Share This Profit Review – Does Profit Sharing Work?

By | September 3, 2015

Name: Share This ProfitShare This Profit Review


Price: $5 adpacks

Rank: 40/100 – Not Recommended.

What Is It?

Share This Profit is a High Yield Investment Program, otherwise known as an HYIP. It works through the purchasing and investment of adpacks, which are then pooled and dispersed among its members. Thus, by investing into adpacks you can essentially earn more profit.

Despite being criticized for its true effectiveness, programs like Share This Profit are becoming more and more criticized for facing a variety of issues like the inability of being able to payout members and its inability to sustain over the long-term. For the time being however, Share This Profit seems to be paying out to its members. Some of the main drawbacks involved with Share This Profit is the time it takes for your adpacks to cycle and the amount of investments needed to earn.

How Much Is It?

Unlike other HYIP’s, Share This Profits adpacks are actually affordable. At only $5 peShare This Profit Reviewr share, you can come out on top with $8.50
a %170 share in the earnings. So the more adpacks you end up purchasing, the higher the potential for income you can make.. What they don’t tell you here however, is there is also an increased risk of loss. It’s never guaranteed you’ll make this money back.

In the short-term however, you have better chances of making this money back. While I have seen a large number of similar HYIP products come and go, I have also made some money with them. On the other hand, some may not find this way of earning so ethical and some might walk away more disappointed than others.

How It Works?

Now the only thing that makes Share This Profit actually legal is the fact they sell advertising services. Some might criticize this as just a “front” per say for the real opportunity at hand, and that is earning money through revenue sharing. But as you can already guess, revenue sharing is a hard type of program to crack.

First of all, when you buy an adpack, what you are really doing is simply purchasing in a long line of positions to wait your turn and earn. These positions cycle one at a time depending on the number of people who join the program and end up buying adpacks. This money is then cycled over to the older members. Therefore, all your payouts and how fast they come in will depend on two things:

#1. The number of people who join and #2. How many adpacks they purchase. 

If for some reason, people stop investing into Share This Profit, then there will be no more profit to share and the company will shut-down, regardless of whether you’ve been paid or not.

Share This Profit Overview

Nonetheless, I wouldn’t call Share This Profit a big money earner. While it can be a good way to make some quick profit fast, there’s always the risk of losing it. In my opinion, the risk isn’t worth the reward in this case. But ultimately, it is your call. And while the idea can sound good to some people, it just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. How can you make a profit out of nothing?

I find it unethical to be taking money from newer members and then using that to pay out old members. You’re putting the newer members money at risk especially when there is no guarantee more and more members are going to keep coming in and investing.

It’s no wonder the majority of these programs tend to die out sooner rather than later and it’s even more unfortunate to see programs like Share This Profit take advantage of people who are completely new to this. The least they can do is make you aware of the risks! If you’re looking for a real and legitimate way of making an income, click here. Otherwise best of luck in your “profit-sharing” endeavors.



4 thoughts on “Share This Profit Review – Does Profit Sharing Work?

  1. Dave

    Unfortunately it looks like ShareThisProfit went downhill fairly quick beginning at the 2nd week of November 2015. While it was smooth sailing for a few months this rev share company seemed to dissolve abrutly and without notice. The packs on the site are earning if bought before the 10th of the month but none after. The owner seems to have dissapeared in thin air yet admin helpers say hes getting things together. Payouts have stopped as well and recently one of the FB forums has been taken down. So, if youre thinking about joining any of these programs its definitely buyer beware….the tide can change on a dime no matter how good things look from the outside. I would look elsewhere into a more stable company with a decent reputation than parting with your hard earned money into fly by night programs.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Great advice Dave and I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been seeing a lot of these revenue sharing companies come and go as of lately. Before joining any one of them, wait a few months just to see how earnings are and whether the company has been paying without any issues. One of these that I would recommend is Traffic Monsoon. But other than that, Dave’s right. Anything can happen with these programs so its important to always remain cautious. Thanks for updating us with the latest news on Share This Profit.

  2. nam

    Hi Peter G.
    I have just become a member of website
    But I have problems about how to buy packs in this.
    Can you help me. thank a lot.

    1. Peter G. Post author

      Sorry Nam, I’m not actually a member of Share This Profit. Just here to share what I’ve learned about this revenue sharing program. But I’m sure the support desk will more than gladly help you with that!


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