Rodan and Fields Scam Review – Is It a Pyramid Scheme?

By | May 4, 2016

Name: Rodan and FieldsIs Rodan and Fields a Pyramid Scheme?


Price: $45 + Upsells

Owners: Dr. Katie Rodan & Dr. Kathy Fields

Type: MLM & Network Marketing

Rank: 40/100 – Not Recommended

What Is It?

Rodan and Fields is the latest dermatologist and skin-care MLM. It surprises me that two doctors would have it in them to create their own MLM, which could be considered a borderline scam. But one thing that does make Rodan and Fields stand above most MLMs is the fact you don’t see things being hyped up too much and that it actually contains products in demand.

Skin care and properly taking care of acne is surely a necessity among people all over the globe. Question is, whether Rodan and Fields can really help solve this need, despite the products lack of ingredients or any scientific proof that it works.. Or should Rodan and Fields be considered another pyramid scheme to stay away from?

Nothing will change the fact that Rodan and Fields is an MLM requiring you to not only sell the Rodan and Fields product line but to also build up your own team of associates. Rodan and Fields is a very time demanding opportunity. It requires you to work to your very full potential and get out there and network with other interested candidates.

With that being said, Rodan and Fields can still be considered somewhat better and more legitimate than other MLMs (despite some horrible customer service issues and the way overall business is conducted). Rodan and Fields strongest suite is probably their actual product line.


Rodan + Fields Product Line:

Having started out in 2002 as a mere department store selling skin care, Rodan and Fields has now grown to contain an extensive product line; a product line that consist of creams to help redefine, unblemish, and improve skin care including four different possible regimens that don’t come cheap..

Redefine Regimen - Rodan & Fields

These 4 Rodan + Field Products Go For $193!

#1. Redefine Regimen – Contains four full-size products including daily cleansing mask, pore minimizing toner, triple defense treatment, and overnight restorative cream. Retails at $193.

#2. Reverse Regimen – Contains products to help reverse brown spots, dullness, and discoloration. Including deep exfoliating wash, intensive brightening toner, dual active brightening complex, and broad spectrum SPF 50+ sunscreen. Retails at $179.

#3. Unblemished Regimen – Contains products for acne and post-acne marks. Includes acne treatment sulfur wash, clarifying toner, dual intensive acne treatment, and oil control lotion. Retails at $171.

#4. Sooth Regimen – Products to help sensitive skin. Includes gentle cream wash, sensitive skin treatment, moisture replenishing cream, and mineral sunscreen. Retails at $160. 

#5. Promotions retailing from $180 to $331.

#6. Enhancements retailing from $29 to $78.

#7. Essentials retailing from $8 to $25. 

Now I’m not a girl so I don’t know a whole lot about skin care and the appropriate prices. But if you were to search for some of the products on Amazon, you might find some complaints of the products being too overpriced buying it directly from the consultant.

This makes sense seeing how many MLMs out there require you to sell the products at a mark-up in order to help the consultants make the difference in profits. This can be a concern for potential consultants as most of their consumers might just end up going directly to the Rodan and Fields site and purchasing the products without going through you first. Another big issue within this opportunity that I feel should be corrected.


Becoming a Rodan and Fields Consultant

Getting started with Rodan and Fields is actually not all that expensive, which can’t be Compensation Plansaid for most MLMs. You’re only required to purchase a $45 Business Portfolio and must be from the USA.

When it comes to getting paid, Rodan + Fields compensation plan offers 5 ways to earn. These methods of earning are very similar to what you would normally see inside a network marketing opportunity.

#1. Retail Profit – Selling product to retail products and preferred customers.

#2. Consultant Commissions – From Consultant Sales commissions and Preferred Customers you sponsor.

#3. Personal Team Commissions – Sales made by your Personal Team and sponsored Consultants.

#4. Generation Commissions – Sales made by the extended organization created by your Personal Team.

#5. Performance Bonuses when reaching certain achievements.


Is Rodan and Fields a Pyramid Scheme?

I think any MLM can be considered a pyramid scheme and if you’re looking to Rodan and Fields as a possible legitimate business opportunity, you may want to reconsider. For one the products themselves are extremely expensive and secondly there isn’t a whole lot of proof these products actually work. They aren’t FDA approved and you can’t find the listed ingredients.

More importantly, Rodan and Fields requires you to get out of your comfort zone and sell their products as though you were a direct sales person, and there really is no harder job out there than that.

You need to hit two birds with one stone.. First find your customers and second, get them to join the Rodan and Fields business opportunity. It’s very difficult and despite allowing you to get started for only $45, Rodan and Fields also contains upsells.. Yikes.

Upsell #1: Rodan and Fields Express Business Kit – $995

Upsell #2: Big Business Launch Kit – $695

Upsell #3: Personal Results Kit – $395

With these upsells in mind, I wouldn’t bother with the Rodan and Fields opportunity. Just look at the prices on them! They claim to be valued at over $1,900, but what exactly do these “business kits” have to take your business in the right direction. They’re most-definitely not going to get you more MLM leads. They’re basically just giving you more of the same products to help you launch your business.

The last thing you want to be stuck with is a box full of products that you’re unable to sell, which is what most MLM companies try and do. They try and sell more and more of the same products to their own consultants despite a lack of training and despite trying to help you launch your own successful business.

Were you also aware that Rodan and Fields has a number of negative complaints that include nearly $32.8K in losses?

It’s not surprising to me however to see an endless number of complaints with Rodan and Fields. It’s just another MLM after all that I ultimately believe does more harm than good (at-least on the business side of things). While I’m sure it has helped some people out there become more successful in the business world, I don’t believe that success is a result of Rodan and Fields, but a result of their own determination.

No matter how you look at it, Rodan and Fields is just ordinary. Their customer service support is probably one of their worst issues at the moment and being able to return back your products seems nearly impossible. So if you’re looking to give this company a try, there are too many reasons as to why you should avoid it. They are unreliable, untrustworthy, and might just try and squeeze as much money out of you as they can.

Thanks for checking out this Rodan and Fields Scam Review. Please leave any comments, questions, or concerns below.


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