Selling Scentsy Reviews & Compensation: What To Know Before Joining!

By | December 29, 2014

Product: Scentsy

Owner(s): Colette Gunnell & Kara Egan


Opportunity Type: MLM/Network Marketing/Direct Sales

Rank: Legit – 67/100 (Lacks Proper Recourses & Tools!)

Selling Scentsy Reviews & Compensation: What Is Scentsy?


Scentsy is a company that offers both products as well as an online home-based opportunity to potential Scentsy Consultants – also better known as I.B.O’s (Independent Business Owners/Distributors). I have looked into many very similar opportunity types like Scentsy, such as Kyani, Isagenix, Herbalife, Primerica, among others.

In this following review, you will become much better informed of what these companies all seem to have in common, as well as the overall legitimacy of this specific company.

Scentsy, unlike most companies today, has actually been around for quite awhile. Since 2004, Scentsy has worked hard towards gathering as many potential candidates as possible by use of today’s ever-growing infamous trend of MLM marketing.

By incorporating a specific compensation structure into the company itself, Scentsy is better able to take much greater advantage of Scentsy consultants, by simply giving them the incentive of being paid a residual income over-time, with every new candidate the sponsor has the ability to attain.

A Look Into Scentsy’s Compensation Plan:


According to Scentsy’s compensation plan, a brief look into the website will show us that Scentsy does indeed provide us with a potential lucrative opportunity.

Moreover, we can also take comfort in knowing that the company and its long-term reputation, does everything it can to fulfill its end of the bargain by promising to us an opportunity that is in no way:

1- A Get Rich Quick Scheme.

2- Any Type of Illegal Pyramid Scheme.

Nevertheless, now that we understand that Scentsy is purely offering a Direct Sales opportunity to both consumers and potential candidates, we can make a strong assumption here that the individuals earnings are purely based upon the following two methods:

1- Earning Compensation Based On Personal/Individual Sales.

2- Earning Compensation Based Upon The Selling Of Those Within Your Downline.


The Primary Difference Between Scentsy & Similar Opportunities..


Right now, we can be 100% confident in the fact that Scentsy is trying its best in complementing its sales opportunity by the use of incorporating a downline.

Unlike the majority of other online direct sales opportunities however, the company directly states that individuals do not get compensated for the simple act of recruiting.

Hence, the company shows a great deal of legitimacy in a way, by being very straight-forward.

Instead of offering plenty of hype and false advertising, Scentsy goes as far to create and deliver its own highly attractive, and professionally looking “direct sales manual/guide,” while also offering more than enough background information on both the company, and the direct selling industry as a whole.

Why The Majority Of Direct Scentsy Sellers End Up Failing?


The very large majority of those who end up finding themselves joining and registering as a consultant business member for Scentsy, usually without much thought, inevitably fail!

Given the fact that much of this opportunity is tailored towards utilizing the internet as a means to truly leveraging this opportunity as high and mighty as possible, can leave consultants feeling hopeless by the end, thus resulting in a box of inventory with no people to sell to.

Yes, Scentsy clearly does state the direct selling opportunity as one truly attractive opportunity, and one that is financially viable, but obviously for clear purposes does not state the very low consumer retention rate.

While the reasons for this are beyond obvious, the simple mere fact here is, Scentsy just like the majority of very similar opportunities out there are left with more struggling distributors than the few percentage who are able to take their new self-employed career to new heights.

Not Enough Quality Training!


It’s pretty clear to see that Scentsy offers nothing in terms of high-quality and long-term valuable training, as online platforms like Wealthy Affiliate does. Reason being that it would take them a great deal of effort to provide such immensely useful information.

While I can agree that Scentsy, is not such a bad idea to start out your own personal business with, I do feel that there must be included, a much greater presence of marketing tools and training for any consultant’s disposal.

To be apart of a training that can take you from one little step at a time to the next, is something that would make all the difference in the world, and create the distinguishing line between failure and becoming immensely successful.

The problem here is that, Scentsy offers you nothing more however, than your plain old website. Something I believe is in no way enough of a personalized resource nor tool for even an individual such as myself, to be able to properly attack this opportunity at full-force!


How To Promote Scentsy To Be Successful Online:


In order to become a very successful online entrepreneur, a few things must take place first before you can simply go ahead, without a single marketing plan in place. What does this include?

– Proper 1-on-1 Mentorship & Guidance.

– Proper Online Marketing Tools & Resources.

– Proper Step-by-Step Training: That can help you to create content based upon Scentsy as a consultant. What this does is allow you to create a presence for yourself.. One that is online, and can be found, through many different methods presently available to us, with the top 3 being the strongest and most important means:

1: Social Media.

2: A Personal Website.

3: Google/Bing/Yahoo – Search Engines.

4: Forums, communities, discussions – (without content/presence)

5: Word Of Mouth – (without content/presence)

Just like the review you are reading at this specific time, imagine yourself simply writing reviews, purely based upon Scentsy products. Hence, you can give your own personal take on the many candles Scentsy provides its consumers.

Not only that, but as a Scentsy Distributor, you can even share your own experience with the many other potential Scentsy Distributors out there.

Scentsy Overview!


Nonetheless, the significance in becoming successful with Scentsy all lies in your ability to create something that is persuading, nourishing, fresh to your reader, just enough to consistently help you attain more Scentsy Product Buyers, along with an increasingly profitable Scentsy Downline. Of course, if you’re hopes are to simply earn an income online, you are not at all required to still affiliate yourself with this particular company, Scentsy.

The important fact being stated here, is that, in order to become extremely successful in direct sales, recruiting, network marketing, or simply online, you MUST have a presence, whether it be brick-and-mortar, or better yet, online where your potential number of visitors remain endless (thanks to Google!).

Therefore, you can ultimately create, your own successful opportunity either as a Scentsy Selling Distributor, or by any other means, through the proper internet marketing channels.

I have listed below, one I believe to be very relevant to your specific case, and hope you take my word for it!

You will see nothing but an amazing increase in success, in your sales, and through your ever-growing Scentsy Downline and Team.

Thanks! I hope you’ve enjoyed this review.

If you have, and simply would like to leave me any question or comment, feel free to do so at your own disposal below!

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