevAdBurst really is. Just with any HYIP, it is so hard to predict just how long the program is going to last. Needless to say, the fact it properly gives you information on the current interest rate and number of members and deposits coming into this program can be very beneficial to know where the program stands. If things tend to start slowing down you can make sure to withdraw any and all of your funds.

My biggest hope here is people don’t wrongfully lose their investments and unlike me at one point, are fully aware of what they are getting into. I also wish the website more clearly stated the risks involved. Last but not least, making money with HYIP’s really varies with how much money you invest into it. The more money you place into it, the more risk you are taking but the more money you can make.

Ultimately, I don’t recommend joining RevAdBurst simply because of the methods being used to make money. It’s not reliable, consistent, or even a very honest way of making money online. To see what I do recommend, check out how I’ve been managing a full-time income without any HYIP’s in my make money regimen!

Thanks for reading this RevAdBurst review guys. Please let me know your thoughts down in the comment section below and I’ll gladly get back to you.

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2 thoughts on “RevAdBurst Review – Can This Make You Money?

  1. Brad

    Hi Peter, i think revenue share program will last longer than traditional HYIP program because the principal investment could not be withdrawn, furthermore, 20%-50% of profit will be re-purchased – which could make program more stable. Do you think so?

    1. Peter G. Post author

      It’s possible Brad. I agree that the repurchase rule is effective in helping these kinds of program last longer, but not by much. No matter the kinds of rules that have been incorporated these programs face the need of constant growth in order to keep paying out. Without new members coming in and new deposits, there is essentially no money to pay out its members. Even if there is some growth, they’ll still be facing the dilemma of having to payout at a much lower interest rate.

      When all is said and done, I believe much of its sustainability comes down to growth vs. a repurchase rule or price of adpacks. Take a look at MAPs whose offered only one adpack after so many years, yet has been able to sustain as a sole result of its very successful growth and where there aren’t any repurchase rules.

      I hope this helps and don’t bet your money on the life of this program because of a repurchase rule. Instead keep a tally on the number of new members that are coming in and the volatility of the interest rate. If it’s going down more than up, than you know it is not a good sign, lol!


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