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This page should give you some key essentials learned in the past year that will:

  1. Help make your SEO content writing rank.
  2. Avoid your SEO content from getting penalized by major search engines.
  • The 1st SEO tip –  is to make sure you use your desired keywords more early on within your content, than later. Ideally, you should have your keyword within the first 100 words of your written content. In addition, it isn’t absolute necessary to have your keyword the very first word within your content.
  • The 2nd SEO tip is to avoid keyword stuffing! What is keyword stuffing? It can be simply defined as an unethical method regarding SEO ranking desirability, and occurs when the writer intentionally over utilizes his or her keywords either within the content of his page, or in the provided meta tags.
  • The 3rd SEO tip – is to take into consideration your use of meta tags. Thus, despite the consequences involved with keyword stuffing, that should not scare you away, in anyway whatsoever, to utilize keywords properly! (Just remember not to over-utilize, and you’re set.) Hence, every time you’ve written a new page or post, you should remember there are 2 aspects involved: #1- the visible on-page copy of content, as you can see here, and the #2-the second is your SEO Title & Description Tags.
  • The 4th SEO tip – is to utilize variations of your main targeted keyword in the same post or page of content. Let’s take any keyword example: “SEO traffic training tips,” and see how we can use this keyword phrase to help you avoid any possibility of keyword stuffing:
    • “SEO training traffic”; “Advice on SEO and traffic”; “Tips on SEO traffic.”
    • Little do most content writers know, this alone will help in doing wonders for much better rankings of your website!
  • The 5th SEO tip  deals with the word count number of your content. Ideally it should be at a minimum of 300 word length. In terms of maximum, there really is no upper limit. My only advice here would be to make sure the word count number of your content is enough to keep your reader engaged, and not bore them!



The real point of this page is more so to help other content writers like myself, to not allow the use of keywords and ranking potential, become a compromise to your natural writing style, since there is nothing more important. As long as you follow the advice and tips given above, the more valuable content you begin to write and provide your readers, the higher your ranking will tend to become on its own. As a result you will see, lower bounce rates, more visitors remaining on your website, and reading through your content, as a result of better engagement, which on its own will become as powerful, if not more, to the rankings and overall popularity of your amazing website!


Cheers, and I hope this has been helpful. Thanks for reading!


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Peter G. 

11 thoughts on “SEO Content Writing

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Yes Bryn, I think design, functionality, and navigation can all go a very long way when it comes to SEO. Unfortunately, design was not covered in this post at the time of writing since the article’s primary focus was on content. But you bring up a great point. I do not think design should be overlooked by any means!

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  3. Cathy

    I keep my post at the bare minimum of 600 words to really get some content ‘talking’ and incorporate relevant graphics and videos to keep the engagement going.

    I don’t really know if I understood what meta tags are, Could you give me some pointers?

    Thank you.

  4. Neil

    Hi, Peter

    You have outlined some awesome tips here on search engine optimization.

    Many newbie online marketers think SEO is a complex process but in actual fact it’s really that simple to implement once you know how.

    Thanks for the insight.


    1. Pete

      Couldn’t agree with you more Neil! SEO really gets too overcomplicated than it should. Anyone could come up with an uninformative website, and try to use every SEO technique in the book without a single result. Hence, the significance placed on writing good content, and less emphasis on SEO, which tends to lean towards much greater results! :)

  5. bernie

    Hi there Peter,

    These article of yours is a big help to boost my article writing! I truly agree on writing for more value to the reader than to have rankings. A quality first before quantity is always the phrase I apply in article writing. Thank you so much for this!

    And if you have time, you are so welcome to visit my site too and would love to read your feedbacks on my new article:

    Have a blessed journey to you!


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