Scarlet Clicks Review: Can It Earn You a Real Income?

By | January 16, 2016

Name: Scarlet ClicksScarlet Clicks Review


Price: Free to Join

Type: P.T.C – Paid To Click

Rank: 70/100 – Legit

What Is It?

Scarlet Clicks is a PTC or paid to click website that allows users to both earn money and advertise offers. This is by no means the first of its kind, but whether you can make a legitimate income with this site is debatable. When you first login to Scarlet Clicks, you’re going to see that there almost an endless number of advertisements to click on.

But the problem with this is that the payouts are so low. Just taking a look at some of the Micro Ads for example, each 10 second view earns $.0005 – to put that in better perspective, that is as tiny fraction of a penny.

Now lets say you were to use Scarlet Clicks for the mere purpose of clicking on these ads to make money, the most you could likely earn in a month would be anywhere from $5 to $10. That’s a lot of time wasted. However, that’s not to say you can’t benefit from using Scarlet Clicks in other ways.



One of the most popular uses for PTC sites like Clixsense, Neobux, and Scarlet Clicks are the advertising services. For the most part, you can get a good number of eyeballs to your advertisements for a fairly decent price. Now the longer you plan to advertise your offer, the more money you’ll be looking to spend.

Scarlet Clicks Review

Another thing to note is not every offer works well with PTC’s. It really depends on what you’re promoting and your conversions will likely fluctuate depending on the day.

Nevertheless, the great thing about Scarlet Clicks is that you can get advertising for as low as just $0.75. This is something you rarely see online. So kudos to them for the great advertising prices. You can even get a featured link ad onto their site for a whole month for just $3!


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Renting Referrals

The biggest problem I see with sites like Neobux and Scarlet Clicks is the fact they allow you to rent referrals. Let me just say off the bat, this is never a good idea. Programs like these will always use them in order to make a profit off of you, and not the other way around.

Simply said, it never ever works. These guys will always make sure that they always receive a profit in-turn for offering you these services. Let’s take a look at the prices for example:

5 Rented Referrals = $.75

10 Rented Referrals = $1.50

20 Rented Referrals = $3.00

50 Rented Referrals = $7.50

100 Rented Referrals = $15

200 rented Referrals = $30

They make it seem like you’re getting so many referrals for the money you spend. But the fact is that the majority of these referrals will go inactive after a day or two. Sometimes it makes you wonder whether this service is at all legitimate and if these are actually real people.

There’s no way knowing for sure and I think it’s safe to say that there is no profit to be made here. Otherwise they wouldn’t be rented out in the first place. It’s just a way for these guys to make an extra profit. It’s probably one of the reasons why the most reputable PTC site (Clixsense) has never gotten involved in using this poor strategy.

The best alternative and probably most impressive way of making money with a site like Scarlet Clicks is by getting your own direct referrals. This surely beats you trying to click on ads every second for a small fraction of a penny. By focusing your strategy on getting direct referrals everyday, then I can tell you have a good chance at a growing a passive and residual income.

In addition, Scarlet Clicks actually gives up to 100% in commissions for obtaining direct referrals. It’s easily the most rewarding feature of the system. Another thing I would advise you not to do is “buy referrals.” Again, it’s just another way for these guys to make money off you. Best way to go about using Scarlet Clicks is getting direct referrals on your own, however you have to.


But, is Scarlet Clicks the best option for you to make money online?


I don’t believe it is. The retention here is low. Most individuals sign-up and never come back. In addition there aren’t really any high ticket priced items besides some of the advertising services. To make a real income with Scarlet Clicks, you’ll really need to obtain direct referrals on a constant basis, meaning you need your own solid traffic sources. I believe the best alternative to a site like Scarlet Clicks is by diving head on into affiliate marketing.

Learning to build your own full-time online business is more rewarding than ever, and I don’t believe Scarlet Clicks provides the best means of doing so. I believe it’s a site best suited for people who are totally new to the online marketing scene and are still learning the ropes to how it all works.

Otherwise, the program really doesn’t show or teach you how making money online works and you’re kind of left on your own figuring it out. All in all, Scarlet Clicks is a legitimate PTC that does pay out and has been around for years.

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