RevShareNow Review – Is It Built To Last?

By | November 17, 2015

Name: RevShareNowRevSharenow Review - Is It Built To Last?


Type: Revenue Share

Price: Varies

Rank: 50/100

What Is It?

As the name implies, RevShareNow is a revenue sharing company that allows you to simultaneously advertise and earn with an investment. Launched on 11/15/2015 the company already has over $100k in investments and 5,000 members and is still growing.

While this is a good sign for the company, the risk still is and will always be there. Nonetheless, anyone can begin earning with a company like RevShareNow with a simple purchase of its adpacks. One of my favorite things about this rev share is the fact its incorporated its own Facebook group. There is nothing more important when it comes to these HYIP’s then knowing that these admins are trustworthy.

Adpack Prices

RevShareNow offers 5 different adpacks. The first is the trial pack, which can be great for any starter member as it gives you a chance to test out the product. You can do so by a small $2 investment. But take into account here, this isn’t going to get you very far.

In order to really earn with a company like RevShareNow it’s probably be best to spend a minimum $500 investment. Then again, your also putting your money at risk and I’ll tell you why shortly. The other adpacks start at $5 and work their way up to $40.

The best thing about these packages are the fact they have a whopping 150% ROI. In addition, there’s no repurchase rule meaning you can withdraw 100% of your profit if you like, or re-invest it for more profits in the future.

How It Works?

The way RevShareNow works is simple. After you’ve invested money into the program, you’ll then have active adpacks that are eligible to earn a profit. But take note, that no earnings are guaranteed. Along with the adpacks comes 10 to 60 ad credits that you’re free to use to promote other offers you have. One thing I’ve tend to find however are that revenue sharing and advertising really don’t mix very well. In other words, lets just say that it isn’t the most effective way of promoting your offers.

Moreover, here is where your adpacks begin to earn money. The amount of daily earnings will fluctuate all depending on how many deposits were made that day. Now the sustainability of the program will really all depend on how well the product is growing. If it isn’t growing, then RevShareNow may have trouble sustaining and as a result, many individuals will lose their investment.

Thus, it’s a very good thing to see that the company has already grown to 5,000 members with over $100k in deposits. Just take note that this can change at anytime so its important to always be cautious and aware.


  • Opportunity to earn money
  • Accepts PayPal
  • High ROI
  • No repurchase rule


  • Risky
  • Doesn’t always work as expected
  • Advertising usually ineffective

RevShareNow Overview

While RevShareNow can be a great way to earn some money on the side, always remember that investing into any revenue share can be a very risky process. It takes time to earn on what you’ve invested so it is vital for a product to be able to sustain as long as possible. That way you can get your money back with added profit. The longer it lasts, the better.

I’ve lost a good deal of money from HYIP’s in the past. But over the years have learned what makes a good HYIP reliable and vice versa. Personally I believe Traffic Monsoon is probably the best and most largest revenue sharing program out there. With over 1,000,000 current members and nothing but one success story after the next, this might easily just be your best choice yet.

If you’re looking to stick with RevShareNow that’s fine too. After all, their adpacks are a bit more affordable. Just remember, it’s the sustainability that really draws the fine line between a successful rev share and one that happens to go out of business tomorrow!

Thanks for checking out my RevShareNow Review. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns feel free to leave them below.

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