Send Earnings Review – Not My Cup Of Tea!

By | April 15, 2016

Name: Send EarningsSend Earnings Review


Price: Free to Join

Type: Surveys & Offers

Rank: 50/100 – Not Recommended


What Is It?

Send Earnings has been around for quite awhile. Since the year 2000, this company has been offering the chance to earn by completing surveys and filling out offers for rewards in exchange. However, completing surveys isn’t the only way you can earn money with Send Earnings and in a way is as somewhat as rewarding as Swagbucks.

Despite the incentives offered on your actions however, Send Earnings may not be the most realistic way of earning an income. Sure, we’ve seen survey taking as a very popular method of trying to earn some extra side cash, but that doesn’t always mean it’s the best way.


How To Earn?

Send Earnings allows you to earn through a variety of methods and lets you earn cash for your daily online activities. The thought behind this is if you’re going to do something, why not earn from it.. But the problem with it, is that it still remains time consuming and the earnings tend to be very minimal.

Nevertheless, here are the ways in which Send Earnings can allow you to earn some cash in your spare time:

#1. Taking Surveys – Payouts vary, but mostly in the $0.25 to $0.50 rangSendEarnings® - Earn Cash for E-Mail, Surveys, Games, and More! 2016-04-15 12-24-27e.

#2. Playing Games – Earns 18% cash-back on every dollar spent on token packs and boosters.

#3. Shopping Online – Earns you cash-back by shopping with Groupon or other affiliated sites.

#4. Searching The Web – Allows you to earn up to $0.15 a day with the search feature.

#5. Redeeming Coupons – Every coupon you redeem earns you $.10 in your Send Earnings account.

#6. Watching Videos – Earns you $.01 for each video you watch.

#7. Completing Deals – Earns you cash-back incentives.

#8. Referring Friends – Earn 10% of your referrals qualified earnings once they sign-up.

In order to request earnings, you’ll need to first reach a $30 minimum and from there, will allow you to request a withdrawal to go to your PayPal account, but you’ll need to make sure that your Send Earnings account is completely activated.


Pro’s Vs. Cons

One nice upside to Send Earnings is how it’s a lot different from other survey companies online that are strictly based on you taking surveys. In this case, you don’t need to waste hours on end just trying to get qualified for a survey, only toSend Earnings Review
see you get denied in the end. Instead you can focus on other means of earning spare cash by doing things like playing games and searching the web.

There are many disadvantages however, to using Send Earnings and one of these is how Send Earnings will actually re-direct you to a completely different website and have you complete a new registration. For example, if you want to play games, you’ll have to visit their affiliate site, just to do so. In the end, things can get a bit messy and confusing.

Another disadvantage is that Send Earnings doesn’t exactly have a ton of surveys for you to fill out and the ones that are available have insanely low payouts… Usually only in the .25 cent range and is the main reason I’ll never bother to fill
out surveys for money.

One thing Send Earnings does excel at is with its enormous number of
offers available. But again, for each one you’re required to make a completely new account or have you sign-up for something that is completely irrelevant to your interests.

While you can earn up to $10 on a single offer, take note that you are also required to actually sign-up with a credit card with these offers and pay for some kind of trial.. It’s not exactly the most feasible way of trying to earn money.


Send Earnings Overview – Scam Or Legit?

When all is said and done, I don’t recommend using Send Earnings in any way shape or form. If we take a look at the payouts for any one of these activities, we’ll notice that we’d rarely get paid over $.50 cents. In my opinion, Send Earnings is time-consuming and ineffective.

The only time you can actually get paid in the range of $5 to $10 is when you’re actually paying for something or signing up for some trial with your credit card. Send Earnings is in a way, just another cliche money making survey website that I don’t recommend in the least.

The next thing you know is that your own inbox is getting flooded with all these irrelevant offers and promotions that I know we can all live better without. If you’re interested in signing up with Send Earnings, just don’t expect to make anything crazy. Their own referral program is a bit weak in my opinion – only 10% on your referrals earnings won’t amount to much seeing how low all these earnings are.

Thus, despite a good variety of earning methods, Send Earnings is simply not my cup of tea!

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