Selling Younique – A Unique Opportunity Or Just Another MLM?

By | March 5, 2016

Name: Younique

Website: www.youniqueproducts.comYounique Registration Page

Founders: Derek Maxfield & Melanie Huscroft

Price: $99 Presenters Kit

Type: MLM & Network Marketing

Rank: 72/100 – Better than most!


What Is It?

Younique is a recently founded MLM network marketing opportunity by brother and sister, Derek Maxfield and Melanie Huscroft. In 2012, Younique had opened up its doors as a gateway opportunity for young women and men entrepreneurs to sell makeup products and cosmetics.

Unlike many other traditional MLMs, Younique utilizes a simpler compensation plan, a larger emphasis on social media, and a large variety of products.

There are now currently over 400,000 Younique presenters and distributors worldwide. The question is, should you be next? Despite its many incentives, Younique may not be the best opportunity for everyone out there. But, I’ve still found it to be better than most MLM opportunities.


How Much Is It To Join Younique?

If you’re already aware of networking marketing, it usually consists of you having to spend a ton of money up-front. Sometimes it’ll consist of a large monthly or annual membership fee and most other times you’re required to buy products on auto-shipment every month. These costs can quickly add up.

However, that is not the case with Younique and I actually found this to be one of the most reasonable aspects with the company. As a new Younique Presenter, you would need to purchase a New Presenter Kit, which sells for $99 and contains everything you need to get started with.


Products That Come With The New Presenter Kit:

  • 1 Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lash
  • 1 Moonstruck Addiction Shadow Pallete
  • Sponge Brush
  • Tanning Body Lotion
  • Elegant Cream Shadow
  • Shine Eye Make Up Remover
  • Skin Care, Foundation, Bronzer, Pigment, and Blush Samplers
  • Lip Gloss & Stain Samplers
  • Shade Stick
  • White Charm
  • Presenter Case, Guide, and Catalog


Listen, I know I’m a guy and have no idea about anything when it comes to makeup, beauty, and cosmetics, but I know plenty about MLM and network marketing. First off, it’s great to finally see an MLM that doesn’t try and rip you off. I have no problem admitting that. The question really comes down to how effectively you can sell Youniques products and whether the provided tools are enough to set you on a path to success..


Youniques Virtual Party

Another thing Younique has shifted away from is the use of house parties, which companies like Global Wealth Trade completely rely on to this day. I never understood how people could actually use house parties as a way to effectively start a business, making the use of virtual parties a lot more beneficial.

Younique Virtual Parties are based on a virtual point-based system and consists of you sharing your “Younique” link onto your social media sites, e-mail, and text. If I had to guess, it would be the Younique Presenters who have the largest and most engaging social media presence that find the most success with this opportunity. If you have a large instagram or rapidly growing Pinterest account, or anything of that nature, then Younique may well be worth looking into.

This would be one of the only cases I could actually recommend someone to join an opportunity like Younique and I think that goes with any MLM network marketing opportunity. The larger web presence you have, the likelier your chances of success.

In-fact I don’t think any MLM network marketing business should be taken in an offline manner (for most individuals) as MLM success largely depends on your web presence. Without traffic and meeting new potential referrals, there’s nothing but failure ahead. Eventually your own social network will dwindle and you’ll have nobody else to present the opportunity to.


Examples Of Successful Younique Presenters

Here are a couple examples I want to show you of successful Younique members. Take a look at this website called Living Disrobed. One of the first things you might notice is she has 53,000 members in her e-mail list and a growing Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook account.

Let me just tell you guys that this is no easy feat to accomplish. The importantYounique Free Website & Social Media thing to take away here though is the simple fact she has her own web presence. She reviews the products and blogs daily.

That way when visitors come to her website, they’ll be contacting her about the opportunity. She doesn’t need to approach and sell to customers as her website and social media basically does all the work.

Here’s another example of a successful Younique entrepreneur. This blog is titled Fab Fit Beauty and if you take a look on this page, you’ll see she has hundreds upon hundreds of comments from people looking to join the Younique business opportunity. It’s no surprise she is a Younique Black Status Presenter. If there’s one best way to do it, this would be it. The internet gives you access to millions and millions of people across the globe. You just need to learn how to intelligently get access to them.

Note: The free Younique website will not help you get traffic with this or benefit you a whole lot. Traffic depends on your ability of providing unique content, which in-turn will gain you recognition by Google and the search engines.

Anyway, that’s what this opportunity is all about. It’s about getting access to as many individuals as you can on a day to day basis. It is NOT about being able to contact friends and family members and getting them to join. That is nothing more than a nickel and dime approach that will only lead to your own failure in business.


Other Examples Of Successful Younique Members:

Now let me tell you why blogging about the opportunity is so effective. First of all it gives you the ability to provide training resources to your visitors and also gives them this feeling that by providing them all this useful information, you’ll be able to help them if they join you.

It additionally gives you the ability to market all of your social media accounts and grow your following.. Essentially things can begin to go viral. Your website traffic grows, your social media grows, and next thing you know people from everywhere are contacting you to join your opportunity.


Youniques Compensation Plan & How It All Works

Last thing I’d like to go over is Youniques compensation plan. When you first join Younique, you are deemed a “White Status Presenter,” which pays you 20% on all your personal retail sales. This occurs until you reach $1,000 in your own Younique Compensation Planpersonal retail sales.

Once you’ve reached $1k in Lifetime PRS, your commissions are increased to 25%. This is considered Yellow Status. Once you’ve sold $250 of products in one month and your downline, which includes one qualified member has sold a total of $2,000 in product sales, then you’ve reached pink status.

This makes you eligible to receive 3% in commissions of sales made by you and your downline. Therefore, it also becomes the point when you’ve started to make money off of your team. In addition, a qualified member refers to someone who has made $125 in sales.

Blue Status means you have sold $250 in one month, now have two qualified recruits, and have made a total of $4,000 in monthly sales with downline commissions now increased to 4%. By Green Status, you’re downline commissions will have been bumped up to 5% and personal retail sales will be at 30%. Then there is Orange, Purple, and finally Black Status, where you have now achieved $80,000 in total company sales.


Selling Younique Overview – Do I Recommend It?

I don’t believe Younique is a good fit for the great majority of individuals out there. Yes I will admit, it is still better than many other MLM companies out there. But remember, it’s an MLM and there is so much heavy lifting and work that is involved. I know that there are better online marketing opportunities out there, but some people really do have a passion for makeup and cosmetics. Even with that passion, it’s important you know what you’re doing. Without the proper web presence, you might not get very far.

In addition, you also need to remember how incredibly important it is to always remain in contact with your team and make sure they’re hitting their quotas. If you have a team that is slacking hard, not making any sales, or don’t know what they’re doing, then that can also bring you down in the MLM business.

To sum it up, MLM and network marketing is a very tough nut to crack. I’m not saying it can’t be done, but it’s easy enough for me to admit, that Younique is not for everyone. It is a fact that the larger majority of its presenters and representatives have not had success with Younique.

Of course, you might be different. You might already have a concrete plan in place with a large social media following.. Or maybe you already have your own make-up and cosmetics blog (your little secret to success right there). If you really want to make your business successful, then this is what you need to learn to do and is something that will come in handy in any and everything that you do and that’s a promise!



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